My work history is terrible

I'm seventy years old and I consider it a miracle that I lived to be this old. I have chronic asthma from birth, spinal scoliosis and a personality disorder which kept me from learning normally. I have trouble sleeping and I've had a serious nervous breakdown. Obviously at times life has sucked.
I have been laid off four times and fired six... [more]

My German Shepard

I loce f****** my dog, and I think she loves it too, she used to always sniff around my crotch and finally after I had just gotten out of the shower she licked my p**** and one thibg led to another and I ended up [more]

My brother

Earlier this year I found out that my younger brother who I hadn't seen in over twenty years died of a drug overdose. Its a long story why I didnt see him for so long. I wish it was me that died. I would give anything to change places with him and let him live the life he was supposed to leave. He was so young, not even thirty. He just made... [more]

My sister's husband loves me

My sister's husband has been hitting on me lately and we have been talking through texts when my sister found and there was so much drama and heartbreak she almost even called for a divorce but was talked to and changed her mind just the next two days after the drama her husband apologised to me and said we should keep it calm i just couldn't... [more]


I was caught tied up to my bed wearing orange tights leotard from Nigel Coates -taylor and left there I could no escape I was gagged tights over me head

College is a waste of money

Anyone who tells you college is a must is lying. It's part of a scam. I went to a 4 yr liberal arts college and am still paying off my loans. I make the same money as the people who work with who didn't go to college. I wish I went to a trade school or something. Liberal arts degrees are a waste of money at the bachelors level.


Where the springs blossom You'll find me there Where our trust resides You'll find me there I'll meet you in this way, it's a promise I'll be by your side always.

I hate tobacco

My best friend in high school is dead because he smoked himself to death. He smoked a lot of cigarettes and he was very obese. He was a long haul 18 wheeler driver and in 2000 he had a heart attaxk was he slept in the bed of his truck.
Ok 18 years late his wife dies from cigarette smoking except she died of COPD. How could anybody in this... [more]

I want to move to Arcadia bay in Oregon and start over

I hate everything in my life , but Arcadia bay in Oregon is a good distance away from British Columbia, away from where I live ,I could run away and start a new life there and nobody will ever know I went there to start a new life, I could go now , but my Unemployment insurance will not be able to follow me to the town , I am Canadian and my U.I... [more]

I dropped my Mormon friend after I told him his religion was nons

My ex Mormon friend was dating a girl and she was planning to join the church and then they were going to marry. She was 23 years old and one day she told him she had lost her virginity. He was shocked and he told her the marriage was off.
This p***** me off at him and when I saw him again I... [more]

Belly punching india

I like to punch belly tummy of fat aunties and sply older one. I hit hard such that they couch n fall Use belt to spank their tummy Spinach.

Sniffing panties

I'm at a wedding right now and I'm walking past the girls dressing room and I see all the brides maids and brides clothes and I can see panties and bras I have the biggest urge to sniff them but I don't want to get caught I'm writing this as I'm in here they smell so good and the girls who were them are so [more]


I confess.I love wearing women's clothing and lingerie and have been for about 15 years. Women's silkys are much more comfortable,smooth,relaxing and sexy to wear

I want my mother in law

In her mid forties my mom in law looks beautiful.Her big ass has been her best asset. I have been married for 7 years. And I have always been attracted towards her. I want her. While having s** with my wife I think of her.I m********* imagining... [more]

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