Don't be

A mistake repeated every time it's not a mistake it's deliberately done. Actions speak more than words.

A good thing

I have a good feeling about this, S.


You have to leave not because of ego but for own self respect

Too small to enjoy

I have been married for six years. I always had issues with me p**** size. I am 3 inches erect and no girth. I want Ned my wife before we were married. She and I had s** and she said she was ok with it since I was such a wonderful person. I always had... [more]

C**** crap holiday

Wish i knew paradise my freakin spooky weekend vacation.
the beach view was heaven and I paid through the nose for it. just about broke my ass for it as usual living like a begger to give to others. so I paid for the holiday for me and my parents. we went on a wine tasting day outing that was [more]

Cheating b******

I poured my heart and soul into this 3 year long relationship. After one year into the relationship i found out that he had been cheating on me since an year. He had moved to another country when i found out. I cutt off all communication with him. A few days later flew accross 7000 kmsjust to convince me to take him back. Since i am not made of... [more]


I'm so lonely. No one will ever love me for who I am, I'm an ugly person inside and out. I'm so done, I have no proper friends and no one gives a s*** about me or knows the real me... I tried to kill myself last week and failed, I don't know if I'll try again. I just wish I knew someone was there for... [more]

Panama city fl

Any women in this area with a weird fetish?


I am sick tired & fed up with companies who will not address issues & mistakes they make in order to fix the actual problem at hand. They take your money then tell you to fend for yourself. Need a fix, well, the only way we can do this is...(involves me to fix it for them) .... honest. We'd love to help you. ALL HORSESHIT.

Amazing moms wanted?

Most moms know they are just junk and a bother to everyone.


If (atcollege==true) { sleeptime-=2; setFood (College.BOOKS); girls.setTreatment (Treatment.AVOID); } else { sleeptime+=20; setFood (Food.JUNK); girls.setTreatment (Treatment.HIT_ON); }

Cant wait

This could go under either love or school but i put it under love because thats how i feel of it. i have fell in love with this other girl at my school even though shes a couple years younger then me.shes beautiful but i am not nearly so much as her.people know i am a lesbian but nobody knows shes parents hate me for being lesbian but i dont... [more]


I'm a homeless girl with no future. My family is abusive or dead. After living on the streets for weeks I decided I couldn't do it anymore and friends got tired of me couch surfing while I looked for jobs that wouldnt take me because I werent qualified. Men only see women as objects so I use it to my advantage. Why not? It serves them right. now... [more]


I wish you knew how beautiful you are. I wish you were able to see past all the things you did wrong so you can see the very many things you have done right. Whenever you enter a room it instantly brightens. You have a soothing voice and the most radiant aura without any effort on your part. You're kindness is contagious as softspoken as you are... [more]

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