bought wife a large d****

My wife got a text of a man with a huge c*** and kept looking at it all day.
She even kept bringing it up in conversation all day. So I bought a 9" d****
To surprise her. When we went to bed I went straight under the covers and
Started licking. I then slid my h****** in her until I couldn't hang on much longer
And stopped. I laid beside her and put the d**** on the opening of her v*****
And slowly slid it in about half way. She was moaning and really enjoying half
The d****. She was so wet this huge d**** was going in and out with the greatest
Of ease. The was giving me a hand job and rubbing my b****. I decided to give her
The entire thing and she loved it. She was telling me harder honey make it hurt.
I was shocked and turned on at the same time. I smashed the d**** in her for about 5
Minutes until she sprayed all over. When she was done she had me m********* on
Her face. She usually wants the d**** once every couple months now. I don't mind
As long as she doesn't replace me all together. She must just need hammered every
Once in a while.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Wow....hmmm wouldn care if that's how she wanted it...UNLESS she has "girls night out"..... then ,.. s**** it... she's gettin railed by monster junk or fisted by her good luck

  • The average woman doesn't like huge d****, even pornstars speak of huge d**** sending them to the ER for vaginal tearing. A woman taking a 10" long d****? The most I've seen women take is 7" long. Now, girth of 7" to 8" d****? That's if some soda cans or size of some person's fist! (Most men with real d*** don't even surpass 5.5" girth and 6.5" girth is statistically rare) Most women even pornstars like average d****.

  • I am 6 1/2 inches, got to 7 after taking one of a friend's V***** tablets. Wife expressed curiosity about "large" after watching several p*****. I bought her a 10" realistic jelly d****, about half again as thick as I am. On special nights, not every night, I use it on her (usually with margaritas and a p**** on). She bottoms out at about 8 1/2+ inches in, and with the bulge at the base stretching her opening. Her eyes roll back and she can't talk with 8 1/2 inches in her. When I tip it up, I can feel it through her abdominal wall about an inch below her navel. FWIW, she's 5'3" and weighs 122.

    I dated several college girls that, if you took your time and talked dirty to them, really like having 4 K-Y slick fingers in them and the opening being stretched "till the pink skin was shiny". So from my (admittedly limited) experience, women like to be filled full with all they can take till it hurts a little. Overdo it, and the night can come to a quick end.

  • Me and my BBW wife use large black d***** before and during s** all the time. Some as long as 12 inches (even though she can only take about 9". She squirts and creams during the d**** play while i record it. Also use some of the smaller d***** for double vaginal penetration. All this plus a Hitachi vibrating wand. I dont have a small d*** at 7" so its not about that, its about giving her the best s** and o****** every time.

  • To follow up on what I wrote before my wife wanted to watch p*** on the laptop while I did her with the 9/6. Later I asked about her imagining the big guys in the movie were doing her she readily admitted she was craving a real one now. She began then describing the two guys from her past of 7 guys that were really large and how she loved their size. She also sad I was the smallest she ever had. I know fantasize about her doing guy with big ones while I watch.

  • Same here. I brought home a 9/6 sort of as a valentine joke although I was dying to see it in her. We had a few cocktails and started at it with me doing the same. I went down on her the same as always and then penetrated her with my small 5 inch p**** that is about the girth of a d cell battery. I was only in her about 60 seconds then rolled off and started rubbing up and down her p**** with the big d****. She said "okay but you may be sorry". I penetrated her with the head about 10 times and she gasped at every entry. I then sunk about 4 inches in and she held my wrist so I wouldn't pull out and started slowly humping the d****. After about 60 more seconds she had a good seven inches buried in her as she came to a climax that I had never witnessed before. Towards the end she took the length of it for the final 20 or so strokes. It then mounted and came immediately. Still breathing hard she said it was really good and after prodding she admitted it was the best o***** she had in a long time. I asked how long and she said you don't want to know. Was it me I asked, no she said. She then said big d**** have always made her come the best and she told me about her last BF before me. The d**** continued for weekly s** and then she pretty much said my p**** was just not enough now and told me I should not have introduced it. My mistake.

  • I bought my wife two d***** a couple of years ago. One was a kit where I could mold my c*** and the other was a large realistic d****.

    She liked the mold of my c*** and we used it a lot. She didn't want to use the other and I think it was to spare my feelings. But I started telling her during s** how I wanted her to get to experience a big c*** and stuff like that. She had said before that size does matter and that it's a big joke when people say it doesn't. So I knew it mattered.

    One night a few months ago during s** she just wasn't getting there. I'm an okay size (about 6 inches and pretty thick). She whispered, "Would you mind getting the d****?"

    So I got the mold because that's the one she'd insisted on in the past. When she saw it she said, "Not that one." So I got the other one.

