i'm doing my boss...who is married.

i'm doing my boss...who is married. Most married men/bosses won't talk about their wives, but he does. He doesn't even take off his wedding band. Oddly, I respect that because he isn't hiding it like some. I know I should probably stop considering he has several kids older than i am, btu I can't help myself.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I hate homewrecking whores, such as yourself. You deserve to lose your job, and if this wasn't anonymous, I would report both your a**** to HR!

  • wow...stupid w****. this most definitely will come back on you.

  • Take up masturbation.

    It does wonders for the soul.

  • if my boss wasnt such a prude i would be doing the same thing too.Good for you.

  • For some reason you are entering relationships which are doomed to failure. Get some counseling so you can figure out whats going on and stop dating taken men. Learn to respect yourself as well as the relationships of others.

  • Good for you. I believe that you are both seeking some form of gratification and you are both fulfilling each others needs. Keep up the good work

  • girl you nasty

  • Hey, you little tramp, I work with you, and I was planning on bangging the boss myself. If fact, he bought me flowers this week. Face it, you are on the way out!!!

  • just prepare yourself for the fall, because its coming one way or another, and have your resume at the ready, because your are going to need it. Simple equation really: Boss + affair with subordinate = unemployed subordinate

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