Love Confessions

Always will be..

As The Years will Pass Us by i know I will be growing Old with you only though thousand miles away .
I Want You To Know that you will always occupy a special place in my Heart.
I will never forget how you helped Me Keep smiling When I felt sad,You nurtured my heart as We listened and Sent Each Other Songs.
Though I know nothing about you other... [more]

I don't know anymore

You keep telling me you love me but then you say stuff like 'oh i love him more' and you hurt me but im too scared to leave you because you said you'll hurt me more..


I want your to understand that our detachment is necessary and vital. Only if you knew the involvement of a third party. This person or these people has done everything to create misunderstandings between us, but you'll always be the one in my heart. They don't matter to me at all not their foolish acts. I know their misunderstandings might've... [more]

Just wanna say..

I love you because I do.I know many times I have tried to take myself away yet I cant deny how several times the universe showed me the way to you, yes it might be a firework of my brains but tell me how can I deny, how can I ignore the familiarities.
In my heart I can feel the beat that says your name , my mind remains absorb in your thoughts... [more]

In love with a woman

I am in love with this girl but she doesn't love me. Because she will always love her beef.

Just wanted to share

A cold December morning it was, just eleven days to the new years. The metro station was foggy even till the first floor and the rickshaw pullers downstairs were all wrapped up in woolen sheets. The usual routine was followed and I was heading towards your place, shivering in cold, rubbing my hands against each other, wrapping under my own self... [more]

It's totally true

I can't help it: I love Misty Croslin. And I want to marry her.

Love it

I love Miley Cyrus's new longer hair! She's beautiful again!

Waking up

I feel as though I only just woke from a decade long coma. I met this girl who is so incredible! I have dated several girls over the past few years, some who I stuck it out with longer than others. But none of them made me FEEL. I didn't love any of them no matter how much I tried to convince myself that I did. And now all of the sudden I am... [more]


We can be the generation Who learns how to love Mistakes & empty promises Will never be enough To tear apart the giant hearts that beat inside us now Let's conquer the percentages and rise above the crowd. You and Me ..

I love my uncle

I just don't know what it is but I find my uncle very sexy. Maybe it's the way he talks or the way he is I just love him. He is 58 and I'm 14 but I just can't help it because I do.

Come on people now.

Smile on your brother. Everybody get together and try to love one another. Right now.

I dream to be with someone

There's nothing more I enjoy
Content with everything inside
You might not be able to see my face
An emergency flare bursting high in the sky
All of the world stands still
Time for us does not halt
When you look at me, I fight to keep control
Yet, I wish I could read your mind.
Something about me should always make you curious
To read... [more]

Honest Guy

So I've been dating this girl for nearly 3 months now and I really like her. I think she's beautiful and we've really good chemistry. Anytime shes asked me something about my past or present I have alway told her the truth. That's more than I can say for some girls I been with. So the other day she flat out asks how many girls I've been with. She... [more]

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