friend's wife's panties

My best friend and his wife stayed at our house one weekend. I've fantasized about her a lot before. They had left the house and my wife was downstairs. I walked upstairs and was going to look and see if I could find any of his wife's panties in their suitcase. Luckily she had left a pair lying on the bed when she changed clothes. They were a striped pair of string bikini panties. I held them up and imagined her in them. She had already worn them as I could tell from where her wetness had stained them. I smelled them and then went and masturbated thinking about her in them.

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  • Nothing wrong with this, I have a similar thing for my friend's wife patent peep toe shoes. I often sniff them and get very aroused. She caught me once, laughed and left me to sniffing them.

  • I love my wife's panties after she has c** in them. The smell of her p**** makes me hard. Think I'm going to go eat some now. Thanks.

  • I have collected about 12 pairs of panties from two of her friends with a pair of worn ones from each which I must admit don't smell as good as my wife's worn ones but still turn me on big style. I would f*** any of them with no hesitation and I am really good friends with one in particular. Her name is Caroline and I think she knows I would f*** her and I think she would f*** me too but she wouldn't risk her friendship with my wife. I love
    wearing her panties in the bath while wanking thinking of f****** her!! Even through I love my wife I really would f*** any off her friends in a second. I would even let the married ones husband f*** my wife while I f*** his!!! Is this normal to want to f*** them so badly and keep a collection of there panties???

  • Perfectly normal.

  • lucky you, send them my way

  • I'd have kept them, and the other pairs in the suitcase. I'd have made tea with the ones she left out after sniffing them.

  • Real h****

  • Nothing wrong in sniffing your friends wife's panties. I sometimes wear them and w*** in them. Carry on.

  • I used to sniff MY best friend's wife's panties until she caught me.
    Now, I sniff HER.

  • Perfectly normal. The real "scent of a woman" is from between her legs.
    I've been a proud panty sniffer for years now and have no plans to change.

  • ur a fcking freak think about ur damm wife

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