My wife kicks my ass

Yeah, there are times when she taunts me. She even hits me in the face or on my shoulder (I broke my collarbone and scapula a few years ago) She even stands in front of me blocking my path when I am trying to escape her verbal barrage. I really feel like hitting her really hard, but I restrain myself. I don't see how it is right for her to smack the s*** out of me and if I even defend myself I am in fear of going to jail. But I know if I hit her in a rage even just once both of our lives will never be the same. Two nights ago we went out for a few drinks and as she got going her anger started coming out. She accuses me of everything in the book. None of which are true. The latest is that my stepdaughter won't come visit because of me. Truth is my stepdaughter calls me at work regularly. But she can't stand to be around her mother. So anyway when we get home from the bar I walk into the bedroom to change and she coldcock's up side the face. I tried to restrain her a bit, but I get scared the I am going to jail so I run and lock myself in the spare bedroom. I am 6 ft tall and 200 lbs and with one punch I could change her life forever. But I restrain myself and take her abuse. OH well 4 more years and our youngest will be in college and she will have to see what life without me is all about. I make $70,000 a year and she does a few odd jobs here and there. I can afford to live alone, I don't see how she can.

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  • The Domestic Violence Laws Protect women AND men!

    The next time she does something violent to you call the police.
    Have her arrested and stand by your decision.

  • OP here^ Actually she is sweet when in public. She is a totally different person at church or when she wants to be. It does not matter whether she has been drinking or not. She can go off like a missile at any time. How can I love her and hate that part of her? She used to be very attractive but since the birth of our youngest she completely let herself go. Over weight by 50 lbs or more. Her hair is falling out. She can buy nice clothes but does not. The only time she puts make up on is when she is going to her grandmother's or to see a real estate client. I have problems getting it up now. (I am 50) She does not look attractive at all and rarely tries to look good. I try to have a good s** life with her but it is so hard to. We had 10 years of great s** but the more weight she put on the harder it is for me. And of course I never tell her what the real problem is, I am too much of a wimp to be honest and say "you don't look good". OH WELL I try I really do.

  • OP here^A little help anyone? I am so tired of the accusations and the disprespect. Today she threatend me that if I talk to my stepdaughter she will tell the police I am a child molester. (and no I am not). But when a woman makes an accusation against her husband it never turns out good for the man. I could really use some advice here.

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