I didn't expect that

My wife is a super sexy little thing, Short, cute, sexy, beautiful, Great body yada yada yada but she is shy and seldom ever shows off any part of her body, we have three kids and yeah maybe her b**** aren't great but the rest of her looks good, She actually weighs less than she did before having... [more]

Caught red handed

This weekend after a busy Saturday pottering around the house and garden while I went to get a shower my wife popped out to the shops to get a few things for tea and a bottle of wine etc at the local supermarket so as I was getting ready for a shower I noticed her knickers from earlier today were left in the bathroom so feeling a bit naughty I... [more]

Eating c** or sperm

Now they want to eat there c**. Cause there wife's won't.

My Elder Brother's Naughty Wife

My uncle's elder Son my elder brother live with his wife just beside my house.
They both have complicated life and my brother has many girlfriends after their marriage also. And for this reason they both used to fight everyday. Every time I used to go their house to stop the fight, and they are living this type of unhappy life for last 3 years... [more]

First wife

My first wife when frustrated would order me to lay on my back and tuck my knees into my chest, then she kneeled over me and spanked me, then it turned to an order to get undressed and assume your position. The spankings got longer and harder at times. Then came the hair brush or anything she wanted to try. It hurt bad or good. The submission and... [more]

I don't know anymore

You keep telling me you love me but then you say stuff like 'oh i love him more' and you hurt me but im too scared to leave you because you said you'll hurt me more..

Item and commodity From To Rate VMW

This is to commemorate the death of an industry. The Tariff compilation industry which died in the late 80's after Ted Kennedy and his cronies made it illegal to compile them.
This deprived companies of information which included the rates, routes, and carriers who specialized in carrying their freight from one place to another. It was a... [more]

Cousin touching me

Ever since i was maybe 10 my younger cousin would touch my ass and b****** whenever we would have sleepovers and i mean i didn't hate it but i felt gross every single time after it happened. now i am older and that cousins older brother has been doing it too and i mean when it comes to getting... [more]


Quiet moments stolen from life's journey gave a nice warm feeling soothed my soul.Few but precious. I don't want the greed to spread it's root inside me .So in this silent moments of night I am ready to bury myself let the wall stand tall so that I don't slip again.You might think am selfish may be may be not.The restlessness inside is thumping... [more]

I touch my best friend

My best friend and I have been best friends since we were three, We have lived together for 3 years and go out all the time, If neither of us brings a guy home we often end up passing out together while we lay in bed and talk, She is quite vocal about the fact that she is straight and will never be with another girl so I pretend I would never... [more]

That was bad

My brother in law is hot, He is 8 years older than me but he makes me h**** with his big muscles and as I found out last night...his huge d***, We all got home from the bar around 2:30 and went to bed but I woke up around an hour later and couldn't go... [more]

I think my p**** is to big

I'm 23,in college and have a beautiful girlfriend with lovely t*** and a tight p****,she is 22.But all she does is give me a handjob or make me go down on her.I asked her why I can't put my c*** inside her... [more]

My parents spanked me until I was 21

My mother and father were very strict and spanked me until I got married when I was 21. There were quite a few incidents I could discuss but I will talk about one. I moved away from home briefly when I was 19. This was mostly to escape the rules and punishments, I also wasn't getting along with my sister who was 15 at the time. The morning I left... [more]

Ima boy ilove wearing panties

Im a boy ilove wearing girls panties briefs and knickers bikini panties white cotton panties pink panties Disney panties hanna montanna panties high shool musical panties ilove girls undies anyboy want to se mine you can any guys boys who want to see mine you can anybody wans to see them any teen crossdressers I would love to be... [more]

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