I want to change my race so bad!

My race has been a pain in my ass for years...s******* this up , making many parts of major cities a h***. Many are intelligent but then again many are dumber then a sack of bricks. I have come to separate my people in two ways:
African... [more]

I want to F*** my brothers girlfriend

She makes me h**** and I can tell by the way she looks at me that she wants it too. She is supposed to live with us next year when she transfers her job here so it will probs happen then.

Fat Acceptance is BULLSHIT

You have no one to blame but yourself, for being a fat lazy piece of s***. You can't say you're healthy at 400 pounds. You look like the Michelin Man. Nobody at that weight is "healthy". Heart Disease- it comes from being morbidly obese. Good luck being happy with that. Oh, how about Type 2 diabetes?... [more]

Tired of religion

I'm so tired of religion. Some days i want to believe it all, others i want to be Christian again, and others- i don't want to believe in any of it. How the f*** are you supposed to know which religion is right anyway? What if you are praying to a false God, and never knew it. So then you never had a... [more]

My advise to anyone having problems is to always try both steps

I recommend priest Adu! his white magic love spell is powerful to bring your lost lover back in your arms permanently and with no delay. I use the best spell casting techniques to bring my lover back home. spell is customized for any situation weather you're a christian or not, my advise to anyone having problems is to always try both steps and... [more]

I stared drinking at 7am

I made a big drunk last night and didn't finish it so I put it in the fridge. I was smoking this morning and I coughed so I drank some to stop coughing, and I've been sipping on it all morning. It's strong af too.

I got sent to girls reform school

I still have the newspaper story from the Dunn Daily Record. It has been years but it still stings.
Girl,18, ordered to reform school
Megan Lowry, rural route 4, Lillington, was sentenced yesterday to 90 days in the North Carolina Reform School for Girls in Monroe.
Her sentence came after juvenile court judge Sarah Livingstone found her... [more]

All of my kinks

I like getting my foot licked??
I think thats it
no wait
theres more holy s***
I want an older man to f*** me
Incest (Father/son... [more]

Weinstein girls

Many girls use their bodies to their advantage. Some guys use their power. Doesn't worry me. I know it is not PC. I have no concern for the Weinstein girls.

My and my sister

I am a 13 yr old boy with greens eyes and black hair and I have a belly fetish. My sister Ashley also has one she is the same age as me but has long skinny but semi plump legs, nice ass, blonde hair because our mom had blonde hair and our dad had black, and average b****. On our parents anniversary... [more]

I wanna kill my stepdad (he thinks so that he is)

He isn't so bad person but h***, he is 22!!! He is just embarrasing, he speaks EMBARRASING! He smiles like mother$#@ker, he laughs like total a$$hole! I live in Russia and when someone sees him with my mom in the street, they just laugh or cross themselves. I am ashamed, when my friends and... [more]

Inevitable Sin

I'm very religious. I'm 27, female, single, have a good job as a grade school teacher, go to church twice a week, and even teach Sunday school. I've dated guys since I was in high school, but I've never found the right man. Because of my religious beliefs, for years I refrained from having s**, because I... [more]

It feels so good

I don't self-harm often, but when I do, my my does it have an effect. It's painful, of course, but when the blood is flowing there's really not much that can compare.
The adrenaline rush is incredible, it's like getting high. Sometimes I just sit back and revel in it, it always calms me down or brings me up if I'm feeling particularly depressed... [more]

My wife knows but I want more

My wife knows I have a fetish for watching her gain weight, and she is accepting and happy that I do.
But, she views this as a free ride to let go of her worry about how she looks and not fret. Which I sipport fully...
While I adore the 20 pounds she's gained over the past ten years I want and have always wanted her to put the... [more]

I eat bananas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snack

I get payed 69 dollars a day for this

Still finding it hard to come to terms with chronic pain

It's been over 5yrs since my diagnosis, 10yrs living with this thing but I'm still finding it difficult to understand the hows. How to live, work, enjoy life.
Each time I think I'm having a good streak or I'm making progress in comes the flares to knock me right back down again.
Every single day of my life is lived in pain but I try to... [more]

Smelling Car Seat :P

I keep smelling the car seat of my gf after she leaves. Not like sexually...i just like to smell her scent where her back and hair was...

Gluten free cookies

I eat gluten free chocolate chip cookies even though I don't have a gluten intolerance.

My self esteem and happiness is in the gutter

I haven't felt this low in years, my partner is fantastic 30% of the time and the rest he's angry, spiteful, arrogant, chauvinistic, a total f****** d***, I even started self harming to get some kind of release, I haven't done that since I was 15!... [more]

Mean wife?

My wife and I had a major fight months ago. She told my daughter in front of me she is only with me because of her. We made up after a few days and things were good
Two eeeks ago we had a major fight and she told me again. Days later she made up and said that it's not true. One more year and my daughter is off to collage. I believe... [more]

Being bisexual

I am bisexual and i love wearing girls clothes. As a child i was forced to dress and act like a girl up until I was 17. By then i had slept with 12 guys sexually including the basketball coach . 6 women who of wich i was brutality taken from behind with s** toys . and two of them were transsexuals. Who... [more]

Too many stupid people in my life

I confess that there are just too many Stupid people in my life, my parents never realized it. But there are just far too many stupid dumb people in my life. Even they do not realize they are stupid and are going to die before they even reach 50 years old. I want out of this hole of stupidity, but how to. I cannot frame them to go to Jail. I put... [more]

I am bisexual

I confess i am bisexual and a crossdresser. I have been since the early age of six years old. I was dressed up like a cheerleader by my aunts for Halloween. Oh i thought i was bell of the ball.at age eight i kissed my first boy while dressed up as a girly girl. At age 9 i was caught not only dressed up as a girly girl but also having [more]

My wife divorced me.

Now I want to die. Pretty sure I will be spending Christmas alone. Probably kill myself then.

The salmon and the uncooked sausage

I hate white peoples pink generatiall areas

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