Sex Confessions

Having my 3rd child with 3rd woman

I developed an impregnation fetish when I was in high school. One of my classmates had become pregnant by an older boy, which was a big issue in my small-ish town and she was keeping the baby due to her beliefs. As it happened, her pregnancy coincided with almost the whole school year, and I saw every trimester and her belly swelling up... [more]

Had an affair with my daughter's boyfriend

I am 48 years old, Korean-American, and mother of 2 children.
My elder daughter came home last christmas with her boyfriend, a handsome white boy a year older than she was. On one day, she and her father went christmas shopping and I asked him to help me decorate.
I am pretty fit, and quite attractive for my age.
He was flirty, and I was... [more]

B**** or ass

What do you prefer and why?

Dangerous Games

I'm into self bondage. I often leave doors unlocked because I fantasize about being "caught" while bound and raped.


A few weeks ago I posted a confession where my husband had asked if he was smaller than my ex, he told me not to lie so I didn't! I said my ex was bigger but, he was p***** off at me for 4 days!!! It has now been almost 4 weeks since. my husband still asks the length wanting to get into detail about... [more]

Urge to wear panties

I have the urge to wear a pair of panties. I am going on a business trip and am thinking of buying a pair of panties to wear.

One Night Cuck

My wife and I have been married for several years and we still get along. I love having s** with her and she with me. We don't have any kids, so life is still fun having s** whenever and wherever we want. Sometimes we stop into the adult store and look for... [more]

I lost my virginity when I was 12

When I was in 7th grade I had a girlfriend named Ashley she is blonde skinny and was considered the hottest in the school. One day she texted me to go to her house when I did she ask me if I wanted to do something. I said yes then she got naked she pushed me on her bed and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my underwear down. She and I were virgins... [more]

Caught the wife

So my wife insists that she doesn't m********* very often. I wouldn't mind if she did do it. I think it's hot.
So we have a house with 2 full bathrooms. One is basically just hers and is in the bedroom. All pink and stuff and I almost never go in there. The other is mine and is in the... [more]

Wife's Skeltons revealed

My wife is this a hot bodied blonde that is 5'6" and about 120lbs. We were having s** and the topic of her sexual past came up. At first we toyed with it but soon became a regular part of our foreplay and I found it to be somewhat erotic.
In one of our sessions, I asked her to tell me about how she... [more]

I want to f*** my fiance's coworker/friend.

Ugh I'm going f***king crazy. I'm about to get married in about two months and I love my fiance' to pieces. He's the best. We also have a very open relationship. I have given him more than one threesome and honesty has really been our only policy for the past three years. He has a coworker who is also his friend and this dude is fu**ing sexy as... [more]

Starving for it

I'm a 20yo gay man working for a medical delivery company. My boss is 43, married, with three kids. He says he's straight but the way he looks at me sometimes makes me think he's SUPER hot for it. Here's the thing: I'm in love with him, and I want him soooooo bad I can taste it. A group of us -- males and females -- have gone for drinks after... [more]

Wife pic swop

I want to swop wife pics. Mine is a blonde milf

I need help!! I feel the urge to rape!!

So here's the deal, Since I was 7 years old I've been exposed to p**********. I wanted to have s** for ever f****** year since 7 till now(13 Years old). My urge of wanting to rape came in around 11... [more]

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