I'm not your average s***.

No one would think of me as a s***.
No one who just saw me. I don't dress like a s***. Or speak like a s***. In fact, I listen to music that would make your typical s**** cry for their mummy's.
I'm 15 for christs sake. I hate who I am and what I've done. But I like it too much.
Last year I cheated on my boyrfriend and had s** with my neighbour.
Look, me and, how about I call him -Fred- for now. Being my neighbour, Fred and I were always close. We've kinda always had this connection.
But wait, there's more.
So, this boyfriends and I, we had s** a few times too.
He thought he took my virginity.
No, I lost that at 13.
So after I broke up with my boyfriend, he still had no idea about the whole -13- thing or Fred.
A few months later, I got asked out by a guy younger than me, skinnier than me and a lot more immature than me. We pecked about twice in the whole 2 months that I pity dated him.
In those two months I had s** with another boy and made out + other stuff with my friend who happens to be a girl.
Look, if you saw me now, no one would expect it at all.
I look innocent.
Either innocent or -metalheady- if that's even a word.
The thing is, the first boyfriend found out.
So many people know now and lying is getting harder as it goes on.

School starts back in two days. Help?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • You should be getting paid for being a w****

  • Like being a unique s*** is better?

  • Go kill yourself.

  • "no one cares" it's always sad to see one more person lost to this attitude

  • actually you're a cookie cutter s***. don't act like your brand of tramp is somehow more interesting or superior in any way.

  • No one cares

  • ^^ Sorry, it's not that I'm saying no more s**. I'm saying no more out of control s**, stop bad sexual habits from forming before they REALLY get out of hand!

  • Go to your parents, get counseling, get your life together and pack it up and take it to another school. Well maybe. Or go to a support group for people your age with sexual problems and with their help try to change your life around to no more from there. It's only going to get worse from here on other wise.

    I'm not trying to shame you. I think a lot of people develop these problems and still have lots of great qualities. It will really help you to get some help though, s** and sexuality are both very strong pulls, so it's perfectly understandable how addictions can from from them as we live in an imperfect world and we become emotionally dependent on all sorts of crap if we don't control it.

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