I’m 14 and expecting

I don’t know what to do. Yesterday, I bought a pregnancy test and came back positive. Worse, idk who the father is. I’ve always thought I was too young to get knocked up.

Son is the only one i can be honest with

I'm very close to my 25yo son we can chat about anything and he will listen,he's noticed ive been feeling down lately and asked me why and told him it's because me and his dad haven't been having s** lately and i miss it,he was trying to be helpful by giving me advice i should dress up or maybe wear... [more]

Trans girl

Hello my name is Ashley I’m trans and I just came out but I pass a lot and I’m actually 16 and I’m looking for someone who will help me get ahold of hormones I’m in need before my voice gets any more deep lately my voice started to crack a lot
I have Instagram Facebook Snapchat kik
Also twitter please leave your usernames below and tell me... [more]

Your website sucks

I came to this website to check it out...if you are going to review every f****** post and put it up in one day or two then forget it, Im out
I wish you can understand the joy of just posting and seeing it...other websites do it, and they just deal with it... have someone monitor the content... [more]

Wife Flashing

I was talking to my neighbor out in the yard one day. He is a retired truck driver. We started talking about s**. He told me about all the women and couples that flashed him over the years. It was a big turn on listening to his stories. Some flashing their [more]

Drifting Away From My Caregiver [DDLG Warning]

I know this guy online. We have been messaging each other for two years in total. I was 17 at the time we first met, and he was ~40. It would have been three years straight, but we drifted away because I decided I didn't care for the age-gap. We weren't talking for close to a year.
We reconnected a week before my 18th birthday, which was last... [more]

My daughter is actually not my husbands

I just need to say it! He was so happy when I told him I was pregnant that he completely forgot we had been trying for months without any luck.... I dont know what he thought, but the truth is we got a little help from a friend at work.... maybe he didnt want to ask I dont know... is it just possible in his pride he just didnt want to know??

I wore my moms underwear growing up...

I started doing it at 12 years old. I had been curious about it for awhile. I remember taking a pair of my moms panties from her drawer. I ran to my room and stripped down naked. I remember they were shadowline nylon briefs size 9. I slowly stepped into them and pulled them on and the feeling was electric. They were very large on me and I... [more]

Christmas is gona be awkward.

My sister 46 finalized her divorce about a month ago, I am 38, Single, Never married with 1 grown child, Me and her got drunk and I really don't get why she left him for the douche she is with but that's her business, I kept asking questions and she finally said that if I wanted him I could have him and she wouldn't care, I laughed it off but she... [more]

Noah nomination

Noah Cyrus,20yo sis to Miley, was just nominated for the Grammy's Best New Artist Award, which she will almost surely win. Noah is also much sexier (have you noticed her amazing thigh gap?) and far more beautiful than Miley, but also sexier and more beautiful even than Megan Fox! Noah is too much! Wow!!

No one is good enough for my friend

My best friend is bi and single and she's starting to see other guys. I'm a closeted bi woman but she's the only one who knows. She's on a few dating apps and everytime she comes back from a date she asks me what I think of him. I always look for a flaw in them or tell her I don't trust them so she will let them go. In truth I just really wish she... [more]


I was caught again looking at naked girls. She heard me say what a p**** and nipples. She found my flash drive with naked women. So now she makes me go through all the nude picks with clothes pins on my nipples. Whe she see that I am looking at a nude photo she asks if i was getting turned on over... [more]

Caught by my neighbor's wife

I was on mycomputer looking at p*** When my neighbor Missy walked in unanounced. I did not realize she had bee standing be hind me fro some time. She reached down and grabbed my laptop and started checking out the website. Femdom she said excitedly. I sat there in shock as she continued searching the... [more]

My desire

I’m 17m and becoming overwhelmed with this desire. For 6 years now, I’ve dreamed about dressing up in revealing dresses and skirts. I want a big handsome man to take advantage of me and use every inch of me as hard as he wants. I want to be made into a pretty little woman.

S** at my friend's house

One day I was at my friend's house and it got late. they asked me to spend the night sense it was so late. I don't want to drive home so I did. After dinner we went went to the living room to watch tv. My friend and his wife sat on one seat and me and his 13y daughter sat on the other. After a few minutes Without saying his wife started sucking... [more]


Are there any single BBW women with no children they're looking for a possible long-term relationship with a single 36 year old male

Lesson learned

At school I was a bit of a nerd and I have a big head and hands so I was a target and people constantly made fun of me. I felt pretty miserable and worthless most of the time. I was so persecuted by other kids, but was weak and couldn’t stand up for myself. A new kid started who had come from another school, he was smallish with bucked teeth and a... [more]

Feelings for mum

I've had feelings for my mum for sometime now and they only got stronger over time,she's hot as f*** nice big t*** and a cute ass every morning before she would leave for work it she would drive me crazy with what she would be wearing and i would have... [more]

Biden is a cheat and a liar.

Biden is a cheat and a liar and an evil demon possed wicked individual. He will lose the election and if he doesn't he will give an account to God.

GF caught me in the act

Well this weekend was a mess!
My GF lives next door. She went off to college this fall but I stayed behind and went on line.
She stayed at the university all semester. Her mom and I ended up hooking up the weekend after she left and have been doing it regularly (a few times a week). She is 54 and post menopausal so we don’t have to wear... [more]

Young Smoker

Hi everyone
My name is Renee and I am 12 years old and I smoke I actually started when I was just 6 with my moms help. Even before I became a smoker I always used to think how nice mom looked with a cigarette. Sometimes I would sneak a puff when mom left a smoke in the ashtray and she had left the room. But one day mom said to me that I always... [more]


Being diapered and breastfed by your wife

I have a crush on a Co worker

I have a crush on a Co worker that is 16 and I am 25. I see her almost three times a week and keep telling my self no thats not right but honestly I think she hits on me. She laughs at everything I do even when its not a joke and she make heart symbols with her hands to me. What should I do?


After my second divorce I did not trust women because both of my wives f***** around on me and I tried unsuccessfully one night stands but I wasn't pleased with that either and I have been bi curious for a long time so I ran an add on the Internet and i had my mail box full of guys that wanted to... [more]

My other life

I wanted to confess at 8 years old while exploring as all kids do, I found myself in my Step Mothers bedroom staring in her top draw seeing the most amazing soft beautiful underwear for the first time remembering the feel of a slip night dress and petticoat & smell of perfume. From that moment from a tender age I loved underwear that has stayed... [more]

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