i want to be raped

i fantasize about being raped all the time it turns me on soooo much maybe i need to find a guy that wouldnt mind role playing and "raping" me

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  • if you find a guy to role-play it relieves a lot of pent up sexual aggression, have a fun search^^ but remember one thing, your role-playing will escalate if your into that. but if you are submissive and you like pain then that shouldn't be a problem for you. have fun ^^ i know i do

  • I want to be raped :P

  • ^^^ LOL, I LOVE girls in wheelchairs.
    I can just drop my pants and my hardon right in the "crips" face.
    Plus, she can't get away. Suck and Swallow, b****.

  • I'LL rape you, honey.
    You'll LOVE it when I ram 8 inches of hard, throbbing c*** up between your legs.
    Then, I'll turn you over and force it up your hot, tight little puckered a******.
    When I get done with you, you'll need a wheelchair to get to the bathroom and a plunger to take a s***.

  • id do it,

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