i know it is bad

i am a woman and i think about other women and m********* at least twice a day.

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  • I can understand your feelings and why you do this. Women have such lovely bodies, are so pretty in loads of ways. Love the way your b****** protrude. There is no reason why a woman shouldn't fancy another woman, nor want to play with her body. Go for it girl. You act in similar ways, know what each other wants and needs.

  • If it doesn't hurt anyone else, why is that bad?

  • There's nothing bad about it. Also, um, if you are fantasizing about women:

  • If this is what pleases you then go for it I mean I don't do this and I'm a women to but that doesn't mean anything. I mean if a guy can do it why can't a women do it.

  • What's bad about it? Who are you harming? Whatever turns you on, go for it. It's just fantasies anyway.

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