Raising boys feminine

My wife is pregnant with a boy. She is super excited and talks a lot about how we can raise him non binary. She's talking a feminine name and dressing him in girls clothes

Roe v wade

I want to find a girl who's enthusiastically anti abortion and get her pregnant and see if she is so excited.

Learning obedience, a fundamental virtue

Ten years ago now I was out with friends at a club, celebrating my 21st birthday. A neighbor, an older man friend of my parents was there with some business associates. He saw me and walked over and asked what was I doing there and who were my friends.
After a short discussion he told me to get my things he was taking me home. When I refused he... [more]

Friends dad

This summer I decided to stay with my best friend and her family in Austin. I’ve known her since 7th grade and her family knows me pretty well. I could just be overthinking this but I think that her dad has flashed me twice while I’ve stayed with them. The first time I was alone in her room and her dad comes in with a robe but it was like tied... [more]

Maybe It’s Over & Am Dead

Hey reader maybe it’s just words for you but i’m crying while writing this… Lets Start… before some day i told my gf to block a guy on instagram she blocked him but after 2 days i found that she unblocked him again then i asked her why she unblocked so she said he’s just her frnd.. and then i said block him then she again blocked him but when she... [more]


Malays love to smoke cigarettes a lot! Their breaths stink a lot from their bodies whenever they talk and also when they puff out those cigarettes smoke! They claim to be muslims but they’re not! Muslims can’t smoke at all! It is haram! Even pigs are better behaving than the malays! Malays are envious, hypocrites, satanic! [more]

Rape my wife

I would like to watch my wife being gang raped. It is her secret sexual fantasy that she likes me to roleplay with her but in reality she will not engage in any sort of swinging, d******, or wife swapping etc. It is so frustrating!

Should i stay or leave

I have been married for 24 years to my wife, she took my virginity but she had multiple guys before me, like 20 plus including a threesome just before we met. I had very little experience before her. I stayed faithfull for 5 years before a lady that i worked with kept asking when i was going to come over and visit her. Eventually i did. She was... [more]


I once hand cuffed my boy friend naked to our back door gate and invited my girl friends over for drinks. It was such a turn on watching his d*** blow up into a full erection trying to cross his legs to hide it witch didn't work. I did it because it was one of his fantasies and made it come true... [more]

My inner self is crying to come out

I have unprovoked, that is I don't know where they come from, fantasies about having s** with another man. This is not new, I am pretty sure that my first wet dreams never involved a girl. I can see myself being kissed, with a guy holding my d*** in his... [more]

First s** and a pregnancy

It happened one night when I arrived back at my apartment. I lived on the second floor, I had groceries in one arm and my key in the other hand, I kicked the door open to put the groceries down and when I turned a man was standing there.
All the things that go on went through my mind. He was polite and asked me to show him, to undress for him... [more]

I want to share my wife

I love it when men ogle my petite oriental wife. I also love to show naked pictures of her to other men online for them to m********* over and tell me what the would like to do to her. She has a strong fantasy desire to have a g*******... [more]


I slept with a five y. Old girl last night. And I did her very hard. Hope makes me proud. I am very happy with what happen. I just hope she don't get pregnant. But tonight her mom wants to see how h


I have a voice in my head that want to murder everyone. I don't know how to control it, but I don't want to, she makes me happy. I am a female (12) who has a voice in her head, I have been admitted to a mental institution 2 times before and I would honestly go back. it's so fun and I get to have new friends. at this point I don't even see it as... [more]


I make my bother take his clothes off when my parents are not home. He secretly likes me getting him h**** and hard. I know he doesn't want my parents to find out, so I make him do it in front of my best girl friend. I just love to watch him blush with shame.

After being run over he has continued to support me

I walked home from drinking with friends. I felt bad, I walked slowly with measured steps. I lost my balance and walked into the street, a Mercedes hit me and passed out. I woke up in the emergency room, with my leg in a cast and internal injuries.
I was kept in the hospital for observation. A man came to see me, he was driving the Mercedes... [more]

I'm so lonely

My wife left me. I've been unsuccessful with internet dating. I'm alone. I don't know what's wrong with me. Why am I unattractive. I have a job, car, house etc. I'm fit. I go hiking and ride my bike. But still I can't get a girl friend.


You are by far the hottest MILF I know. The fact that you are a sexy, domineering, high school principal makes my feelings for you even stronger. You ran track in high school and college, and even at fifty continue to keep yourself in shape better than most twenty year olds. You have an ass that I would love to have on my face for hours of the... [more]

My friends dad

This summer I decided to stay with my best friend and her family in Austin. I’ve known her since 7th grade and we’re going into freshman year together so her family knows me pretty well. I could just be overthinking this but I think that her dad has flashed me twice while I’ve stayed with them. The first time I was alone in her room and her dad... [more]

My evil girlfriend...

My girlfriend is an evil genius. She did something so mean last Saturday night I have to give her the credit it deserves.
We have been together two years. And for two years I have tried to get her to do a 3sum with another girl. She always said no way and added she would never let me f*** another... [more]

Are dad errections normal reactions or for me

I'm curious what is normal or what makes men hard. At a nice figured 15 I am comfortable in less and loose clothing at home. Dad has always payed attention but for the past year or so I notice he gets an erection that seems to correlate with my dress and actions. I like it but want to know if it would be the same with any lady or is it that I... [more]

Step Son Watching TV and stroking

After a night out drinking I awoke in need of water but at the loft I saw my visiting stepson j********** with the TV on giving plenty of light. Instead of turning and returning to bed, I watched, enjoyed, got aroused, fantasized, and masturbated. He can visit anytime he wants and ideally for... [more]

Full rageing stiffy

Watching my friends 23 year old daughter for the night as he's gone out. Sat in the living room with her Watching a film . She's sat on the floor and I can see down her top. It took a few minutes but she finally moved into a position that gave me a clear view of her nipple and full t**

My Husband Stopped Having S** With Me

I'm a 32/f and have been married for almost four years to my husband. My husband and I always had great s** while we were dating and early on in our marriage. However, lately things have slowed down and I can't seem to figure out what it is. We've talked about it, and he says he's still attracted to me... [more]

Coercive control

Went over to a friends place for dinner.
Their kids had been playing twister and the mat was on the floor and a couple started playing. Someone suggested a twister comp. My wife said to me "I can't play in this skirt". I said "yes you are playing. It will be fun" There was a little whispered argument. I said come outside while we chat.
We... [more]

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