my first s** toy!

i just bought my first vibrator from a store called "christian love toys"... a site designed for married, christian couples. not only am i not christian (actually very liberal, a unitarian) but i bought it to have cybersex with my boyfriend back home. i'm 19 years old. the real kicker? i'm out of the states but the vibrator is coming from a store two blocks away from my high school, in my very conservative home town in california.

good thing i don't believe in h*** =D

Jul 8, 2010

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  • You can bet it is the husband sent in every time so as for the new Christian wife won't be spotted in a place like -that-! \\"Gasp!\\"

  • Lol!! Congratulations
    what the h*** is Christian Love Toys? Hahah
    Good post, I like to learn of new and exotic erotic things, especially if it's from God.

  • Haha, "Christian Love Toys?" That's priceless. Do they have anything guaranteed to hasten the Second Coming?

    When I do it with a Christian girl, I yell out "Revelations 22:7!" and if she understands in time it's all good, if not it's her own fault for not knowing her Bible.

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