I think old men are sexy

The silver hair, the raspy voice, the massive amounts of chest hair peeking out of their ears and their sexy hawaiian shirts. The shin-high socks, tennis shoes, and canes.

If I kissed a geezer, would they be salty?

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  • ^^ Haha, nice
    I envy your creativity. Oh yes, those are quite nice too, especially the mole. Btw, to the 2nd poster offering me your ding, thank you, saltie---bring Ben Gay, you'll need it

  • Don't forget about the alluring fragrances of Ben-Gay and Poly Grip. And that big fat mole right by his lip with the black hairs sticking out.

  • lol at the first poster--I apologize. I knew it was rusty, I must've been very very tired

  • You know I really hate it when I see a troll who is not respecting their art. Shame on you! You know have to do a lot better then that, this is just a pathetic fail, you didn't even try and you are so see through.

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