Don't be such a b****

It is your period, not a license to treat others like s***. You act like you are the only one who has struggles or pain. And what the f*** is your problem? Why is it that if I had a bad day you get all p***** off as if that discounts your bad day? It is all about you isn't it?

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  • Oh yeah we have 2 girls. They would synch up a couple of times a year. All 3 of them would be on their periods at the same time. I came up with a new acronym for PMS...
    Pack My S***...
    I am getting a hotel room for the weekend.

  • Then if they are all at a dorm school or camp, they sync up their periods. My wife went to a all girls high school and told me all the girls eventually fell into 2 groups. So a good 10 days a month were bitchy-fests.

  • I know exactly what you mean.

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