My mom found out I had s**. I'm 17.

My mom found my pregnancy test in my bag in the summer (i only had the test cause i was paranoid) and she bursted into tears right in front of me. and from that day she hasn't trust me at all, or at least she pretends to but deep inside i know she is now always doubting me. she used to trust me 100%.
i didnt tell her i had a boyfriend because i know she would flip out and kick me out of the house - she's really strict and is very controlling. i think they made me sort of rebel. then i fell in love and had s** with my boyfriend at the age of 17. of course i didnt tell my mother cause i knew she would react badly. anyway i am still having s** with my boyfrined but i've told my mom that it had ended a few weeks after the whole terrible she found my pregnancy test incident. i feel so guilty and i am scared she will find out again and be upset all over again. when she found out she sent my boyfriend the longest email telling him to dump me and that he should stop inteferring with my school work. I had to lie about the recent huge phone bills and i have a feeling she's going to find out all over again.
i love my boyfriend and we've been going out for 3 years since i was 15 and am turning 18 soon. i want to wait till im 18 to tell her i have a boyfriend because im turning 18 in 3 months. but at the same time i know she will disapprove because i am stil doing my a levels. she doesn't realise that im 18 and am not 12 anymore and still treats me like a little girl. fair enough i understand that no mother wants their child to grow up but its happenning and she needs to realise! i'm not very close with my mother and we never have deep meaningful conversations and i defintely do not have the courage to tell her or have a heart to heart talk with her without involving any form of argueing. i don't know what to do and i feel so guilty i always have to lie whenever i see my boyfriend, or call him, or even msn him. even buying him presents means my mother checks my credit card bills. i wish she could understand having a boyfriend at 17 is normal and that im not just going out and having s** with any randomer but we're very much in love i've even been given a promise ring. then again i feel guilty for having had s** at such a young age, but i knew i was ready when i did it and took all precautions with contraception and s** ed. please someone just make me feel better.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Tel mum to go and s**** she fuckd at ur age at 17 its only right u want to f***

  • This is what really happened.....

    I didn't tell you this because I was scared but when I was about 13 I was dating Jake. I found out that I was pregnant but Jake couldn't believe it cause we had never had s** but the hardest thing was telling my mom and she knew I was dating him and she just freaked out that i was pregnant at such a young age and she wanted to kill Jake because she thought he was the dad but he wasn't I had gotten raped and I never told Jake cause I was soo scared. The night it happened I was with my friend and we both had gotten raped but we didn't know who it was. She also had a boyfriend but she was older than me her mom wasn't that mad but her boyfriend couldn't believe it cause he didn't think they were going to have a baby but they did have s** before but they used protection. Her boyfriend wasnt mad that she was pregnant he was actually happy cause he had always wanted little girls and he finally got them. They did have the babies and are married with twins.  Her husbands name is brendan and he didn't leave her he stayed with her the whole time and they moved out when they had the twins when they were just 15 and he got a job and they have child support but they had there babies I didn't.She never told him what really happened. And neither did I, Jake told his family that I was pregnant but he said that we had never had s** and that we both were virgins and that was true. When I was about 6 months pregnant I was gonna have an abortion but the baby died and I was crushed. Jake came over when I was crying with blood everywhere and we just sat there for two hours. And he was with me the whole time cause I couldn't stop crying. After I finally got up I took a shower Jake just sat on the bathroom floor while i took a shower and He just couldn't believe I lost the baby, he didn't know what to think. I don't know what he thinks about me getting pregnant even though we never had s** so I think he was really confused. He soon realized that we did sleep together before I got pregnant and then he was like I got you pregnant and we are only 13 how could I do this I ruined your life, but he didn't ruin my life he only made it better. I told all my friends that I had an abortion. They all said " i can't believe Jake got her pregnant she isn't even that pretty, but Jake didn't believe anything they said cause he loved me so much when I was in the shower the day I lost my baby he was sitting one the bathroom floor crying cause of what he thought he did to me but I just kept saying he didn't do anything wrong I was sitting in the shower and he just gets up and opens the shower door and he gets in with his clothes on and I say what are you doing and he just doesn't stop crying and I take his shirt and put it on. I thought to myself what am i doing i am only 13 yrs old i shouldnt be in the shower with my boyfriend I should be out and about with him but i didnt care i loved him so we just started kissing and we stopped crying. Ever since then he would never leave my side. When we got pregnant for the second time he never left me he made me everything. Even when I was taking showers he was still there for me he never left me and one day I just woke up and went to go take a shower and it was everywhere. Blood all over and I was like freaking out cause it happened again he said to me no more babies for a while cause he didn't want to loose another one I soon realized he was the guy for me. He didn't want me to be so sad that I would loose another baby if we got pregnant for the third time cause we were still so young. I know this message is super long but it is really important to me and Jake that we don't loose another baby cause both of the other loses were really bad and I can't loose one more. If I loose another it is a sign that I am not meant to have babies. I know I should soon tell Jake that i was raped but i am to afraid to tell him because he might leave me for lying to him but I hope he doesn't when I do tell him. He means the world to me and if I loose him my life will be over. My mom always tells me to tell him but I am just scared. You are a really nice person even thought I barley know you. I know you are probably thinking why is she telling me this. It is because I feel like you are like a real friend to me. Now me and Jake want to get married and have babies but we just think if we can't have babies we will adopt but Jake thinks we should have s** just to see if I get pregnant but I want to wait till we are married to have s** again. Because we made a mistake before with what we did when I was 19 and 13 but he isn't even the dad for when I first got pregnant 

  • When I was writing that note Jake found out. But he didn't care cause he said that if I had told him he would've never left my side and that no matter what he loves me so much and doesn't care what other people think about me. He is a very kind and loving guy!!!

  • I had s** for the first when I was only 15. It was at his house and we really loved eachother I am not pregnant cause I knew to use protection but we still did it. I loved him so much and he loved me. I never told my mom though cause I was very scared but we are still together and we are getting married and I am only 18 and he is 19. But we are deeply in love and are thinking about having a baby. I love him so much and I can't wait to have s** again with him cause I think I might be pregnant wish me luck!!!

  • Also I have to add we were fully naked laying in his bed and I had told my mom I was at my friends house but I was at my boyfriends house we first started to kiss then he asked me if I was ready and I was so I said yes and then he started to take my shirt off and we got naked and it just happened and after that we just laid in bed naked, kissing. I am very happy with what I am found cause I knew he was right for me cause he asked me if I was ready and some people just do it without asking but he did, that is why I am so in love. He loves to lay with me naked in bed after we have had s** cause it makes him very relaxed and i just love falling asleep knowing that he loves me so much and seeing my ring and actually thinking of all those times when i was little saying i am scared someone isnt gonna love me like he does. I am super lucky to have him with me
    ---- Jake and Josephine!!!

  • my fukin p**** itches

  • Shut up ur not helping her >:P

  • Tell your mom all your feelings... All parents forgive and eventually forget. Nomatter how strict.

  • girl i know exactly how you feel... my mom just found my pregnancy test in the bathroom and i dont know what to do. I feel ashamed as well but she just doesnt want to realize that im growing up. Im also 17 almost 18.. and i love my bf very much. It sucks

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