Coercive control

Went over to a friends place for dinner.
Their kids had been playing twister and the mat was on the floor and a couple started playing. Someone suggested a twister comp. My wife said to me "I can't play in this skirt". I said "yes you are playing. It will be fun" There was a little whispered argument. I said come outside while we chat.
We... [more]

Not even sure.

My half sister and I are 12 years apart with me being the younger of us, Last weekend our brother got married and I was staying with my sister and her husband, I lived with them for 7 years from the time my mom passed when I was 12 until last year so it was very natural for me to automatically just stay in my old room but...
My sister and I both... [more]

I so misjudged this woman,

My friend married a Colombian woman he met through an agency. He flew to Bogota once to meet her, and again when all the papers were ready and he married her local. The US paperwork was quick and she got a temporary green card, and two years later her permanent green card, and after five year her citizenship.
He's in his sixties, she's in her... [more]


I would love to be dressed in lingerie with heels with a big dog, I'm a man

I met my wife through a threesome but family doesn't know

In college my girlfriend and I at the time decided to try new things in our relationship and she wanted to explore her sexuality a bit more. I was studying Illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and she was studying MPT (Motion Picture Television) at the school. I was from a very conservative Catholic family from Missouri... [more]

Blurring vision

I've got a kink fetish that I want to get some contact lenses for my girlfriend that will make her vision very blurry. So she can see big things like doorways and steps but really need to be lead around and order food for her. Anyone know if such contacts exist, what they are called and where to buy?


I am in a FLR .I wear panties full time secretly, I am often kept locked in chastity. I am submissive to my Mistress of 8 years.

I love you

All the nights we used to sit and talk about the things we loved and hated, just come to me like waves on an ocean. Your voice so beautiful your thoughts so pretty the care we had for each other, the way we understood one another. It was so beautiful so sexy so sweet, so hot so lovely and I used to get the rush so high, we never disconnected the... [more]

June sucks

Bro idk why but ive been crying every single day since june is it just me? I thought summer would be fun cuz i was in this trio and we were so f****** close but nooo one of them needed to drop me n my other friend cuz of her mom but she doesnt want to drop us dw but ever since she left she didnt... [more]

What a wife I have

My wife is a burden a sack on the rack a b**** with a crack a crack so deep it touches her head. She paints her face and makes it look like a p****, but the b**** don’t realize it’s not the paint thats... [more]


MY BFF and I were eyeballs deep in a bottle, Maybe 3 of wine when she asked me how I met two of my guy friends that I have known since college, BTW I am 40. Anyway I don't know why she had never asked me this before but when she did I froze, She looked at me and said "What???, Come on...No way????...Did you????"
I wasn't sure how to lie my way... [more]

I need to see

Hello I have never admitted this to anyone but i love wearing women’s clothes. No one has ever seen me and I fantasize about being a man’s girl. I want to experience everything a woman would when she is with a guy. I want it in my mouth for a long time. I have never been with a guy but I think I would enjoy it. How does that sound to you.

Facesitting in tights North East England

For as long as i can remember I've loved the thought of a woman sitting on my face in a well worn pair of panties and tights. Ever since my ex boss used to do it to assert her dominance on me. It's an embarrassing thing to ask a woman to do, just wish I could find like minded women near me to do it, i'm in the north east of England, just a bit of... [more]

I need you Angela

You’re driving me crazy. I want you so badly, I can’t even think. We need each other. Life is too short

One day I kissed my best friend, we've been closer than sisters

When I was in the 8th grade my father was stationed in South America in the Embassy. I went to a party for another girl's birthday, after cake and ice cream several kids played spin the bottle. A kiss was my challenge, instead of kissing a boy I kissed my best friend girl.
From then till now I have been labeled gay, a lesbian, you name it. My... [more]

I seek vengeance against a former judge for his cold-bloodeness

I prevent myself from doing this due to the obvious fact that I’ll end up in jail, but everyday, I entertain the thought of bludgeoning a former judge to death with a metal pole or Louisville slugger.
I don't like it when a judge yells at me and is cold, unapologetic, ruthless, vicious, dispassionate, unfeeling, callous, cruel, ruthless... [more]

Monogamy and polyamory

I fooled around with a guy who’s been through a lot. He’s a vet, a club manager, a sherif, a foster parent, and a caregiver for his family. He’s a great guy- I can’t say I truly loved him but I care for him deeply.
We talked about our preferences and personalities. He mentioned being polyamorous but I legitimately forgot so the first time we... [more]

I wish i wasnt poor.

I wish i wasnt poor, i wish i could afford things that other people can afford. I can barely afford food and other basic necessities. Its so annoying hearing my friends ask me why im poor. Its not my fault im poor, im trying to help my mom earn a lot of money some how but its hard being a minor and trying to find a job or some sort of way to earn... [more]

Special bond

The most amazing s** I ever had occurred when I was only 17 years old and I have never been able to get over it. I am now 30 and married. Not my marriage or any other relationship has ever been close to that feeling.
Some people are going to get creeped out. The sexual experience I speak of was with my... [more]

Comments about my weight gain

I'm a 20 year old girl who just finished her freshman year on college. It was a pretty stressful year and I put on quite a lot of weight. A year ago, I was 180 lbs (I'm 5'9). When I weighed myself yesterday, I found out that I'm almost 220 and it really shows. Many people have noticed and I get tons of comments from my friends and family. The... [more]

I p***** myself on purpose

When I was 13 I was playing an online game, meanwhile I really had to pee (I was drinking a lot of soft drinks while playing). Not wanting to lose I decided to hold it. Halfway through the urge got so bad I couldn’t focus on the game anymore, yet I still didn’t want to leave it and loose. So since I was home alone I sat on the floor and peed my... [more]


I walked in on my buddy jerking off and I got really turned on, very embarrassing. I felt odd having my c*** respond to watching him JO. Wondered if anyone else ever had that experience.

How old is too old to be spanked?

I am a 21-year-old female college student still living at home. A few years ago while studying at college away from home I, along with my roommate and a number of other students in campus rez were expelled for a serious party incident not of our making or fault. We lost the tuition and res money our parents had paid for, not to mention losing a... [more]

Feeling left out.

So...Last night I was sitting around with my 2 room mates drinking and we began discussing b****, My one room mate has huge b**** and the other 2 of us are more in the average range with me being the smallest of the 3, It didn't take long before we all... [more]

When I was in school we all said the Lords Prayer

I was an atheist but I knew if I didn't recite this prayer I'd get the s*** whipped out of me.

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