Love Confessions

When it rains...

The water does not fall from sky, It just trickles down from eye, To oversee someone pass by, Knowingly inside, somethings just die.. O Lord, please cease this pain! Why is it still running down in veins? Can anyone please explain? Matters of heart, still whirling in brain ;(

I wonder...

I wonder if you miss me, if it ever keeps you up at night. I wonder if you can ever feel me shining, the warm embrace of my light.

I don't know

Im lonely and I'm losing my job due to f****** capitalism, picked a s*** time to be a difficult arty socialist

I don't belong here

I don't belong in this world. I have -always- found it difficult with women. While I have had relationships - and I have had one seriously long term (living together for years, prospect of marriage) - I have never quite been able to shake the feeling of not fitting in on this area. All of the (three) relationships I have been in have been... [more]

I wonder...

If you miss me, if you miss my smiling face. I wonder if you miss seeing me in lace.

Going all the way

So I have been with my wife for 3 years now. Some of you may know there are different p**** smells. I truly love my wife's p****. I enjoy being submissive and just going to town licking her l****... [more]

You don't need love and money like I do

"oh you don't need anything from anyone now, that you have your own brick house"

I'm dating my best friend

My best friend Sara is a lesbian who loves my belly but I'm not gay but I've started dating her ever since she rubbed my belly and started feeding me plus my boyfriend dumped me so I'm trying new things with my life she is so sexy and loves me and my belly so much :)

My belly is hurting because of my boyfriend

My boyfriend came over my house with six big Macs for me! I was very hungry though so I ate them all. My belly was so stuffed my boyfriend said "you are so much hotter when you're big" we both smiled at each other he rubbed my belly then said he wanted me fat he want me to have fat legs fat arms fat belly he told me to gain 40 pounds I said I was... [more]

Female stuffing and bloating

I am in love with hot girls my age and old stuffing and bloating their bellies I watch girls stuff alnight long I just love plump round belliesci think it's so hot and attractive is it weird?


I'm still a virgin, single, and good looking woman. However, I only want to lose my virginity to my husband. Primarily, I'm saving my passionate l*** for my one and only someone special. This is my confession.

Happy wedding indeed

I'm okay knowing the man I'm in love with has found his dream lady. Or that's what I try to tell myself now that I'm one of the main planners in their wedding. Worst is that her ideas are pretty near what I've secretly dreamed of during 7 years I've been his best friend so here I am doing practically my own wedding without being the one on the... [more]

Wifes BFF

My wife's best friend and i have always had a good relationship and last night we took it to the next level. My wife's friend is, Lets say curvy, She is a dance teacher and has beautiful, thick thighs and great legs, A firm, round ass, Wide hips, Huge t*** and a beautiful face.
I had a chance with... [more]


It's a request. Please don't make me fall for you. I fell last time and fortunately got up. This time I won't be able to get up.

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