    I put it in slowly but she was already wet (I think it was the idea of getting this big thing in her). "Ram it," she said. So I did. She was moaning and screaming.

    Afterwards she said, "Sorry, does that make you feel bad?" I said "No." And then I said, "Sometimes you just want a crazy-big c***, right?" She nodded, "Yeah."

    Now she loves to talk about her taking a big c***. She c*** on mind most of the time, especially when she rides me and it goes deeper. But she loves to talk about taking a big c*** while I watch and hold her hand. And sometimes just outright says, "I need the big d****."

    I don't mind. S** is better when both man and wife are honest.

  • What an understanding guy, wish my boyfriend was like you.

  • my wife has a rambone.... I shutter saying it.

  • Mine also bought a rambone, its caused some issues for us. She uses it alot more than I had expected.

  • How often is she using it? I looked it up, that's one of the biggest toys made. How much can she take of it???

  • She uses it everyday now.

  • She's up to about 12 inches. The o****** she has are unbelievable.

  • These entries make me realize that each of you proved that size matters or size matters in the minds of the women when they are allowed to explore their darker side with the men they love

  • L**** ACTUALLY NO F*****.

    its more like this story is fake, you have a tiny p****, and can't satisfy anyone.

    big penises matter to men more than anyone r*****.

    speaking as a big dicked guy, i can tell youre just a nonsense spewing f***** cuck with a 1 incher who likes humiliation l****

    and almost every single chick ever appreciates a normal sized p**** idiot

  • nice

  • f*** it . believe what you want a******

  • My wife Tina loves to feel "stretched" out also. I'm over 7 inches and 5.5 around, so I'n not small but she just wanted more. I love how nice her wet p**** sounds when she pulls it out and her lips slap together. She saw a huge black d*** in a p**** and since then, it's all about the size. She can take just over 10" inside now and I love to see her hole gaping wide afterwards. It took me 25 years to figure out how to tear that sweet p**** up, I'm sure she'd like to try a REAL huge c*** now. Gotta love it.

  • my favorite way to m********* with a d**** is to have two.
    one huge d**** and one small. I start with the Huge d****.
    I work it into my v***** and move it in and out until I am close to an o*****. Then I pull it out and put the small d**** into my v*****. I can barely feel it. I have to work
    really hard for my o*****. When I finally get there I have
    been working so hard I have a very intense o*****. I love
    the feeling.

  • I bought my wife the Devil D*** Vibrator and then she want the kong d**** and she loved it no she has moved on to the Hung d**** which is 9.5 insertable and 8.5 in circumference wow she really loved the big d**** and can take them all. I believe our next step would be to get her a huge real d*** and watch her pump it to death WOW

  • that's hot-!

  • My wife and I went to the adult store last night just to look around and she told me that she wanted to get a d****. I thought it was hot so I said ok and I tried to help her pick one out. I eventually just let her shop for one alone because she was a little embarrassed. So she looked for a while and ended up getting a realistic one, Adams c*** pleasureskin to be exact. This d**** is pretty big; about 8 inches long and 6 inches of girth. I am pretty average, a little over six inches and a girth of a little over 5 inches. She was intimidated by this d**** when we opened up the package and felt it for the first time, it is big but not freakishly so. So we got out the lube and popped in a s** tape and began kissing and playing with each other. She started sucking my c*** and her p**** started getting so wet. I asked her if she was ready to try her new toy and she said yes although she was still a little scared. I told her not to worry and I would be gentle with it. So I grabbed the big d**** and squirted some lube on it, I rubbed
    the lube all over the shaft of the toy and the thing felt so big in my hands. I pressed the d**** up to her p**** and slowly inserted the head in then slid it out. I did this several times going a little further in each time. I asked her how it felt and she said "different" but I could tell she was loving every second. I started off slowly, sliding the large d**** deeper and deeper into her tight wet p****. She was moaning and covered her face with the pillow. After only about a minute or two her p**** was so wet I was able to slide the d**** all the way in. Then I started f****** her harder and faster while she jacked off my hard c***. After I f***** her with the d**** for a while she wanted to ride me so I could c** in her. It was so hot
    watching my wife f*** this big d****, I am getting h**** just thinking about
    it. I can't wait to get home to see if she is up for another round!

  • We went to an adult theater one with a large black d**** I was working it on her when a black guy came over and said to use the real thing is better and he out a very large very black c*** she giggled and I said great go ahead he f***** her immediately and she moaned very loud.....

  • Thats great dude i'm glad you two experimented together my wife an i did one night an i slipped her a cold cucumber it was massive but she slowly enjoyed an squirted all over our bed

  • Cool! You just discovered something she probably has been wanting for awhile, or did not even know she would like it. Its good to communicate about stuff in bed.

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