School Confessions

I bullied a kid

Each year our school sent classes away for a week camping. One unofficial activity was called greezing. This involved the victim being held down and his p**** and b**** being coated with mcleans toothpaste. The victim would be held down kicking and... [more]

Robert S was a psychopath and I knew it

There is a website called Inmate locators and out of morbid curiosity I looked his m=name up and sure enough, he was there.
Robert, you were the worst, the most low down mean ass scumbag of a bully I have ever known. You spit on me for no reason. You beat the s*** out of some guy who couldn't... [more]


So this kid really likes me, but he is 16m, and I am 27f. He keeps trying to make advances on me, but I'm not interested. I don't know what to do.

I want to die sometimes.

You're probably laughing right now.
Wow, look, a typical emo teenager.
I am a normal student at a prestigeous school. I used to be very happy-go-lucky and cheerful, but since I joined this school, frustration has taken over me. And it hasn't even been a month.
I feel like I could describe the situation better if I'll do it in a form of... [more]

She lets me feel her breast

After school I'm in a club for people who want to get to know each other
Skc Social skill creators
We build social skills, go out and do things together
It's basically for outcasts and shy people
I won't say her name but one day another student dared me to touch this girls breast
I sat beside her and squeezed it
She... [more]


For some reason I'm really attracted to one of my teachers... But the thing is he's 35 and I'm 13. I know nothing will ever happen I just can't get him out of my head and we always seem to be alone with each other. I'm a lot more mature mentally than other people my age, and I relate to teachers much more than my peers, and I'd rather have a... [more]

I hate him

All last year of school I was comfortable and I wasn't being bothered by my creepy ex. He stalked me the year before to the point I was scared to come out of my house and face him. He just now came back and is creepier than ever but I can't tell him to back off. I have seen him angry and I would rather not have it happen to me again but getting... [more]


So I'm a freshman and I went to homecoming last night. I'm not sure how it works at other schools but we have so many kids that the teachers can't control them at all. I was near the center of the 'mosh pit' and this song came on so I was shaking my hips and dancing and my two friends were next to me and this guy leans next to me and asks if I... [more]

I'm nearly 70 and I took a high school biology test.

There were thirty-five questions and I only missed four of them. I graduated high school in 1965. I didn't do that well in biology in high school and it bothers me that this test I took fifty-one years after I left high school was so easy I could pass it. Has school been dumbed down that much?

I saw a kid break a window at my school and I didn't report him

I'll try to keep this confession short as many things happened. This guy who was one of a gang of losers and troublemakers smashed a window of my school and I saw it and told no one.
Someone else did see it though and reported the window breaking to the Principal. The informer also told the principal that I was there.
The guy who broke the... [more]

Leg Space Boy

This story happened to me when I was in 7th grade and at that time, it was my first year at my new school. So me and my close friend were on the bus one day, and we sat at the back of it where there were other connecting seats and these 2 boys from the school across my one came and sat diagonally from my friend and i. Me and my friend (who I'm... [more]


I am a high school junior, 17 yr old female. I had gotten into a bit of trouble during school and had to serve 3 days of detention after school. on the first day there were 2 other kids in detention with me , and Mr. G. who was my English teacher was the monitor. On the second day it was just me and Mr. G. I was wearing a short skirt that day and... [more]

Overpaid teachers

I think public school teachers are very much overpaid for the amount of work they do in a calendar year and the results they get from the kids' standardized tests. I think no public school teacher should ever get above $40,000 per year, plus benefits. That should be the firm cap on their salaries.

H**** teacher wants hot young p****

I am a attractive male i take care of myself i eat healthy i am put together smart and nice im not perfect but im attractive i am so super h**** though i have degrees im trying to teach in college because i want to f*** young [more]

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