I think we should blow China off the map

Im tired of CCP agents spreading misinformation all over our internet. I want to see the whole country get blown off the map. Id give everything i own to send 100 nukes to china. Id pay a million dollars to have china nuked. It would be the best day of my life. They pretend to be Liberals on our social media and use fake likes to make people agree... [more]

Destroy the CCP and China

Im tired of CCP agents spreading misinformation all over our internet. I want to see the whole country get blown off the map. Id give everything i own to send 100 nukes to china. Id pay a million dollars to have china nuked. It would be the best day of my life. They pretend to be Liberals on our social media and use fake likes to make people agree... [more]

The Chrysalis

Well my confession is that my mother started to crossdressing me as a baby,allow me to explain::
About two years before I was born,my mother had a girl and both her and my dad was very happy,they had a baby shower for that beautiful baby girl. Three months later it died of SIDS,my mother had a serious nervous break down and the doctor told my... [more]

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My wife shows off

My wife likes showing off for other guys. She enjoys wearing low cut tops that show off her **. She always wearing short shorts or leggings when she does errands. For work she only wears skirts some mid length, some short. Guys are always checking her out. She even let guys look down her shirt. I... [more]

Who knows how it’ll end

I’m at the point where if I don’t get all the plastic surgeries I want in the next couple years then i’m just going to end it. I don’t want to live anymore looking the way I do. I have a fat face & big head, Im down to 108 pounds & my face is still so fat. I just want to drown myself in alcohol to forget about it for a while. It eats at me... [more]

Family taboo

My son and his friend had a sleepover, both boys 16 years old, I was on my way up to bed when I peeked into my son's room and was shocked, both boys were masturbating next to each other, I tried to look away but was fascinated by it, the worst part is I secretly masturbated to them and even got off. I being his father.

Why is this site full of ** ads now?

I used to like coming here to read weird and wonderful confessions. Recently though, I'm greeted with tons of adverts of women with their rat traps hanging out. This site is now nsfw.

I really messed up

Yesterday was thanksgiving and I had got mad at my mom and ended up disrespecting her and I ended up going to my room and sleeping thanksgiving away because I was mad. This may seem like a stupid confession but it’s really important to me and I’m super sorry and really wish I could go back in time and fix it because I completely ruined... [more]


Two coworkers were ** while their other halves were working nights or away. Stories got out that they ** in her apt.,at his house and his firehouse. Supposedly it ended when she moved and he was not happy that she chose him afterwards.

I was angry

I was angry disrespectful I lied I was lazy immature unprofessional I passed judgment against others I complained to God I had resentment worldly sorrow I was prideful selfish I overreacted I was self righteous anxious worried afraid paranoid I was manipulative I divisive I had a martyr like attitude used profanity and I was lustful and... [more]

Incident at work Drugs reverse racism

I worked for a company that was involved with freight and they were sued for not havng enough blacks working there. Four blacks were hiredand only one seemed interested in working. The other three used crack cocaine and basically do anything but cause trouble. One of them decided to harass me. He would stand behind me pushing the pen as I... [more]

My one and only gay experience

I was in my early thirties when I picked up what I thought was a young black woman. It turned out she was a he but shehe wantd to perform ** on me so I let him. I orgasmed but after he was gone I said never again. I never went back to that bar and all my sexual activity was with women from... [more]

I don't know what to do anymore

My girlfriend has bpd and I'm not sure how to deal with it sometimes. She can be amazing but in the last month or so especially, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to deal with her more negative behavior. She'll go from cold and unwilling to talk to tickling me and wanting to get dicked down. I don't work that way then she'll get mad that... [more]

Incident during gym

I was sitting on the football bleachers after gym class and for some stupid reason some fellow gym mates started throwing rocks at this one guy. For a few seconds it looked like he was in a hailstorm of stones falling all around him. Predictably he was hit on the head and knocked down.
I personally had not participated but even before the... [more]

This happens more often ths=an people admit.

When I was working on two occassions at two different companies I ** my pants. I thought I had a ** going no one was around and it turned out to be diarreah **. I of course had to go home and change... [more]

When you get fired losing your health insurance is almost as bad

Losing your health insurance due to termination is almost as bad as losing your salary.

My aunts dirty knickers are a real treat

I used to live with my aunt and whenever she went out I would go in her room and sniff her clean knickers. A week later I noticed she left her pyjamas on the bed, I picked them up and her dirty knickers were there. *Sniff* 🤯
While I was sniffing her dirty knickers I was also looking for the dirty washing bag, which just happened to be... [more]


60.Kingsland 6A Brooklyn NYC. I walked in to see my man sleeping with my son.

