Found out my girlfriend enjoys r******

My girlfriend got pregnant 16 and her daughter is now 5 years old. We met at work last year and things are getting serious. The two of them have moved in with me.
Recently the 'baby daddy' has came back into the picture to be part of her life.
I'll add he has no interest in getting back with my girlfriend. He's married and has has two kids. My... [more]

When the French in France run into an American

The French are not nice to American tourists or visitors for the most part. They seem to blame the mistakes oof American leadership on some innocent American citizen despite the fact the American had nothing to do with what his Government did.
In America the French tourists are treated with respect.
Atlanta, Ga got an influx of French... [more]

Spanking...the tables turned Part 2

“You gonna spank her?” one boy asked in disbelief. “Yup! House rules apply to everyone that lives under this roof! She cussed!” once again regurgitating a line I had used multiple times. I felt his hand on my lower back and braced for what was to come. “I think 15 for embarrassing me in front of my friends.” He said to no one in particular then I... [more]

Spanking...the tables turned Part 1

This confession is long winded, but I needed to give it some context.
I have become a victim of my own strict house rules and my unwillingness to bend the rules. I was raised in a strict conservative home. I thought the rules that raised me were good and will be in effect in our home. Since my oldest was born my husband (now ex) and I have had a... [more]

The summer we came out to each other and p***** off our neighbor

Between semesters in college I would go to Dallas and work as a cocktail waitress and stay at a friend's apartment. She was pretty regular with her schedules, but mine varied quite a bit, being the relief bartender and on the floor waitress. I wore this little skirt which didn't cover me at all, and a bustier top that pushed my [more]

First time I licked my 18 yr old wife's bottom

(this isn't about butt-f****** a is as the title says. Kissing & licking bottoms. In the real world - NOT every man or woman wants to butt f***.)
This sexual experience was with my 18 yr old sexy blonde wife in southern California. We... [more]

Swimming nude

I love swimming nude in a lake behind my house. I'm male btw, skinny, small penus and b****. Sometimes women walk by, I'm not shy about letting them see me. Some will sit and watch, others lol. Love the thrill.

My first time was with an older co-worker

I was raised in a strict Christian home and also attended a private Christian school. After graduation, I tried a semester of college but it wasn't for me. I got a full time job working at an automotive parts factory. It's a Mon - Friday, 40hrs, benefits and starting pay is $26 per hr.
I mostly keep to myself because I learned quickly there's a... [more]

I hate homeless people.

I live in a small town in Oklahoma. We only have two homeless people where I live as far as I know. One guy,this program that helps with housing has helped him out with a house but it wasn't long before he was without a home all because he didn't want to pay rent or utilities. The other homeless man was offered a low rent apartment that goes by... [more]

Revenge feels good

When I was 8 years old my uncle raped me. They were babysitting me when my aunt went to the store. He picked me up and put me face down on the kitchen table. I couldn't touch the floor my little legs were just dangling in the air. He pulled my pants down and f***** me as I cried. I didn't tell and I... [more]

Sometimes in life you have to lay back and let it happen

We are a mid thirties lesbian couple, we actually got married in 2019. The pandemic hurt us financially, my wife lost her job of ten years because of the slow down in the economy and I struggled with my job to support us. We couldn't keep up the payments on our house and were in danger of losing it to foreclosure.
Our neighbor, a seasoned... [more]

Evidence not mentally retarded but mentally slow

My IQ score of 80 plus not 69 or below are the evidence mentally slow not mentally retarded the encyclopedia definition of mentally slow a person that take longer or long to understand think learn are the evidence mentally slow not mentally retarded lying b**** believe that

I love a man who is old enough to be my father

I worked for a man from the previous generation, literally the same birth year as my mother. Two things emerged after I went to work there, he parented me from the beginning. If I didn't have a father growing up, well I had one now. Second, I have a dirty mouth and I had to eat soap.
One day I am IM with my girlfriend and she is getting nasty... [more]

Rodeo hijinx

My husband and I were at my moms cabin last summer and I heard from the neighbours that there was a rodeo going on in town, My husband and I live 3 hours from the cabin but the small town not far away was having a rodeo and I wasn't too interested in the actual rodeo part but...Hey, there was a beer gardens hahah.
My mom offered to watch the kids... [more]


If you think you can, then you will! If you think you can’t, then you’re right!

I did in fact pick her up, but not the way you think

Going to work one day I saw a disabled car with a young woman standing there. I knew that anything she tried to do was futile, these cars can't be fixed like they used to. I exited, came back around and stopped and offered her a ride to convenient place and to call a wrecker. It didn't matter what the car had, it wasn't going be fixed there... [more]

Uber surprise

I am a mother of two and earn some extra cash driving for Uber during the day while my children are in school.
Yesterday I picked up a client at a local high school and transported him to the mall. He was a teenage boy and during chit chat I learned he was a senior so 17 or 18 years old. He asked to ride in the front seat due to a tendency to... [more]

Naked in locker room

At the gym, I see some men walk around nude, others cover themselves with towel. I'm not shy or big, just average, and not lgbt. I don't think I'm an exhibitionist, it seem natural. Anyone have similar thoughts?

I wish I could live in Skyrim.

Sometime ago, I bought The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim VR for my PS4. Although I did have The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion for PS3, I gave up on that game as at the time I had no idea what I was doing. After playing Skyrim for quite a while, I've begun to wish that I could genuinely live in Skyrim. I wish that the world and every Province, town and building... [more]

Just my luck

It's my dream of getting asked out by a hot guy like Luke Bryan but just my damn luck I get asked out by a guy that looks more like Luke Combs. I know looks aren't everything but it sure would help. I don't like Eric anyway,he's a disrespectful h**** toad wanting to hop in the bed with me. Yuck!

I over doubled my weight on accident.

I weighed 145 pounds just over two years ago and now I’m 340.
I’ve just been eating constantly and can’t stop at all, I was a medium and I’ve grown into an XXXXL.
And, I kinda like it? Like, I can barely get out of chairs on my own and I’m still gaining more, but I’m so soft now?
I’m gaining weight so fast I’m kind of scared, but worryingly... [more]


The loneliness and sadness is getting worse. I wish it would disappear. My seasonal disorder is making things far worse.

Why 13-17 years old are adolescents and 18-19 are adults.

You stupid uneducated idiots. Just because they had the teen thing in, their age doesn't mean they are literally teenagers. It does not make you a child if you do things or act like a child, that's just the way you act and the actions. Cause you are biologically an adult or an adolescent if you still act like a child or does kiddie things. You can... [more]

Need to stop.

I need to stop, I have been sending my husband naked or partially nude pics but not of me, It all started by accident one time, I was about 32 and we were engaged and I snapped a pic while camping, I didn't realize before sending it that I the background my friend Erin was putting on her bra and he replied with "Ummmm...That's interesting" and I... [more]

Kid Next Door caught me Laying out Nude

I was home alone and wanted to enjoy the sun. I was laying outback by our pool when he came through an opening in the hedge that separates our properties, to pick up something he had left the day before.
There was nothing i could do about it so I thought 'Oh what the h***,' smiled at him, gave him... [more]

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