News Media Drops Greta Thurnberg

I too grow tired of the news media and their overkill, one topic reporting on the covid virus. However I always look for the silver lining with hope and gratitude. I am happy to report that throughout this crisis reporting I have not seen the angry, scowling face of teen eco sensation Greta Thurnberg since the media leaped into full time covid... [more]

Can't get enough of him

I'm a 38 year old single mum to a 22 year old, always been able to have a joke with him but in the last year the comments have turned sexual,at one point i thought something was going to happen, months later we was in a restaurant with my sister and when she left the table he said i looked stunning if you wasn't my mum i would take you into the... [more]

Watching My Wife Get F*****

I have lost some of my s** drive, I am only turned on when I think of watching my wife get f***** by another man or two men, she is frustrated I know,
I have hinted this to her about being gang banged etc, she hasn't said anything she didn't react... [more]


So… I have always had a sense of breathlessness whenever I enjoy lots of activity or when I’m around certain triggers, and I always wondered what it was; so one day me and my mum went to the doctor to see what it was, did loads of scans tests and came to the conclusion That I had severe asthma. I told my closest friends about this, and expected... [more]

Surprise at an old peoples home

My grandma is 84 and she lives in a old peoples home near to where I live. They do a lot to keep the old people amused and as I did know from some talks and phonecalls one of the highlights for a lot of residents is the visit from shelter employees. The come to the home 1 or 2 times a months and the bring dogs or sometimes even cats to play with... [more]

I just burned all my Chinese made Guitars

Been playing guitar for 25 years or so, I've done a bunch of session work, had a couple of my own bands, (one you might know pretty well...if your cool)
But the point of this post is...that I just torched 11 of my guitars, all of them made in f****** china.
They're [more]

Want to be turned out

I'm straight 22m from England been with my fiance for 4 and a half years but I've been wanting to be forced to be a sissy turned into there b****

Scared I am going to jail

I open some credit cards using another person Social Security number and bank account. I added myself as an authorized user. I had all of the bills and alerts sent to me. Sometimes I paid the credit cards from this person‘s bank account other times from my bank account. They found out… Canceled the cards but I think they’re going to prosecute meI... [more]

My boy friend nock up my little sister

My little sister likes f****** my boyfriends . I was mad at first . But it happened so much I started to injoy yousing my toy will seeing my little sister get f***** . My new boyfriend I haven't even [more]

Walked in on my kids in bed

I just walked on my sun b**** deep in his little sister . That both seem to be loving it . So instead of yelling at thim I started giving my sun tip I washed my little girl have her first squatting o****** after the finished she told me she was... [more]

Drunk sister s**

My older sister came home dronk as f*** she got in bed with me and we f***** she begged me to go all the way with her so I did around round 3 she passed out so win I had finished . She had a strong smell of her drinks so p moved her to her room . Win... [more]

News morons

The reporters on TV and radio really get on my nerves because they continually misuse and abuse the English language. The phrase they've been brutalizing most often of late is "increasing exponentially", when referring to corona cases and deaths. They think it's just an eloquent way of saying the numbers are getting larger. Which they are. But... [more]

Truth and dare

Me and my brother have been off school for two weeks. and we have started playing T&D started off just doing silly stuff. but today he asked me if i have ever masturbated? i am 11 and he is 14.. i said i had done it a couple of time yes but not much.. i asked if he had? and said he does it almost every day!! hr then dared me to show him my [more]

Best mate helps out

I'm on lockdown with my 20 year old son and my best nextdoor is also on lockdown, neither of us have been out for weeks,she asked how we are doing and i mentioned my son is keeping busy and done the hand sign of him wanking, that's when she said send him my way she's more than happy to help out,maybe i was bored to so i called him out and told him... [more]

I'm in love with a fat woman, but I'm afraid of getting fat too

It's like a different world with her. She's sweet, unpretentious, smart, and caring. She cooks and bakes like the legendary women of long ago but is also a modern, highly educated woman. Hanging out is so relaxed and natural, but also deep and engaging.
But all this love is really starting to show around my waistline and fast! I'm sure I... [more]

Sibling Consanguinamory

I'm a 45 year old mom now but when our parents were in a commercial airline crash in 2001 my older brother and I had no one. I moved home to live free and so did he. We were basket cases for close to 6 months! We were drinking vodka straight up one evening and as is said: "One thing led to another." Over about 3 hours we dared each other to... [more]


This is a story about me and my bestfriend.anyone who read this,please dont do this. i have this one friend,a very good friend.she was really nice to me,wherever we go,we'll go together.we eat together,study together and yea everything we did together.she was really kind,she was like my BEST friend that i had and i really can rely on her if i had... [more]

Unable to satisfy my h**** wife

Just inserting my C.O.C.K into the p**** of my wife and feeling the hotness of her p****, my c*** is too sensitive and I e********* immediately and... [more]

I confess that Andrew Cuomo

I confess that Andrew Cuomo and Chris Cuomo are incredible dipshits and unbelievable wieners.

My little sister loved dry humping

Win I was 12 my little sister how was 5 would dry hump me all the time . One day she just gotten out of the shower and mom asked me to take her to her room and help her get dryed off and dressed will mom finish her shower . So I took my sister to her room and she started to dry hump me some I drop my pants and shove my [more]

Should I keep going with my faith?

I was born in religious family background, schooled in private religious school since 6 years old and I'm secretary of religion organization in my university.
The problem is that after seeing how constraining my family was and how heavily indoctrinated I am during highschool after certain politically driven religious rally in my country, to... [more]

Are all lads like it

I pinched my son's butt when we was having a picture taken and he returned with rubbing his hand on mine,now he tells me i should wear short skirts or dresses with stockings to show myself off,he sometimes he goes to his room for a few minutes,what's he up to?

Baby sitting forgotten bathing suit

This is back last summer when I was 17. I applied for a job online to be a babysitter. This family of five emailed me and said there were going on a short work trip and ended some to which there you youngest kids (girl 8) & (boy 4). I got back to them and told I would be perfect for the job. The following week it came the day. It was a Saturday... [more]


These Chinese Asian scrum that are cruel to animals deserve to die! Trouble is, the bastards have caused this virus to infect civilised people across the world. I hope these vile pathetic scrum die themselves. I hope they have a massive earthquake and it kills the lot of them!!

Bertha s lujan & john caza

I want to see the both of them Terminated as well as getting them rid of them permanetly forever erase there minds forever i hate bertha s lujan

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