Seduced by girl

My girlfriend asked to practice massaging me to help her get better for her masseuse classes so I agreed. All I was given was a small towel to wear as I laid down. She started slow and steady and once I loosened up she went to my feet. Suddenly up my legs she pours warm oil and starts rubbing it in. I had to open my legs a little a the fell off... [more]

I hate my life

Really embarrassing!!! my 'stepdad' thinks that he is the best. h*** he is only 22. im too laazy to capitalize letters sorry. he said me to read a book. how? there are no books for my age in this freakin house all books are bout s** and family makin. i... [more]

A friend loves me

Hi, first, sorry for my bad english, and thanks for reading me
At the beginning of this year, a friend I've met on Internet a long time ago just told me that he got feelings for me. We are both mens.
The problem is I'm not gay or bisexual, and I have already a girlfriend.
He's 15 years old and me 19, we had never seen us in real life, he... [more]


Literotica... xnxx... reddit. P*** is filled with incesty bullahit. Knock it off f***** slags

My Wife's 38DD t*** and p****

I love to share my wife's nude pictures with anyone and everyone. Email me

I wear women's underwear

I have worn panties since I was a boy; I'm not fifty one. The first time I wore them was when a schoolmate put a pair of his sister's panties in my gym back as a joke. But I went home and tried them on and liked the feel. I hid them and never said anything about them before I finally carefully threw them away.
While my sister lived at... [more]

Idiots are surprised by Hollywood sexual indiscretions

I am sick and tired of hearing people complain about the predatory nature of Hollywood and all the "s** scandals". Are we being f****** serious here? This is the film industry you morons. The industry regularly "employs" slaves. Sure, they call them... [more]

Just say "NO" already

So, sexual assaults are all the rage to complain about right now. Powerful men (sometimes women too) are using their positions to influence impressionable women (sometimes men too) to participate in sexual acts. Yup, it's a problem, but not as bad as you think. Sexuality is just another thing that you sell, like your mind, body, enthusiasm... [more]

Man who enjoys wearing panties

I love wearing panties. I wear them almost 24/7. My wife is accepting and supportive.

Preggo smoker

I never stopped smoking. 1 pack a day. Now i'm six months pregnant. Everything seems OK, so I just keep smoking. My husband is also a heavy smoker and doesn't seem to mind. I'm also packing on the pounds--over 50 so far.. Really enjoying this preggo thing.

I pee the bed

I pee every night. In the bed. My husband thinks its very sey and can't stop f****** me. I used to worry about it, but what the h***. I get the best of both worlds...a hubby who f**** me and me, who... [more]

Gf sister

I ducked my gf sister in the bathroom during a family party

Bar Mitzva gift

I'm friends with a Jewish chiropractor who has set up a practice in a small southern town. He treats my aches and pains in a very professional way and we often have a beer or two at the neighbourhood pub.
I met his son while visiting this doctor at a small farm he owns. His sons Bar Mitzvah was coming up and I didn't know what to buy... [more]

I live in a house on top of a hill near two lakes and a river.

Seven years ago my neighborhood experienced a huge flood. The rains came down steadily and hard for several days and overflowed its banks flooding and damaging about two hundred houses in the neighborhood.
My house was spared. Not one thing was damaged or even inconvenienced. The road by my house rose over the flood and I didn't even miss... [more]

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