Not something a kid wants to hear

When I was 15 I was sitting in the back seat of a car being driven by the young punk my mother was seeing after she told my Dad she wanted him to move out so she could "think" about whether she wanted to stay married.
Unbeknownst to my Dad - she'd been carrying on a secrete relationship with this 26 yr old at work - for nearly a year! My mom is... [more]

Looking for an Alpha man

I have a secret. Most men like me who do this have a secret. It is doubtful that anyone in my circle, family, work, etc. guesses what my secret is. I am a man who has to go out and find a man to f*** me. I do enjoy oral s**, I like holding a [more]

Mrs. Sexy Caramel

I confess I like it wen girls sit on my chest stomach and bounce and put me in pain I would love for a 300lb to 250lb woman sit on my chest and stomach and bounce until you get tired.

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Widowed and alone I found renewal with another man

I found myself alone, overnight. My wife of 30 years contracted the brain eating amoeba while on vacation in Costa Rica. She died, never recovered consciousness. After the experience of having to repatriate her body, the funeral, the house to myself I decided that the best thing to do was to sell the house, and all the belongings and move into a... [more]

I masturbated

I masturbated and I used mind projection indicating to women that I'm a sissy boy who likes women to give me strap on d***** up my b******* while I wear women's clothing and g-string panties and engage in homosexual activities while the women watch... [more]

A guy I used to know died of drug and alcohol abuse

He thought he was on top of the world when he was high. Then hed come down and say "Oh I got to get help" Then hed get high and raise H*** at me because I refused to hang out with him. He wanted me to drink and dope it up with him. I finally got away from him and we were not in touch ever again. ... [more]

I am a girl that wrestles boys

I am a girl who likes wrestling with the boys. I enjoyed getting them in school girl pins, grapevine pins and crotch to crotch holds and pinning them, girls can wrestle and I like proving that point.

Sexy mom wrestle my boyfriend

My mom is hot and she loves wrestling with boyfriend and pinning him. She liked getting crotch to crotch with him and making him submit to her. My boyfriend never turns down a chance to wrestle with her.

I can’t stand Mexicans

Mexicans are stupid, fat, short and they’re ugly. They’re Probably the ugliest of all Latinos/Hispanics if I’m just being honest here. They’re on par with AfroAmericans in terms of being annoying, but at least AfroAmericans have some redeemable qualities to them. Mexicans have zero talent outside of being violent and their culture is boring. If... [more]

Fattened growing belly

I know it’s not healthy, but I want to weigh 250-300 pounds. I love stuffing my belly with fattening rich food, and I love drinking heavy cream. I just want to eat constantly, till my belly sags, and is covered with stretch marks.
My wife loves feeding me too. Soon I’ll be heavy and obese, with enough weight to crush her. I dream of being a... [more]

I told my dad a million times

Not to feed my dogs bones and table scraps. He still does it. He wants to kill the dogs and it gives me so much anxiety. I am working less and running out of money. Dad also had the entire family hate me since I was a kid. Some people never take responsibility for their actions…


My husband won’t get help for ED. Never wants s**. I’m in my early 50s and super depressed. I feel abandoned

I'm sure her heart wasn't broken but I sure surprised her

I broke p with a girl I had dated for a long time. She said she wanted to date other boys and I said OK. I never called her again. I saw he twice at a mall and spoke not one word to her even though we made eye contact. I heard on the grapevine that this had freaked her out. I already had another girl.

My Husband is Feeding Me To Death

My husband is feeding me to death. He is what is known as a "Death Feedist". He gets off on the idea of feeding a woman until they get so obese that they die. We have been married 9 years and I've grown enormous in that time. He never stops pushing food at me because he knows how weak willed I am and that I cannot resist food or control my... [more]

I was angry

I was angry hipocrytical prideful disrespectful tyrannical impatient self rightous immature irresponsible ungodly unloving unmerciful unforgiving insensitive ungrateful threatening I had a martyr like attitude I lied I had resentment worldly sorrow I complained to God accussed him of wrong doing I purposely offended God I passed judgement against... [more]

Surprised by ex

My ex came to my house one day and I was just getting ready to do some errands. We talk on the phone occasionally but this was the first time I had seen her in about a year. I went into the bathroom to finish brushing my teeth. As she walked into my house I told her I would be out in a minute. I jokingly said come on in, take off your clothes and... [more]

Two stories

A very large white man during WW2 had without provocation hit a black man hard enough to really hurt him. The black guy "whut you do dat fo?" I forgot what the big guy said he replied with. Something stupid I'm sure.
I grow up and one day during family day where I worked at a company that sold childrens toys and exercise equipment I was at... [more]

My mother died thinking she was going to Heaven Thts good

I on the other hand don't believe in life after death. I believe in annilation. You die and go nowhere. I'm glad mother thought she was going to Heaven though and I envy her. I sure miss the fine old lady.

Two stories

A very large white man during WW2 had without provocation hit a black man hard enough to really hurt him. The black guy "whut you do dat fo?" I forgot what the big guy said he replied with. Something stupid I'm sure.
I grow up and one day during family day where I worked at a company that sold childrens toys and exercise equipment I was at... [more]

I need to play video games.

My dad tells me I need to stop playing video games all the time. If I told my dad the reason for why I need to play video games, he'd refuse to believe me and think I was making it up but the truth is, yes, I need to play them. When I was a kid, I would play video games like most kids do because it was fun. However, as I got older, I started... [more]

Girls can beat boys in wrestling

I am a girl and I enjoy wrestling with boys and pinning them and they must tap out . Wrestling is a sport that can be fun for both boys and girls. Wrestle each other and have fun.

I’m such a whre

I want to have s*x with multiple men and have lots of men touch me and grope me and make love to me. I just turned 18 and all I want is older men to touch me and treat me like the sl*t I am. If you see a young sexy girl grope her. All us girls want is older men to touch us and grope us.

10 years ago

I'm gay man that lived behind back doors. I'm chubby white man that had many lovers until one man change me , we meet at work and while we were knowing each other he ask me out .in the weekend we meet at my house while we're talking we to my room were we getting undress , I got on my knees starting suck huge [more]

Intimate desire, of panties that is

Well, I guess I'm here to confess to a little kink I have. I grew up in a normal suburban life, married parents, siblings and all that. I have a twin sister, and as kids until we hit puberty we shared a room. And you know what made me jealous? All those pretty panties and camisoles she wore. I would borrow them, push my [more]

Regret having bad thoughts and not acting on them.

I've had many fantasies when I was younger and still do now that I'm am adult. When I was a kid, I would fantasize about stabbing my dad to death. I often fantasized about cutting off my mom's hands because she wouldn't stop touching anything that was mine. I've often thought about going into my older sisters bedroom and having [more]

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