I got caught wearing my wife's dirty pantyhose and beating off. I cut a hole in the front of her tan pantyhose pulled out my erection got the k y jell and went to town on my self i also took her dirty pantys out of laundry and put them over my face and mouth and sucked all her p**** juice out of them... [more]

My girlfriend is making me immobile

I've been with my girlfriend for three years now. She is a trim and very attractive blonde woman. When we first started dating I was fit and active I even had a six pack, but she made the best food. I ate every bite of her food every time she cooked and she is always feeding me. She keeps me inside all day everyday and feeds me fatty food. I've... [more]

Incest, abortion. AM I doing the right thing?

I'm pregnant with my son's baby - and yet I'm happy. Please, don't ridicule me or say anything harsh. I know I've made mistakes. I did things that I thought were smart but weren't. I can't un-ring the bell. I'm writing here for advice, and maybe to explain myself.
I was foolish and got married at age 18 and had my son, Drew (not his real name)... [more]

I want to have s** with a girl

I am not a lesbian but i saw a p*** video a month ago with women . There were 6 women and the 5 women of them for punishment put d***** and vibrator to 1 woman and sat on her face and pulled her hair and put their shoes in her mouth and pulled her head... [more]

In my own world

People would say i am on my own world or that i am stupid . I get used to it so much that i can't feel anything . The only thing i like to do is to sit with closed eyes and doing nothing . I like to see my interior self . I like to live in my mind and thinking i fly up to the sky . I like to hear angelic voices and thinking that i fly to the sky ... [more]

I just open up

I am 23 years old . Since i was a child i felt like i am inferior than others . I remember that others kids often did not like me . My mother was strict and smacked me . I started to jealous from a young age the appearance of other girls . In primary school i was jealous my best friend . In secondary school and high school i was jealous my second... [more]

I'm attracted to my girlfriend's niece

My girlfriend and I are in our early 40s. We met approximately 5 years ago and our relationship is mostly friendly without much s** to be honest. I've met most of her family through pictures, videos and FaceTime since they live in Brazil. My girlfriend's niece, I'll call her Rose, has just turned 20 and... [more]

I thought you were supposed to be smart

It can't be defamation if it's true, tard!

I'm not a perfect goody two shoes

Ive been married for 20 years & no I haven't been a goody two shoes through it .. I'm still struggling in a lot of areas or you can say I haven't really "grown up" because I've made a series of bad decisions & the thing is, I'm gonna continue making them .. Being faithful and committed often creates boredom & lets just say I have ways of beating... [more]

Why does anybody give a s*** about Logan Paul?

Why does anybody give a s*** about Logan Paul?

Donald Trump is 1000x hotter than Pamela Anderson

And more importantly, 1000x more real. I f****** despise fake people.

My friend spanked me! P1

So my friend and I have known each other seince we were born and our parents are bffs (Ima just tell you ppl we are 12 and every person I talk ab is female) our older sisters are like a couple weeks apart in age and I’m good friends w her older sister an she’s good friends w mine but we are the best of friends anyways so me my friend and her older... [more]

My wife dates a black coworker of her mother

My 35 yo curvy indian wife has been dating a black coworker of my mother in law. Wife enjoys the s** and I am really turned on by it. My mom in law knows about it and is ok with it since I am.

This site is run by disgusting pedos

They allow pedophile confessions, panty-sniffing, poo-sucking, incest, DISGUSTING s*** and delete my innocent crush confession. F*** you confessionpost.

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