Sex Confessions

The nephew dare

While vacationing my wife and I stayed at her cousin’s house. They were a family of 3 with a 18 years old son and had a 4 bedroom house. Her cousin and wife was out of town but told her son to show us around.
We stayed at the same floor as them and our room was just down the hall. When we have s** at... [more]

I sniffed her panties!

I work in the home remodeling business. Yesterday I was on the job. The homeowner is a very attractive woman in her 40s. Beautiful face, great legs and a perfect ass. She left for work wearing a black skirt, nude stockings and high heels. As soon as the was gone I went to her bedroom to look through her panty drawer and found her collection of... [more]

New to a*** and now want tranny

Tried being rimmed fingered toyed and pegged and now i want a sexy ts or fem cd to lay me back and play with my ass until i c**.. No p**** stimulation just my ass being pleased however they see fit, if anyone has experienced this please lemme know

Tempted but I can't

I have a handful of videos of my wife gobbling up my d***. She is a great c*** sucker when she wants to be. The videos show her milking my shaft and drooling over the head. My favorite is when she licks with just the tip of her tongue, or when she rubs... [more]

Wonderful Monday

I met this young lady 38 years old after. I took my wife to the airport to visit family. This is no penthouse story, she is 20 years younger than me. My wife and I have s** a few times a year. While We was talking at a bar. She kept on kidding me about being old. Any ways We ended up at my house. We... [more]

Hotwife or Not

I have read a lot of post on here about guys wanting their wives to f*** other men and women wanting to f*** other guys for their husbands. Some of the comments are either for or against the idea. I know a lot of guys want this, but my question is how... [more]


I’m 15 and I love to m********* ! Rub and finger my tight p**** touch my b**** and imagine someone watching me and it really turns me on

Has anyone ever heard of a “Triple Header?”

I had a boyfriend in college that was always wanting to do a “Triple Header” with me. Has anyone else ever heard of this? He’s the only guy that I have ever heard about this from. His theory was that on average sperm could live 3 days in a woman’s body. So, to him, a “Triple Header” was when we would have [more]

Chubby and single

I'm 50 and chubby with very large b**** 46hh. I'm single for the 1st time in 25yrs. I'm insecure about my body, my ex called me a fat slang even though he was the only man I had f*****.
I want no strings s**... [more]

Stepdaughters selfies

I have a 23yr old stepdaughter she is so beautiful to me she put on a few extra pounds that she is self conscious about but i think it made her hot body even hotter she has peirced 38d b****** we get along great but one day she bought a new top of the line phone and gave me her old one because it... [more]

I am obsessed with my wife becoming a hot wife

I love the idea of my wife becoming a hotwife, i used to be a very jealous husband, but recently I have had thoughts of her being a hotwife, I would love her to go out and have fun with another guy. I would love her to text me updates through the evening and then tell me about it when she got home. Is this normal??

First time sexting with a stranger...

So I am a bi girl and last night I sexted with a stranger for the first time... And it truly was awkward. Okay, guys it is not sexy to have you say you are going to shove your fist into us, or that you are going to pull out and shove it into the other hole... I mean unless she is into that... But he had no idea what was sexy... I think will just... [more]


I love watching my wife get f*****. I have vids and get so hard watching her.

Mother in law crush

I'm in low w/ my mother in law. She's in her early 50s, but has the body 10-15 years younger. Her peppered hair flows down to her VERY large b******, then to her small waist. I don't think she feels the same way about me, but I've gotten the feeling she's appreciative of how I stare at her in... [more]

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