I want to be punished

I want my bf to punish me. Old school punishments. I want him to make me write sentences…make me stand in the corner…ground me…wash my mouth out with soap…slap me across the face when I get mouthy…put me over his knee and spank me hard and bend me over for a good old fashioned belt whipping…

The Catholics invented Satanism

Prior to the witch hunts the Catholics were concerned that some people might be worshiping Satan.
They said these things might be found. An upside cross, the Lords prayer being said backwards, Baphomet painting on the wall, people dancing in a counter clockwise circle and should of "Hail Satan". They also said that the parishoners might be... [more]

I'm 74 and I feel terrible

I have to take meds to sleep at night and they make me ired during the day.

Black owned

I tried to post a "graphic" version of how I became essentially a "s** slave" to a black male. I guess it was a little "TOO" graphic for this site so I will tone it down. Lets just say he used a combination of intense rough s** and physical punishment to break... [more]

Not what was supposed to happen.

I went out the other night with friends to celebrate finalizing my divorce at the age of 44, Got drunk and had a young guy flirting with me, Went home with him and all my friends were encouraging it, We went to his place because there was no way I was letting a random guy know where I lived.
BIG fail, We were hooking up on his couch and his room... [more]


I'm sad all the time but fake happy

I really want cancer.

I know that cancer is horrible and you have a very good chance of dying. Plus, you will never be the same. But... Still want it. I want people to surround me with love and care as I loose my hair and feel like crap for like the rest of my life. I want to use it as an excuse to get whatever I want. I know that there will be a lot of pain involved... [more]

I've trippled my weight since meeting wife

I've really let go since meeting my wife. When we met almost 12 years ago I was a muscular hunk of a man. I weighed around 160lb. It started off slowly but I was eating more and she was cooking more. She would rub my belly and try to get me to eat more. It was turning me on. I had never been so turned on. This became a regular occurrence. The... [more]

My "big" brother...

This is a true story of my brother and a problem he suffered through during his teen years. Actually I am one year older than my brother but I joke he is my "big" brother. I do that because my brother is BLESSED downstairs. Like Mr. Ed, unusually large blessed. I know most guys would like to have this problem but it is not as great as you think... [more]

Needing it

I am 60. Married for40 years. I can no longer get hard. But, this is the thing, I started sucking c**** a couple of years ago. I do like doing this, even though I do not c** and don’t get hard. It’s the c** I... [more]


Not really sure what to make as a title, not sure what category... I didn't see pathetic loser or I would have picked that.
This story is an infidelity story from the late 80s. It has all kinds of betrayal and everything that comes along but mostly it's me confessing that I was wrong of how I handled the situation and I am essentially or was a... [more]

Lady with her curtains open

When I was 16 there was a lady who lived in the house opposite who used to sometimes leave the curtains open and I could sometimes see her getting undressed. It was always fairly dark as she didn’t have a light on. My imagination was working overtime though and it was a massive turn on for me. But then one evening, her light came on and she... [more]

It's just big

My girlfriend has a big p****. She is a tiny girl. She tends bar and I met her at work. The first time we had s** she stopped me and said she needed to tell me something first. She explained she is very "loose" and has a "big [more]

My wife told me the truth

My wife and I met in high school . She was 16 and I was 18. After dating for about 4 months I new I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. So one day I told her I wanted to give her a baby. She was 17 . She didn't need time to think about it. She said okay right then. It didn't take long to get her pregnant . I told her that I would marry... [more]

I want to have buck teeth

I find buck teeth incredibly attractive and want them for myself, regardless of what others think. I'd absolutely LOVE to find a woman with teeth that stick out when her mouth is closed but, sadly, that's almost impossible to find.

Peeing all my life

I am 71 years old, have been peeing myself ever since I was in my preteen years, I am a Male, I used to babysit for a family friend, they had 4 boys that were 1 year apart, I had to change their children cloth diapers and I kept putting them in my pants to get myself wet, then as I got older I have been wearing adult cloth diapers and plastic... [more]

Husband wants to watch me with others

My husband has told me he would like me to have s** with others. He wants to watch me with other men. The thought makes me ill. I told him no . I'm trying to understand his desire. It's not going to happen. It makes me feel like I'm not enough for him. I'm his wife not property. I would never want to see... [more]

I can't stand trans people any more

You weren't born in the wrong body, you just have a fetish or dysphoria or both. Those are mental illnesses that can be treated, and are not a reason for the rest of the world to cater to you. Grow up.

Kink 😰

Im 13 and i think i have a submissive and breeding kink...

I want him so bad

I really really want him, why wont he notice me. im trying to become all he likes but its so hard .. i just want him all to myself i feel so guilty but i would do anything for him

Being a cuck ain't cool

I see you c** dribblers talking about how you love to see your wives get f***** hard and s***. You all need to f****** man up and stop being a beta [more]

My dad is in prison

My dad is in prison and I was numb for all of this time. I cannot forgive myself from being this unhelpful in his life
I am so sorry
Dad I am really really sorry
I love you
I don’t even know what has happened to you for all of this time, because you never open up. I can’t help your situation but at least I could be there for you mentally. And... [more]


I want to be chewed up by a woman seallowed and digested in her stomach. Then pooped out in a public toilet that's blocked so she can't flush me and heaps of other women p*** in there burying me

Gf wears white tights all the time and with everything

My gf started wearing white tights with everything. she said it's to make a statement. wtf. i think it looks gross.

Physical Exam M15

I just had a physical exam n the nurse pulled down my underwear and she started touching my b**** n I got hard … it’s that normal ?

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