I hate n******

Every single one of them. I hate having to go to the same schools as them, I hate having to sit near them, I hate their music, I hate their smelly ass-breath, I hate the way they treat animals, I hate the fact that they feel everyone owes them everything, for something that no one alive today is responsible for, I hate the way they've damaged our country by voting in a man just because his skin tone is similar to theirs, I hate everything about n******.

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  • Look at history america was fine till stupid white aholes brought the scourge over here as slaves. hthen it got worse when the worst pres in history let em go.then and ever since society has gotten worse.after the 60s it got worse as segragation ended.the more they are involved in anything the worse it gets.music sucks since theyve infitratd all the genrescountry music is being taken over as we speak that ahole singing with that n LL. MOVIES ARE WORSE AND THERE AINT A DMN THING TO WATCH ON TV since those n****** are in everything. remember when you could watch tv or a movie without some n song blasting "come on come on yeeeaaahh"?now there is one in the white house. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • I hate n****** too. I am fine with black people though. There is a difference. Every race has a lower class of people that does weird stuff and embarasses themselves and their race.

  • May God have mercy on all of your souls. Sham on you.

  • F*** you. Youre the dummy n***** lover. You probably lick their a*******. Does it taste like chicken?

  • There are good and bad people of every skin color. When I was 18 a black kid stole and wrecked my car and I hated blacks for a long time after that until I realized that a lot of white kids were stealing, beating up other people, etc and it was the PERSON and not the skin that was the problem. Everyone has cultural differences, try visiting the different areas of NYC sometime. It's actually very enlightening.

  • wow. this hate thing is dumb. racism is old school. i can't believe people even have time to sit around and think about groups of people that they HATE. GET A JOB.

    P.S. when i was deployed defending your right to be ignorant, a black person saved my life. he didn't see my skin color and say, f*** whitey. he covered me from an explosion that was not 5 meters away. i don't classify a noble act like that under "damaging our country".

  • Read what you wrote dummy if they were sold to whites that means white ppl brought them hear and they werent sold they were captured
    ,you are so uneducated its pathetic ppl like you are why ppl think whites are skin heads and trash

  • I hate Mexicans more.
    And Christians.

  • Black people in Africa sold black people to the whites so shut up about whites brought them here. Besides now that they can't be slaves there's no need to have them around so send them back.

  • They feel the same about you.. If you hate them then you hate their Creator..

  • Good I hate n****** too! I'm with you f*** em all!!

  • I pity you.

  • Just so you know, White people put Obama in office.

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