i want an intelligent s***

I want a s*** for a girl friend who would keep riding the d*** shes on even when I come home and walk throught he door. She would let the pizza man in and blow him while Im in the bathroom and let guys feel on her without saying anything about it. she wouldnt mind being shared and circle-sucking men off who beat their d**** on her face while they c** on her lips. I want her to get rides home after hanging out with her friends and finish blowing the guy off in the drive-way.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • i would love to find a woman who is a total s*** too. who would like to be a bar s*** at several bars in the area where we live. have several guy in a day/night several times a week. maybe even a large g******* every now and then.. hot...

  • I would love to be your girl friend and get passed around between your friends. I fantasize about being a f*** bunny for a group of guys. I would love to get f***** and used by a group of men on a regular basis.

  • sound like a gay guy who can't find a man so he wants to have a girl find him one or you just wish you was a p*** that didn't get paid.

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