friend's wife's panties

My best friend and his wife stayed at our house one weekend. I've fantasized about her a lot before. They had left the house and my wife was downstairs. I walked upstairs and was going to look and see if I could find any of his wife's panties in their suitcase. Luckily she had left a pair lying on the bed when she changed clothes. They were a striped pair of string bikini panties. I held them up and imagined her in them. She had already worn them as I could tell from where her wetness had stained them. I smelled them and then went and masturbated thinking about her in them.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I love to wear my wife panties all the rime

  • That is awesome, I always go to my friends house, they have twin daughters, I sneak into the bathroom downstairs which has the laundry room, I find there panties and his wife's and enjoy smelling them and feeling them.

  • I used to come in my friend's wife panties all the time. They smelled amazing, I could smell her v***** and a****** clearly

  • That’s super hot. I’m j********** to your story right now, but I would love for someone to sniff my wife’s panties jack j******* to them. She’s pretty hot.

  • I would to smell your wifes worn panties l would shoot my load all over them

  • I feel you! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to drop a hint to my friend about him getting off in my wife’s panties. I’d even help him if he’d let me. How much kinky hotness would it be to stroke your friends c** all over your wife’s p**** juices?

  • I would most definitely want to mail me a pair?


  • Love to sniff your wife's panties for you

  • I would love to, what does her panties look like and her.

  • Panties are amazing piece of garment. I used to sniff my aunts panties as a teenager. The dry p*** n sweat smells are mesmerising. Now I smell my wife’s small panties.

  • I once sniffed my wife’s sister pantys at a lake house we rented. Couldn’t get the job done on them because family was waiting to go in and change into swimsuits . Was only able to to sniff, lick and rub them on my c*** mmm.

  • Eventually got a pair of wifes best friends knickers, used with c** stains from c### and pee hole. Fragrance is lovely and w### over them all the time.

  • My friends wifes leaves her used knickers lying on bathroom floor,love to suck them as I blow a quick load.

  • Good to have friends like that!!! WOW!!

  • Have left wifes panties around for diff guys to find. Mostly workers or few friends,But hottest was when I had pair in bathroom floor n her dad dropped by. Forgot to pick them up but after he left ,found they had been moved n used by him. That began a many yr enjoyment of leaving diff ones for him to find and in time pics of her also. Had know for yrs that he liked to look at her when around and she had admitted that she was aroused by him growing up and long after grown,,fantasy mostly, but she never knew he had fantasies of her from before I met her im sure,BUT seemed to enjoy his thoughts still of my wife, His grown dau,,,,,

  • My wife was taken by our best man. She resisted for about 2 minutes and spent the other hour twenty eight mins getting savaged by him and totally loving it

  • You are so lucky now you can get three somes

  • Beautiful! Nothing like that smell

  • I’ve been doing it for years. I’ve always got about 4 or 5 pairs of used knickers and a bra or 2

  • Me too!! My wife knows, no sweat...sometimes she'll "go for a walk", and she knows I'm gonna watch some video p***. She'll take my c*** in her mouth, to get me going. She asks me "how did things go?" when she gets home...Very often we'll watch the laptop movie I'd watched...and she'll push her two days used panties onto my nose while we watch the p*** movie!! I lick her, she sucks me to an almighty c**...very often I lick her to an o*****, and imagine us sucking a huge black c***, together...Fantastic wife I have...I'd do anything for her!!!

  • She is a gem.

  • Thanks for your response! Yes, she is a gem...My barber is a "sexy" guy...hetro. We talk about sniffing panties on some of my visits to him. I know he's into it, and I think he's working up the courage to ask me if I could take along to him a pair of my wife's "dirty" panties. I'll be seeing him tomorrow, I might ask him if he'd like to "use" my wife's panties...I really hope he's says he would like to!! His wife is a beautiful woman...I'd love to sniff her panties!! We could swap, perhaps...Just typing this is giving me an erection!! The thought of it!!!

  • I thought l was the only guy who felt like this . I would love someone to sniff my wifes worn knickers and l sniff their wifes

  • !!!! []

    Look forward to hearing from you!!

  • Must tell you...because of your wife is in bed [1 15 AM here...], I decided to search the laundry basket, and found a pair of her PJ pants [worn around three evenings and nights...fantastic aroma!!! I jerked off!! I'll tell her tomorrow about it, she'll be fine, for sure!! She's a champ :) This is such a turn on... to be able to tell somebody...hope you find it a 'turn on'! :)

  • YO!! Just reading your response to my "hopes" stirred my c***! That was some time barber did enjoy my wife's panties, but his wife wouldn't come to the party with her panties...but her sister did!! I've only seen a photo of her...she is such a looker!! Her panties had that mixture of p*** and ass hole aroma...I was so shook up while holding them to my nose, that I "came" after just a few seconds!! My wife is very understanding to my "needs", so I told her about the panties...we sniffed them together, and had such fantastic s**!!
    Hey, tell me about your fantasies...turn me ON!!

