Regret the Party

I need to get this off my chest, and found this site by chance. Apologies if it doesn't belong. My bf and I went to a party with his friends last night. We're in college. I didn't even know the host of the party. It was a friend of a friend of a friend type of thing, and there must have been 70-80 people there. It was a little crazy when we walked... [more]

Ive had enough

You think im stupid??? I practically beg you for s**! I've literally done anything you ever wanted just to please you! Yet here i am, sat downstairs with our 1 year old blasting music so that i dont hear you upstairs watching your p*** and squeaking our... [more]


With words I love,with words I feel.Sometimes I wonder if I didn't have this passion of penning thoughts then this experience wouldn't have happened ...then thoughts come Are we only creative imaginations.
If you wouldn't have reciprocated also it wouldn't have blossomed ,though nothing assured still something from inside says we feel the... [more]

Very Inappropriate Taboo Chat With My Brother's Daughter

I got home from work sometimes last week and,poured myself a glass of Sangria red wine and got online.I chatted with 3 different women,two of them relatives,and I think my chat was very inappropriate.
I talked to my brother in another country, and he said his daughter,who is in college, needed help with rent for the month. I offered to help... [more]

I miss you

Somehow you still manage to put a smile on my face even when we are not in touch .I still like to do things keeping you in my mind, knowing your eyes will miss still I wish you were there with me.
I don't know why still my heart wants that whatever I do, wherever I go I find you eyes want to meet yours ,I fail to understand and accept the... [more]


First off, I'm a guy and I still think about this today and it makes me cringe inside thinking about it. It was sort of a low point for me personally and it makes me wary of the choices I make moving forward.
Back when I was 20, I was pretty popular or so I thought, I had big groups of friends but not one best friend. I had what I... [more]

I hate my life

I hate my family i hate more my than stupid F****** brother he thinks he is so special ever he come to my life things go wrong they put more fucken attention to that than pice if s*** and well im not ready to take some b*** s*** so 2 weeks after i take out some pills for sleeping in my brother s cup... [more]

Running tights.

So yeah I am runner. I have been running longer time now.
i run in tights and don't wear any shorts to cover my stuff, bulge and ass visible.
When I was starting to run like this I remember i thought it's so embarrassing to have your bulge visible but on the other hand i think having shorts on tights looks lame as [more]

I wear panties

I am a male an i lije to wear panties. So y cant 8 find a woman who dont mind. . every time i find a woman and tell her she runs away.

My Little Girl

The relationship was the worst either of us have had, but you are in such need. I still think about you every day even though you left me traumatized and I never want to ever see you again and I hope you never want to see me again either. I think about you because I still care about your well-being. You're a little confused and desperately sad... [more]

To the nice man making a huge mistake

Don't do it. She's a liar, and screws everybody. She is fake as all can be. She fools around with so many men you don't know about. She needs constant attention, as she is shallow. Sure she acts all sweet. It is an ACT. Deep down she is mean, insecure cruel, and you know it. Don't hurt your children.

Dear Matthew...

I think I may be in love with you. I know that you've already told me how you felt, but I cannot help but think about you, about us. I wish your circumstances were different, so that we could be together. Even though you don't want a relationship with me, I'm still grateful that you are in my life.

I'm attracted to my 14 year old Step daughter

When I first met my step daughter she was an annoying little 8 year old. I never have much thought about how she looked. Then when she turned 12 I started to recognize how she was growing up and started to think about her in inappropriate ways. I hated myself for it and tried to advoid her, feeling embarrassed for my thoughts. Now she's 14, very... [more]


I to wear nylon panties. I love how they feel on me. My wife loves to see me wearing them. I am not bi but i thank guys looks good in nylon panties. And they should not be made fun of wearing nylon panties.

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