I should shut up when I drink.

New years eve my sister in law and I were talking, I had drank more than I should have but so had she, She made some comment about needing to lose weight which is ridiculous, She is already a slim girl but she thinks she need to work on flattening her stomach, Anyway, She is pretty, slim and has big [more]


My husband is and always has been "Handsy" when we sleep, I always wake up to his hand up, in, or under my shirt, A few weeks ago we traveled to Vegas with another couple, Great trip, Separate rooms until on the way home my husband hit a deer with our car.
He took the car to the garage and it had broken something we couldn't continue on with as... [more]

The title requirement is f****** stupid

F*** you, Mom. I'm suicidal too, and I have no one to confide in either, but I don't call YOU up and b**** about my life until you want to die even more than normal. If I told you how I really felt, you'd actually do it. I have to pretend I enjoy my... [more]

I really hate most of you people who confess here

The majority of you are absolute scumbags. Either horrible b****** or pathetic perverts. I hope you are exterminated in a fema camp soon. You don't deserve to live.

Cold feels good

You are Weak

Dear Karen

I'm sorry that I made fun of you in middle school. Even when I said things about your glasses and that you were fat, I only did it because I wanted to look cool in front of my friends. I always liked you. I was immature. I apologize for not wanting to be your bf back then too, when you asked. I still can't believe all of the hurtful things that I... [more]

I need an answer

So the other day I caught my wife, Well I didn't catch her but looked at her search history on her ipad because she was having issues with it and asked me to see if I could fix it, I didn't and still haven't said anything but.
It would appear she watches girl on girl or solo girl videos once or twice a month, I didn't see any couples or male... [more]

F---ing little perv

My mom, her husband of two years and her husbands son stayed at my place last night, I am married with two kids and my moms "Stepson" is lucky my husband was on night shift and I have had time to calm down or I would tell him and let him beat the little puke to a pulp.
I sleep naked but I sleep with my door closed when we have company, I woke up... [more]

When My Egg Donor Dies I Will Dance On Her Grave!

You might be the vessel that carried for 9 months and brought me into this world, but you are not my mother and are frankly the reason why I hate not only everything black and american, because the are your race and nationality, and I have no good memories whatsoever of my 5 years of childhood with you in your country. No I am not an American and... [more]

Step daughter

My step daughter I've known since she was since she was 10, She used to view me as a step dad. When she turned 15 she refused to speak to me, never acknowledges my birthday or wish me merry Christmas or fathers day. She will go out of her way to not speak to me. If I have the car key and she needs something in the car, she will ask her mom to ask... [more]


Stretchmarks are mabye stop posting photos of them they are just a reality of getting pregnant or getting fat and then skinny

Scout Jamboree

When I was 14 we made plans to attend a scout jamboree! Our scout master became ill the day before so the scout master for the girls agreed to let us go to their camp-out instead. We didn't want to spend time with The girls but it was better than not going at all. We knew everyone in our small town so we went to school with all those girls with... [more]

I am confused

I am a 21 Y/O female, I am in my second year of college, Up until 6 months ago I had always wondered what it would be like to be with a girl, Don't get me wrong I truly enjoy men but was always intrigued by girls.
I started my second year of college, I moved into a townhouse style residence with three other girls, Carol walked in and instantly... [more]

In love with a lesbian

It's a sad existence and it's not made any better by her mixed signals and the way she acts around me. I like her a great deal and I haven't told her once but she seems to get some sorta amusement or sexual kick out of tormenting me, which is strange considering she's usually all cutesy and innocent. We were wrestling and she put her leg between... [more]

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