Love Confessions

When I'm drunk

I still think of you. It's been awhile, wondering how you are. Miss the times we talked. The naughty things we said. Wished we could have met. You'll always be My questionmark.

In bed

I'm laying in bed right now with my boyfriend. He sleeps naked, I'm in just a tshirt. He has a h****** and its pressed up against my butt and its making me so f****** horney.

Happy Anniversary

I've been around for over a year hoping my love would mean more you you than the dipshits I gave it to before. Our anniversary came and went without your notice. You did manage to tell me you need to reconnect with your ex. Good luck I guess. It isn't the first time I wasn't enough. I hope you get what you need. I'm not sure if I'll be here when... [more]

Why s** is so vital?

I imagine our first time while looking into each other's eyes. We're cuddling and then he says "your first time is going to hurt" while looking into my eyes. I'll look back while looking through his eyes and ask, "are you worth the pain?" While bashfully looking away. Then we'll laugh it off. Afterwards we find each other taking each other's... [more]

An Idiot

So I met a guy on Tinder early this year, and we have talked almost every day since then, he once told me he liked me, that I was special and that he was glad to have met me, I really liked him, but today he told me he just got a new girlfriend and he kept going on telling me how amazing this girl was, she had the most amazing smile, and I really... [more]

Going to stop

Confessing my words of love for you here, no point.

In heaven

It hurts that I will never have you. I feel you so strongly, I know you like my own skin. Maybe in heaven or another life I can leave a trail of kisses on that skin, that feels like my own. Oh how I would love to see the light in your eyes dance and to hear your laugh. That would be all I could ever want. Nothing I ever write could touch upon... [more]

Hey you

I wish oh wish he would reach out to me. I dont what to do. I am in a situation I don't care for but someone needs me. I feel so frustrated and confused. Help!!! xxx I think about you Josh xxx and miss you.


Im just drowning in deep.. I feel it so deep and difficult to pull myself up. I have to breathe, but I can't! And the irony is, the person trying to save me is drowning too! Is this life? Why is the struggle so difficult?

I just called to say..

No New Years Day.. to celebrate, No chocolate covered candy hearts to give away, But what it is.. Is something new.. Made up of these 3 words that I must say to you.. I just called to say... * * * And I mean it from the bottom of my heart... I just called to say.. * * *

What am I going to do?

I'm so deeply in love with you, my heart hurts. I love how you're awkward at times and how you're playful like a lil boy with people who you love and who aren't attacking you. You love people that are a bit unusual. I think you'd like me if you knew me. My love for you is hopeless, I sure know how to pick the ones that I can never be with. :( The... [more]

I love you

I loved you before I met you, JB.

I have been running

For a long time now. I'm ready to stop and catch my breath.


Simple smile a day makes my day. :)

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