Sex Confessions

I enjoy watching my wife with other men

My wife and I have been married for nearly 20 years. She has always been fit, and smoking hot. Since nearly day 1 of us dating, I fantasized about sharing her with other men. As sexual foreplay we talked about my fantasy for years before she was willing to try it. She actually had her first experience with another married couple while I... [more]

Dreaming of s** with mother in law

The other day i had an intense dream about having s** with my mother in law. In the dream it was amazing. She's 58 and i'm 38. She widowed for 2 years now.
When me and my wife go on vacation we take her with us and when she's wearing her bathing suit she always sits with her legs open. I can't stop... [more]

Past times

When I was young I was a prostitute, I earned plenty of money for paying my way through university and am now a high school teacher and married to a successful business man.
While moving house he found my old diaries and as we settled into our new house, he raised the issue of prostitutes and how he used them before we met and how he still... [more]

So very tired

Tired very tired as being sought just for a s****. I haven't had a relationship of any substance for so many years. It's very sad when I'm a vibrant woman of 40's and in different times, I would be considered an old maid ....even though, despite my appearances, I am super loyal and self... [more]

Got Friend's Wife Pregnant

My friends tried artificial insemination a several times. It did not work. I supplied 2 donations. Their doctor speaking as friend told them to find a suitable male to do it the natural way. I was asked and accepted. I had no trouble getting her pregnant the natural way. I and the couple are still best friends after 25 years. The kids do not know... [more]

Taboo couple?

I used to be a super nice girl next door type. I was good at school and wasn't that interested in partying. I never even had a boyfriend. When I turned 15 I wanted to get some job to get some extra money so I contacted this old man (61yo) who had an ad in locals looking for a house cleaner. It was easy, once a week thing so it fit my needs... [more]

Friend with Benefits to 2 Females

I met up with 2 females who wanted to have s** without strings attached. I fathered 4 kids each for them. We are good friends. Despite us having a intimate relationship, we have been living in the same big house that was divided into 3 living units. One of the female's mom owns the house. All she wanted... [more]

Sucking C*&k

I'm Gary and I want to suck on a nice C*&k and let the guy finish in my mouth!

Normal day at school well a normalish

So me and my girlfriend have been together for a year and we really like each other and we have sleep overs and that but so i texted her one day is she going to school she said yeh so i went to school with her then we go to our class and we do our daily class activies so she sat next to me cus i asked her then she started to touch my [more]

Wife's admission

So without going into too many boring details, my wife and I needed a new car. Someone tboned her car and totalled it. She said that she was pretty good friends with someone at the dealership. She assured me she could get a good deal.
So I am a district manager for a restaurant chain so I have to travel to other stores. I was gone Friday and... [more]

Who wants to see my chubby wife nude?

I have some pictures of my wife I want to show for your jerking pleasure

Jack Morley New Hampshire C*** in Unconscious Women

My name is Jack and I used to date a woman named Julie H. from Conway, New Hampshire. One night she was at my apartment and took some new medication, which made her pass out. Some booze helped, too. I carried her to bed and took off all her clothes. I shaved off some of her pubic hair to save as a trophy. I still have it. I carefully inserted my 3... [more]

My aunt

My uncle died and I didn't really give a s***. His widow was one sexy b**** and we were travelling with her, we all stayed in one bed in a hotel and at night, I fondled her all over then pushed my fingers in her buttcrack and rubbed her [more]

Hairy wife

So my wife when we met was hairless. Not shaved head or anything. Hairless from the neck down. We had been together a couple years. No shave November came along and I asked if she was gonna participate. She said, "Really? That wouldn't repulse you?" I said, "I've never seen a woman in person with hairy armpits. It may be hot." She did it and I do... [more]

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