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Married women

Secretly , I live among you. I'm the guy that every husband fears. Every day I'm awake before dawn , working out , meditating and keeping myself in peak physical performance. While the husbands of the world put on their suits , wrap that belt around their middle aged stomachs and head off to their corporate jobs. They die a little more on the... [more]

Don't judge

It bothers me when people find out you've had an affair and they judge you. It's easy to say that if your unhappy then simply get a divorce. While I'll admit I believe this as well sometimes it isn't as easy for some people. I found myself in a situation like this. For the most part my marriage is good. But this past year I have found myself... [more]

My first virgin

My wife and I have a wonderful relationship. Married for over 20 years we have been through ups and downs but never have we stopped loving each other. Both of us are are college professors at a local university and have enjoyed a long and successful career. A few weeks ago as we were eating dinner I could tell something was bothering her. After a... [more]

Sucking c***

Whenever i speak to friends or other girls, alot the time they all say the same thing, that they dont enjoy sucking a man d***, they do it just because but i really really love it, i feel so powerfull and in charge when a man fills my mouth with his most prized and delicate body part, i love... [more]

Freshers week has turned me into a s***

Ok so im at the end my 2nd week at uni, im in dorms have my own room but share the flat with 4 other girls and they all now refer to me as the s***! they are right! in the first week i slept with 8 boys and this week another 6, 3 of them at the same time, several times now, all i wanted was to feel... [more]

Shes cheating on me and im just ignoring it

I didnt know to pit this is s** section or relationship section but i will just say anyway, basicly me and my gf been together 7 years now, live in a one bedroom house, good jobs and thought we were happy and fine, s** was always amazing till it died off about... [more]

My wife's friends

When my wife brings her female friends over, I cannot stop thinking about f****** them. It is literally the first thought that comes into my mind. It doesn't even matter if they are attractive or not. I just want to do them all--split their lips with my [more]

Ass Play

I am turning 50 next year i look about 36 or so I have to show my ID to prove it. However i have a l*** for r****** and f****** deeply any ass that allows me to. I prefer skinny however if it looks... [more]

Neighbour's daughter

Our neighbour's daughter is 16. She is very cute and a great personality. A bit of baby fat on her but still attractive. The other day I came home from work and knew the family was out doing after school activities with the kids. I took off my work clothes and was planning to eat dinner in my underwear while watching TV. About 2 mins after... [more]

Buying sneakers

So let me begin I met this Mexican women who always spoke about s** but at the time I was dating someone so I couldn't do anything had the hugest ass I ever seen on a Mexican women once I was single I remember that she was selling Jordan's that she had bought from her ex that she took back I got her... [more]


How I wish I could have a sweet female hoops player for a GF so she could rock me off with her pretty feet!

Honest Question

I've got a question to all the women that cheat on their husbands/boyfriends because of a lack of attention. Why don't you just tell your man to f*** you more often? I mean logically, there's no guy who'd say "Oh no gross" if the woman he married told him she needed him to beat the kitty up. If he... [more]


I want to f*** every single type of women in this world.. Tall, short, medium.. Lean, busty, large, bbw.. White, brown, black, yellow.. Indian, europian, italian, arabian, african, asian... Hairy, smooth.. All kinds.. I like women..

Chewy gives it good!

I just found out that I have a Chewbacca fetish. My boyfriend came over and showed me a Chewbacca costume to lounge around in, it's apparently fuzzy and really comfortable, but we didn't cuddle or watch any TV like planned. I immediately made him service me orally and kept thinking how hot it was that I was having [more]

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