I'm so h****

I want a nice hard c*** to slide into my wet p****. I want another man to grab the back of my head and force his c*** in my mouth while I'm getting f***** from behind. Then I want to ride one man reverse cowgirl with his c*** deep in my ass, then lean back and by then I'd be begging the other man to shove his hard c*** in my p****. I want to feel my ass and p**** filled up at once. I'm dripping wet just thinking about it.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Hmmm.....sounds like you've only been watching p***. ( you're still a Virgin aren't you? 😜

  • nasty hoe

  • S** when young is the best

  • Its like this time I was playing WOW, and I was lvling like crazy! I got my forsaken rogue up to level 80 in like three days! Then I started getting him tier armor, it was like tier 8, and some girl on the game said my armor was badass! I was like "it really is", and we started talking about tier armor in PVP, and we discussed the difference in one on one PVP vs. Battlegrounds!
    ersonally, I think Battlegrounds aren't really PVP because it doesn't take the same skill as a one on one fight!
    SO she tells me her blood elf priest is soooo super cool, and we should work together on a battleground!
    I was like gee whiz!
    We gave it a try, and we came off like royal badasses at the king of the world festival!
    So we quest together now, and she want to start new characters together, like we speed level two characters, power leveling is such a rush!
    I was like wth, your crazy!
    she just laughed and said it was cool, and we could get to 80 in no time!
    That plan was so cool, we both got to 80, then we fought a dragon, with a group of people!
    I wasn's completely ready and my noobness got me killed, I was sooooo mad, until she told me it was cool, i felt a little better.
    So now I have two level 80 characters, all because of making friends!

  • She IS hot. My wife, that is.
    I share her on occasion. Not a lot, just once in awhile.

  • that sounds pretty hot.

  • You sound like my wife, honey.

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