There's a large very old two-story house in Conyers GA on the corner of Railroad street across from a bar and grill.
The house has a reputation for being haunted and for many years it was a fine Italian restaurant called Michaenlagelos. A waitress saw a tall darky dressed man with no face standing directly in front of her and she screamed... [more]

I posted something like this before. A gy does something bad

A guy does something horrible and he gets savagely punished. In Mexico, a man is caught raping a three-year-old girl. He is tied down and kerosene is poured over his lower torso and he is set on fire. He burns from the waist down.
So are we supposed to feel sorry for him? Ar we supposed to feel that this is a social injustice? Well, I have... [more]

Dear CO

I love you, Cas. And why did you change your last name to Zeviani? Its been forever since we have spoken. But I still think you are so beautiful and kind and sweet and I pray one day you see that in yourself and believe it. From Anonboi

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Sister in laws panties

I always had a thing for my hot younger sister I'm law.She and her hubby lived with us for a few years.Every day after she showers I make sure I go searching in the laundry basket for her freshly worn panties. I hold them up to my nose and have a good sniff. My c*** gets so damn hard that I have to... [more]

So there’s this guy i like

So i’m in middle school and i joined a few days ago and me and my new friends were walking and talking with each other listening to music and there’s this guy i see and i ask who he is and my friends told me his name and said he’s weird and i thought well i wanna say hi to him (because i’m weird) and we were 60% the same weird person and later... [more]

I need to get over with this guy but i cant

Yeah so i am a girl, and i've had a bestfriend for about two years. I had a mild crush on him for a very little time before, but now its all different. I get jealous when he talks about other girls, and gets close to any other girl. The problem is he just thinks of me as a friend. I sometimes think about us being together in a relationship, and... [more]

Father-in-law fantasy!

My confession about my fantasy with my father in law.
I do fantasize about my father-in-law f****** me and, I c** very hard every time.
I have trouble accepting it and, my personal values make me feel it’s wrong. I am really on the fence about realizing my fantasy because I am afraid to be disappointed from his performance. I wonder if it’s... [more]

Stealing from my farther

I stole a total of 1000$ from my farther I feel like a peace of s*** & I know he going to find out but my farther is a mean a****** most of the time & he is very wealthy also he buys house & has 2 cars he makes over 100k in his own with my mother... [more]

No Good Deed...

I feel frustrated. I'm in a long-distance relationship and my boyfriend struggles heavily with depression, so much to the point that I'm the one keeping him balanced and stable. Yesterday, I got upset over a stupid reason, which I also apologised for within the same night only to have it carry over to today, and throw him completely off balance... [more]

When is it time to seek medical help?

This is related to women's health and menstruation.
I'm really confused on whether it is worth the money to get myself checked out, or if there is still something that can be done. The problem is, I have very severe periods that have quite literally taken a toll on my life and it seems it has only gotten worse over the years.
From age 11... [more]

How do i help?

My boyfriend is very insecure and depressed. He calls himself stupid and always apologizes for telling me his feelings. I don't know how to help. It stresses me out because I have been in his spot and me not being able to help him makes me feel depressed. I cant be depressed if he is, he needs someone to be happy for and with him.


I can't deal with the fact that my family is such dumbasses. Everyday I hear there annoying words and hear them breathing. When I was little, I wa standing by my stepdad while he was asleep....with a knife in hand. That was when I was 10. Then I tried to beat my brother with a bat. And I slapped my stepdad, and when I go to sleep, I laugh... [more]

My biggest secret

I think all you idiots should be thrown in the gas chamber.


I have this strong desire to experience s** with another man. From a young age I have had this need to wear girls clothes I used to dress up in my sisters skirts in my closet. Now I find myself wearing panties all day and in fact i just bought my first bra. I still am attracted to women but at the... [more]

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