Incident at The American Red Cross in Atlanta Ga

I was an employee at the ARC for some months and talk about a fish out of water there that was me. I was a terrible employee making one mistake after another.
One day after flubbing up some project I asked to see the head of HR and see if they couldn't help me a bit or if I should just resign. The HR gentleman didn't want to speak me but... [more]

My maid aunty sleeping **

I was in class 10th ... My maid is working in our home since 6 yrs I knew her very well she is so slim white and her ** were small but pointed... One day on December it was cold since she was late she decided to stay in our home and my mom told me to move in my another room that is far away from... [more]

Was I a hero, a loser or a bit of both?

I was standing up on the school bus on my way home. There was a short stocky girl in front of me. OK two boys thought it would be funny to shove me into this girl. She was minding her own business just like I had been.
The two boys began shoving me into the "fat" girl in front of me. I fought back grabbing the sides of the bus seats and... [more]

What would you do?

Here's my story:
A little background. This happened the year before Covid. I was 48 at the time. I'm no supermodel but after 3 kids, eating healthy, yoga and run in a few 5k each year. I can still wear a size small bikini. I'm also a leggy 5'9". My husband is two years older and we hike together and still maintain a healthy [more]

Ventriloquist in Vietnam

This black friend of mine in the army was a ventriloquist. He learned it on his own and he was good at it. He liked pot and beer and he hated gooks.
He was real high and one day we came upon a dead ** in a semi skeletal state. He cut the head off and put it up on a stick and did the funniest... [more]


Colonize Latin America, they’ve lost themselves. But leave out Argentina and Uruguay, they are civilized people.

I’m in love with a girl that doesn’t love me back im married

I’ve been married for some time and we had issues. We also divorced and got back together. In the midst of the seperation I feel madly in love with a girl. She’s beautiful and takes great care of herself unlike my wife thst drinks and smokes and is overweight. Anyways, the girl I feel in love with knows my history with my wife. I was madly in love... [more]

I’m a lesbian

I’m not girly I’m now tomboyish however why do hot girls only like the boyish looking lesbians?? I’m not bad looking at all. I don’t have the lesbian haircut and have long hair and I don’t act like a guy. I May look like a lesbian i get questioned constantly almost like I have to prove being a lesbian which [more]


I was ** for my virginity in order to destroy me and my family. I will be killed soon. This is genocide of me and my family. Not a single scum will be responsible for the genocide of me and my family. I want to die from pain and helplessness

Trrye story about a pervert teacher who looked at underage boys

When I was under 12 I was a grammar school student. I like everyone else in the world had to use the bathroom from time to time. ONe of the old maid teachers would stand in the boys room looking at boys use the urinal. Our penises were not big at all.
One day I was in the restroom and I knew the teacher was going to show up. I had my... [more]

I don’t find my wife attractive anymore

I’ve been on and off with my wife for years. She’s my best friend, however she drinks a lot and smokes. It’s so gross. I tried getting her to work out with me because we’re not in our twenties anymore, but she refuses. We don’t have ** at all. The last time we had [more]

Am I the only one?

I try to be romantic and i want to be romantic with someone. I read romance novels and I watch romantic comedies as well but no one is romantic anymore. Are we such a dead generation? Why do people hate love so much? Why can’t love be beautiful? I hear about open and poly relationships and that’s not at all something I want. I want to love and... [more]

I can’t stand ghetto People

I find them gross and ignorant. I cannot stand how they talk and live in this world? All they do is collect welfare like rats and refuse to work. Why even bother living, if you’re like that? These leeches just wake up to collect welfare, like it’s their job. They sell drugs and are thugs. All that rap music must have destroyed their brains. It’s... [more]

Women who go to bars…

I’m noticing a lot of women that are between the ages of 21-35 are a bunch of alcoholics. They sleep around with random men probably getting an STD. Then, they say they don’t want kids so you’re just going to be a bar stool until you die? Your friends are growing up and you’re still waiting for them to call you for a drink??? Why? You’re going to... [more]

My friend was falsely accused of something

So, my friend was falsely accused by a young girl of “grooming” he never touched the girl. He also met her one time. He chatted with her on the phone by texts. She said she had evidence of grooming but she has nothing. She goes and bad mouths him to everyone and people automatically believe her. His reputation gets ruined but she was a known drug... [more]

I work at a health clinic and people are the worst!!!!

I try my best to help people. I offer advice to them and I treat them with respect. The majority of the patients are minorities and immigrants. I’m all for helping people but why do they act so entitled? Why do they assume we owe them something? I do my job but my annoyance for those people is increasing. I don’t hate anyone because of race or... [more]

My secret

I am a part time straight male crossdresser. My wife is aware and is semi-approving. Though she doesn't know that I have clothes, makeup and shoes in my car and sometimes I dress in my car and then go about my day.

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