Daughter Father ecstacy

We can stop ourselves. Dad and I keep having s**. Not just quickies, but head board breaking 4 hour s** sessions almost every night.
I'm 21 and Dad's 40. He is hung like a horse and f**** me until I can't walk... [more]

Naked for Dad and his little w****

I just turned 18 last Christmas. Daddy's birthday was last week . I asked him what he wanted, he said for you be naked from now on.
I now I walk around nude for him at home. I love my Daddy, I hate that we can't get married. But I'm the best wife he can ever have. I'm a good girl in the street, a master chef in the kitchen and a worth dirty... [more]

A Fantasy

I have this fantasy about killing people. Now before someone asks “what the f*** is wrong with you”, I don’t have the fantasy to randomly do it. Just I can’t stand people who are ignorant and arrogant to others around them either out in public, work or even your own damn home. People that are... [more]

I'm disappointed with modern women

I'm a straight man in my 30's. I had bad two relationships behind me and in both of them women were trying to manipulate me and push their own ideas and desires above anything else. Unlike 90% of modern male weaklings, I didn't like that at all so I broke with them. Relationships should be based on agreements and mutual interests, while women... [more]

Ive wasted my life and want to change

Had parents who did everything they could for me, yes I was lucky. But Ive failed. I screwed up college, screwed up every job Ive ever had and Im basically broke. Time is running out for me to ever have a wife and kids, not that I can even support myself at the moment. Ive been to tons of therapy for depression, anxiety, and recently learned I... [more]

Road trip sister sexy

My parents decided we was going on a long road trip . We have a SUV we have a air up bed in the back . It was night win we left . My parents told me and my little sister to sleep on the way . So my little sister got in first as she was getting in bed she stopped to adjust her skirt she lifted it far enough I seen she doesn't have on underwear... [more]

Sexy lady at the court house

A few days ago i had to attend a court hearing and while im sitting waiting i was checking out the crazy amount of sexy woman that work there, i have a thing for women in skirts, dresses and heels. this one in particular wore a skin tight black skirt a few inches above the knee she also had on black stockings with a seem up the back and her heels... [more]

I finally came out

I came out as Bi to my wife of 14 years. She took it decent. She has been asking a lot of questions and still doesnt understand everything. But she is supporting me to the extent she is comfortable. I feel better and happier now that I am no longer hiding it. I am still committed to her and our relationship but I felt this needed to be... [more]

My damn mother

For Christmas, one of my mom's rich sleazy boyfriends got her new and bigger implants. They are so huge that they are just obscene, and she loves to show them off. I'm a 15yo guy in high school, and all of my guy friends are going just apeshit over her new t***, and now they all want to get with... [more]

I'm terrified of my 14 year old son and his friends

High school was the worst 4 years of my life. I was ridiculed and bullied so severely that I began to see myself as worthless. Wherever I was, my locker, the changing room before and after gym, the parking lot after class let out, the other boys never missed a chance to let me know that I existed beneath them. As a result I've developed a deep... [more]

Paying for a shotgun that was offered to me free

I used to go skeet shooting with an older neighbor. It was fun. I had an old single shot shotgun which was widely considered a piece of s*** of a weapon. It was a Kessler 12 gauge shotgun. Look it up. It was very unpopular.
My neighbor had a fine old Italian shotgun he had purchased while... [more]

I am still going to end my school

I am going to finish what i said i would do. i said i would kill the people at the cafteria at my school (silent hills for people who know where it is, it is not silent hills but its a code word) but then when my mom brought me to school they told us to leave. she took her anger out on me and it is annoying and mean. people reported it and now i... [more]

Corrupt tRump gone Crazy

How long will the Republican Congress let the asinine rump make a mockery of the presidency. Now his henchmen are letting his crooks off the hook and persecuting anyone that failed to bow to him.
This real-life tragedy is taking place right now in this country and four years ago, it wouldn’t have been considered possible. It wouldn’t have... [more]

Sister's s**

I was in the middle of have s** with my twin sister we had been at it for a while and loved doing it . Win our little sister walked in on us . She started demanding we let her play to so my twin sister held her down as I f***** her . She didn't like it at... [more]

My daddy's little Tom boy

I have always been a tomboy and me and daddy would always go camping and fishing . One day win I was 8 we had been fishing on our camping trip . I slipped and fell into the water so I was all wet it was a worm night so I strip to my underwear . We was going back to the camp site win he grabbed my arm and draged me to him . He looked me in the... [more]

Teacher and Ex-Student

I have been teaching high school for many years and have resisted the flirting, gropes, sexual aggressiveness and infatuations (theirs and MINE!) of many of my students. Last week, one of my former students showed up at school and dropped by my classroom. He was out of college and had just gotten a great job. We exchanged contact info and said our... [more]

My sister and her husband

One night after several drinks me and my sister f***** I gave her a crem pie . Later she told me she is pregnant and her husband thinks it's his . So we have Ben f****** every day . Until she gives birth and her husband doesn't know anything about... [more]

My sexy sister

Me and my sister is both 14 . She had just gotten out of the shower . She was walking down the hallway in just a tow . I grabbed her arm and push her to the wall and held her there I opened the tow and push my fingers inside her p**** . She just smiled . As she got wet I was [more]

My boyfriend dad

I have Ben dating my boyfriend to get closer to his dad . Knowing my boyfriend was going away with his mother for the weekend. I showed up after they left . I was in a short plaid skirt that I had win I was 10 . So u could see my black thong under my skirt . And I had the strings on my hips so u could see thim . I don't have on a shirt . Just a... [more]

H**** daddy's girl 😋

Hi I'm a 12 y old girl . My mom left us about 4 years ago . I have Ben helping daddy to take care of my little sister . Last night my daddy had been drinking . So I put little sis to bed . I sat down next to daddy and I had been watching p*** so I know what I want him to do to me . So I kiss him ... [more]


I just sent nudes to someone for the first time, im freaking out. she didn't send back and I feel like im going to get exposed or something

HMU if ur H****

I'm 17 male I wanna talk to anyone and everyone M or f any age I'm 17 y/o guy who f**** his 14 y/o sister Sometimes I take pics if interested in seeing hmu on Kik KIK: BigDamnHero03

Texts sister by mistake

I'm 16 teen was meant to texts a girl i liked,was a dirty message but didn't no i sent it to my 15 teen year old sister,got a message back she put lol and i sent another saying i wanted her to suck my d*** with a picture she messaged nice,told her im wanking thinking about her and she should come... [more]

Show and tell

The wife wants to make a s** movie. The other day after s** she sits up and tells me she wants to make a s** movie . I almost fell out of bed, I was completely blind sided. My mind began to race as to what she was... [more]

Closeted Bottom B****

I want to get fu**** in the a** soo bad!! I’m 18 and in SoCal. Will a fit s**y daddy come and dominate me??!!

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