S** w/ cousin

I once humped my cousin who is about a year older than me. We were just little kids but sometimes I still have thoughts about doing it again if I had the chance. Im a girl and my cousin is a girl. I would grind on her and i would be on top of her too. It felt so good.

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  • wow, i wish i was your cousin! lol

  • I'm a boy and my cousin Charlotte is a year younger than me. We've been humpin' n grindin' since I was 6. It started when my aunt insisted that we take a nap every day after lunch before she allowed us to go out and play again. At first we were fully dressed and side-on on the bed, but soon we started going behind the shed and dropping our pants n I would put my little erect p**** between her legs. We only saw each other during holidays as they stayed in another town. It was only after we finished school that I had the first opportunity to penetrate her. Now, 32 years later and both married, we still enjoy the occational bump n grind whenever we get the chance.

  • Well I am against the whole incest thing but some people can stop or change the way they feel about others so if you got feeling about your cousin and she has feelings for you then why not just don't let it get out of hand.

  • So, what's stopping you?
    Nothing wrong with it, as long as you don't get caught.

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