tried a*** for the first time

first my husband started fingering my tight a****** then he inserted a small b*******. my a****** then started pulsating with delight, so he decided to insert another b*******. after that he pulled the two buttplugs out and forced his hard d*** into my still tight a******. i gasped with pain, but then felt total pleasure. after he filled me with c** he pulled out and licked my c**-filled gaping a******. after all that he decided he wanted a go, so i got out my strap-on and stuffed it inside of him, but he wasn't pleased, he wanted me to fist him. so i began fisting him and he moaned with delight.

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  • Yeah its too put together.... I had a few flings with a guy who always wanted to f*** my a******. He tried one time and I about went through the roof with pain. I was intrigued and challenged by my inability to "take it"... and recently with the help of a h*** of a lot of lube, I finally managed to put half a d**** up my ass.. but can't honestly say it was super pleasurable...

  • You know, I'm kind of offended.
    As a guy who loves to give it to women up the ass, this bogus
    post just makes it sound ridiculous.
    Most women's a******* are tighter and hotter than their p******.
    Plus, their spinchter muscles are more active back there, clenching and massaging your c***.

  • If this were true It'd be hot. But it isn't. And you're probably just ugly, obese and sexually frustrated!

  • Yes it is. This is rediculous. Get a life. Sick b******.


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