    I'm in Australia...Email [please!]

    I've had some fantastic experiences regarding being able to access used panties that my wife [very liberal... and sexy!] have been very lucky to have been able to "use" to our sexy!!
    Please reply...

  • Hey. lets chat

  • Mike...Watch for email...:) Please reply...I'm sure we have a mutual interest...

  • Must add Mike. my wife is looking forward to your email, too!! :):)

  • Hey Mike...I'll reply for sure! Looking forward to some mutual interests!!

  • I read this...So did my wife!! he loved it...said we should try to tell worked, BIG time! Thank you!!

  • I'm so pleased that you and your wife enjoyed my report! y wife and I often talk in bed about some fantasies we'd enjoy, you know... meeting a sexy couple while in vacation, and describing how we would all get to having wonderful s** together...the positions we could get into, sucking and f****** the other couple...Everyone having a wonderful sexy time...WISH it would happen...Good fun too, watching sexy p*** together...she managed to bring home a pair of her friend's used panties, once. She put them on, and I pressed my tongue into her thru the panties...she came like I've never seen her before, She took my c*** into her mouth and blew me like never before!! Hope you both get to read my experiences!!! Please wife is hoping to red something from you both...Take care, have some sexy FUN!!

  • So lucky wowwwww

  •'re right! We both love having crazy s**...A couple of weeks ago, we were at a friend's house. My wife told me that her friend had left a pair of used panties on the bath edge...and they had a beautiful arome. She suggested I go to the bathroom an "inspect" the panties. I would have liked to have taken them home for us to have a sexy time with them, but her friend may have wondered where they'd gone. I held them to my nose and had a fantastic time with them...WONDERFUL!! SO LUCKY!!

  • This is the best time to find them. Just after she has taken them off the smell and imprint of her pussie still there. Have j/o and left them there!

  • I used to smell my moms roommates panties every time she got in the shower I would get her panties out of the hamper sometimes even seconds after she took them off I love the scent

  • WOW!! Love that...Love that scent, too!!

  • The husband of my wife's sister had to work so he stayed home the day we went out. On our way to the beach he called us on his wife's phone to ask what to do with a pair of panties my wife had left on the floor of his home-office/guest-room. My wife took the phone and apologetically asked him to throw them in the washer. We all knew he sniffed them.

  • How did you all feel about him sniffing them?

  • Who calls to ask what to do with dirty panties? lol

  • So true. Nobody calls to ask what to do with dirty knickers

  • I'm "calling". I KNOW what to do with "dirty" knickers!!

  • Nothing wrong with this, I have a similar thing for my friend's wife patent peep toe shoes. I often sniff them and get very aroused. She caught me once, laughed and left me to sniffing them.

  • There's an interesting twist!

  • Fake news

  • I love my wife's panties after she has c** in them. The smell of her p**** makes me hard. Think I'm going to go eat some now. Thanks.

  • I love j********** while smelling an tasting my gorgeous wife Betty's 38 large nylon panties , after Betty wore her see through nylon panties at the office for a complete full day at the office😋

  • I work with Your wife Betty at the office an she has a breathtaking big fat butt on her😛 I would lick an sniff the inside of your gorgeous wife Betty's big ass crack if your beautiful wife Betty would let me😋 I look at your gorgeous wife Betty's gorgeous big fat ass all day in the office with a big hard d***😛

  • She sounds 🔥. Would love to lick her a**!

  • I have collected about 12 pairs of panties from two of her friends with a pair of worn ones from each which I must admit don't smell as good as my wife's worn ones but still turn me on big style. I would f*** any of them with no hesitation and I am really good friends with one in particular. Her name is Caroline and I think she knows I would f*** her and I think she would f*** me too but she wouldn't risk her friendship with my wife. I love
    wearing her panties in the bath while wanking thinking of f****** her!! Even through I love my wife I really would f*** any off her friends in a second. I would even let the married ones husband f*** my wife while I f*** his!!! Is this normal to want to f*** them so badly and keep a collection of there panties???

  • I steal panties from every girl I f***. Some get mad but I don't care. Some turn on to it. I suggest they give me a panty job. many don't know what that is. When I whow them, they light up like a light bulb. Women just need training.

  • Perfectly normal.

  • lucky you, send them my way

  • I'd have kept them, and the other pairs in the suitcase. I'd have made tea with the ones she left out after sniffing them.

  • Real h****

  • Nothing wrong in sniffing your friends wife's panties. I sometimes wear them and w*** in them. Carry on.

  • I used to sniff MY best friend's wife's panties until she caught me.
    Now, I sniff HER.

  • ur a fcking freak think about ur damm wife

  • I so and love the smell of hers to

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