Love Confessions

I'm so sad

I want you and I'll never have you. I hang onto every little thing you say and it seems that you soak up what I say and incorporate it... but that is likely crazy. Or else, I have the whole thing wrong. Perhaps it's all something that I haven't considered at all. I'm sure I'm the fool. All I ever wanted was someone who cared as much as me but... [more]

She's not me

She's not me and I'm so glad. She looks like me, thinks like me, but she isn't taken and the world hasn't crushed her spirit. Wishing you both the kind of love that withstands all the hardships of life. Peace

Lost and confused

Why does this feeling Return so easily every time?
I try so hard to push it away. To focus on my family, and it works for a few weeks. But then I see something you wrote or you reach out in Some way and it all comes back rushing in.
Feelings I didn't even knew excisted start to fill me, and before I know my mind is consumed with thoughts of... [more]

Secret Plum

Cautiously knocked unconscious turned around spinning in my head spitting out the pit of my stomach the pounding in my core after gnawing skin encapsulated juices follow

How was I so blind to ignore all this..

Every night I look in the mirror while brushing my teeth and I get into this strange mindset. I cannot believe it was dfrg trgt rgv effg rhr the gud rrgo rog ruf ffi fibmgi fkfk firthr jfkhif ffieeow dovvdk diig fkfjtb figgme dkeem fkeoco fmti giwm fighr gigmd goifm gldif gkfid gieodo foeor food fodod fitn fif girhd fksn feeri mfif fmei dmwwiv... [more]

Do you really know me?

· Do you know what I am keeping deepest inside?
· Do you know what I am trying so hard to hide?
· Do you know why I am always standing by your side?
· Do you know why I give you my own bridle to ride?
· Do you know how much I strive to get on with strong tide?
· Do you know how much I abandon my feeling to open... [more]

It's like...

Wow... I mean with the am I not suppose to let that get to me? There have been so many things. It couldn't be though, could it? It's just my heart messing with me. Isn't it?

Realized too late

I suppose I am writing to this as a last plea for help, as I am torn and cannot share my secret with anyone.
I've been with my fiancé for almost six years. Initially, our relationship developed very quickly with me moving into his house after he suffered an accident that left his temporarily disabled. My fiancé lives with me and his father... [more]

Missed You

Did You ? I mean YOU missed me. Sometimes I like to become dumb.

This place

Was created as a neutral meeting place for you and me. No one else here can understand our language. When we communicate it's gobbledygook to everyone else. Speak to me in our secret tongue. I'm the only one listening.

I thought...

And i came to the conclusion that the me was not even for it

I cheated on the man I love

I'm a s** addict, there's no other way to phrase that. Recently my hormones have been going berserk, even though I have important exams this semester I cannot concentrate due to my excessive horniness. If I do not m********* at least 4 times a... [more]


We met We got married Hopefully we will grow old together and part ways Here,....

Period s**

My girlfriend never wants to be touched at that time of the month but i love the feeling. its so warm and so slick feels better then her normal wetness. some times i can get her to let me in the mornings n i come so quick she feels so good.

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