I'm Pregnant

My nephew is the father. I haven't said anything to the rest of my family, but we were never that close anyway. The first thing they did when they discovered I was expecting was to start preaching about adultery and immorality. Like they should talk! I wasn't the one who took my nephew's virginity, he knew what to do to a p****! And if I had been raised without a stepfather (or at least one who didn't rub my cootch every chance he got) maybe I wouldn't have been weak enough to fall for him.

In any case I'm barely 20, unmarried, with an incest baby on the way. I cut back on smoking weed and cut out drinking entirely. Still going to be a b****, though, with my family preaching morality at me - especially my stepfather, the old perv.

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  • I'm so glad intelligent people of sterling character like you are allowed to make babies. It makes visualizing the aftermath of the next mass shooting that much more satisfying. :)

  • Six years ago when my sister needed a rest from her husband she moved to our place with her three children 12 to 14. They lived with us for a year. Her husband came to visit only twice and you know how demanding a wife can be so my husband had to take care of both of us. Our children are grownups and off to college so my niece and nephews came up handy, they help with chores. My oldest nephew liked to help with laundry. I think he had a fetish with my panties. I didn’t care as long as he were willing to help. One day he got in our room to bring our folded laundry and got me drying myself off just out of the shower. It was embarrassing but arousing. He saw me totally naked. My husband was there but told me not to worry. The year passed by and they moved back to their place. Six years later my sister sent my oldest nephew to live with us for was going to our hometown college. Long story short I asked him to do my laundry and bring it up to our bedroom when folded. My husband wasn’t at home. I managed to be drying off after a shower when he came in. I am pregnant by my nephew.

  • I would like to know the whole story please

  • Thank you for asking. The story is still developing. I had a miscarriage though so there was no drama. My ovaries were to old to produce a quality egg. Six months later I had my womb removed due to multiple fibroids. My nephew is now a sophomore in college and moved on his own but he manages to visit his auntie and make her feel like she was a teen.

  • I'm glad your stepfather subdued you & took your virginity early, when you couldn't & didn't even dare to question his need to.. He is clearly a healthy man & certainly no pervert.. 's good you submitted to your young nephew too ; he has strong needs as well.. YOU could have started on the Pill so there should be no complaining or blaming from you girl.. There are morning after Pills too.. Wake up..

  • So you're a little w****? So what
    If I were your stepfather, I'd f*** you every chance I got.
    Matter of fact, I AM a stepfather.
    To a foxy, sexy little 15 year old girl.
    She gave me her first b****** and I took her cherry a month later when she was 14.
    Whenever I feel like it, I f*** her in the ass. (she sure doesn't like THAT very much)
    But she's on the pill, so there will be no pregnancy to worry about.
    Twice a week or more, as soon as my wife goes to sleep, I slip out of bed and down the hall to visit with my little "sexy secret".
    The way I feel about it, she's the bonus prize I get for marrying her mother, who was unmarried when she was born.
    Whores always run in families.

  • Excellent process.. Little girl better always remember her Pill.. When your wife finally figures it out, no harm done Jack.. I just hope you taught li'l stepdaughter to swallow all of your s**** whenever you e******** I her mouth.. I'm sure there are dozens more stepfathers with similar, healthy circumstances ; taking control of it.. Well Done..

  • (to the tune of "Dueling Banjos")

    Well I've known my sister all my life...
    Da da da da DADADA...
    And that is why she's now my wife...
    Da da da da DADADA...

    Well my brother was my uncle Joe,
    and my sister was my dear Aunt Flo,
    And now it's very plain too see...
    my first cousin is ME!!!!!

  • EXCELLENT!! Being part of a incestuous family, it's indeed the best method with regard to reliability of a partner.. Additionally, the love & s** combination is never an issue..

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