Sex Confessions

Fantasize about older woman

I'm 24 & I often fantasize about older woman, and am sexually attracted to them. Is it weird, that am not attracted to someone of my age ?

Watch me stroke

I m********* in front of my beautiful daughter and her little friends.i love to shoot meth and play with my c*** while they watch.i love to shoot my load all over their cute faces and flat chest. i want to hear from everyone.lets get off .love... [more]

I love pregnant women

I'm 51 years old and I've been obsessed with pregnant women since I was 15. I gave up trying to analyze my obsession long ago, and just accepted it. A woman doesn't have to be pregnant to arouse me, but the wish to impregnate her is always in my mind.
My greatest unfulfilled desire is to find a woman who wants to be bred and keep her pregnant... [more]


I want to watch my fiance get pounded out by a guy with a long fat d***. How do I go about finding someone?

Silent s**

I am bored with s**. My wife does not want any noise. No grunting. No talking. No asking would she like me to touch here or is this working. If I start to get excited and make any noise she'll very quietly say "shhh".
When we have s** she lies on her... [more]

I know he can see

For about the last two years I have been flashing our neighbor, It all started one afternoon while my parents were away for the weekend and I think it was actually the first time I was at home alone and I noticed him out of the corner of my eye peeking through the kitchen blinds.
Our neighbor is a single guy in his mid to late 30's and not a bad... [more]

We Just Met

We just met and Gary wants to eat Pepper. I want to eat Pepper in a secret and very discreet way. Our little secret. I can imagine Pepper is yummy.


Ok so I know this is weird, but i know how a lot of people are into pain, and I have this weird thing to where i will take a knife from my parents and carve into my skin because I L o v e the feeling of cutting my skin, my girlfriend has told me that it's weird when i brought up the idea of it but i still stand by it.

South African married white male. Turned on by black p3n1s...

I am currently. Been married to my wife for 17yrs now.
She grew up in a very strict, very conservative, very afrikaner household. Born in 1979, most of her developmental youth was in "apartheid" South Africa. To her, interracial s** is an absolute NO-NO
I was born in '78, my single mom also... [more]


I had s** with my ex boyfriend. Not sure if it was s**. He kind of fingered me and then I think he put it inside me. But I am not sure. Because I was too scared so I stopped him every time he got a little too close. I feel horrible about it. I miss it sometimes... [more]

Wife f**** other guys

My wife & I have a totally open relationship. She is f****** 4 other guys on a regular basis....I love her being used as a s** toy while at the same time she's totally getting off on being so well serviced. She brings home a well [more]

Kind of Obsessed with my stepdaughter

My stepdaughter is young, and built better than most 20 year old women. Its ridiculous how built she is for her age.
I have raised her since she was 4 years old, 8 1/2 years later she looks so good i cant quit thinking about her. If you saw her you would understand.
She always tries to sit close to me, but is timid about it because her mom... [more]

Me & My Gf

I make my gf suck d***** like there other people's c**k

I want to be a humiliated cuck

Hello all, I'm a Mid 30's married British Indian. My wife is gorgeous thick Indian woman size 12/14 36dd's and extremely vanilla! It's taken me yes to get her into toys... the thought of another c*** scares her! But I would love her to be a full size queen at the command of a real bull with a proper... [more]

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