He came inside me - Does that mean I'm Pregnant?

So, my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years + and he recently decided to move to Australia. He knew I don't want him to leave yet he still left.
Anyway, so its been 2 months since he's gone and he wanted to take a break from our relationship. I was pretty upset and my best friend was there for me. I started spending a lot of time with... [more]

I know

I know my BIL watches me, I only ever go commando at their house and i love how he peeks at my pokies in the morning and i always see him peeking when i am walking around in my little booty shorts in the morning.
I get a bit more brave when my sister isn't around and sometimes wear a top that i know is see through or thin enough to leave nothing... [more]

Stripped and jerked off outside...

So about two years ago my friend and I were chilling somewhere outside when we came up with the idea of playing truth or dare. We were playing for a while when suddenly a group of guys, around 18, walked past us and went to a basketball field behind us. They weren't paying attention to us so we just continued our game. Then, my friend dared me to... [more]

Mom's always braless when friends are around

Hi, name is Jed.
My mom alone raised me; dad has never been around much. They had me while they were young and uh, I guess only she stood up to the challenge.
She started her restaurant business while I was young, and nowadays she has a bunch of them. She don't really have to work as well, money just keep coming in. So these last years she... [more]

I frequently have disturbing dreams

As the title says, this is about sort of nightmares. I've had them so often and for so long that they aren't nightmares anymore as they don't scare me, some have what others might find disturbing so just a warning, but they're just part of life for me now.
A dream that I have on a regular basis is when I turn into a monster (usually a giant... [more]

Changing back to my old school?

I changed to a new school last month at the beginning of the school year and I hate my new school. I didn’t even want to change schools in the first place. We moved to a new apartment last month and it’s a bit far from my old school so my parents pretty much forced me to switch schools. At my new school, I feel lonely and just can’t seem to fit in... [more]

I watched my wife's mom

The other night my wife and I stayed at her moms after returning from a holiday, Her dad was working nights and wouldn't be home until the morning and our flight got in late, Since we live 2 hours from the city in a small town we didn't feel like driving home so we called the babysitter and asked her to stay at our place with the kids one more... [more]

Pauly G

I take care of my self 10-15 times a day, but I need a local and very nice woman to stop this , totally, and enjoy a groin & moan as I'm taught to show respect, denied what I need the most, and well they and I'm totally yours

Darcie spanks me

One day after school I was catching the bus home, it was boring for around half an hour and I was just sitting there. When a lot of people cleared off the bus some kid up back asked me for some water, I said no not wanting to give him my water. He actually didnt hear me but his friend darcie did. “Hes being disobediant” he said to his friend, then... [more]


I keep finding... i look for it. Wierd incest bs. Wow its all over. Sick s***. I pray for thier bondage of sin to be lifted. Im sorry Lord i go there but these people need to be prayed for.


I cant get this out of my head.... icest is so wrong.. it is your own blood people... stop this sick insanity....

I sucked My first c***

I am a 28 year old male and I sucked my first c*** 3 weeks ago...I had been curious for years..even before I got married.I am married with two girls..No one knows that I love sucking c***..I have all ways wanted to know what it would be like suck... [more]

Tickle fetish

My husband has a tickle fetish. He love to tickle me on the belly and belly button until I can’t take any more. He now wants to share his tickling fetish with other people. This weekend he had a party with his friends, he had me wear a crop top that showed all of my belly to which I was not comfortable with at all. I don’t mind wearing crop tops... [more]


I often wish I was turned into a hucow with huge, heavy udders full of milk.

SHE SAT on Her Stomach with HER FULL WEIGHT.. !! New 2018

My age at that time was 19+ years, and among those 2 Women. One was at that time 34 years old, height 5:6" and Weight almost 74+ KG. While the another one Woman's age at that time maybe 27 years , height 5:3" and Weight at least 56+ Kg. They both were Chubby and Heavy according to Their Height. Both of them got Inflated Round Tummy.
They both... [more]

Having a big belly button

Big belly buttons must be hereditary because most people in my family all have big belly buttons. In school I got teased a lot because my belly button was always showing because my shirts were so small and never covered my portly belly and big outie belly button. I would ask my mom to get me bigger clothes but she always gave me hand me downs that... [more]


One day I was at my friends house. I was dressed in a short set. Mine was yellow shirts with a matching shirt. The shirt had elastic at the bottom of it which if I moved, it made the shirt ride up exposing my round belly.
My fiends dad came into the living room where we were playing. After a few minutes I stood up to go to the restroom and my... [more]

I hate my step daughter

I’ve never liked her. Something about her just rubbed me the wrong way from the very beginning. I tend to be very intuitive and great at reading people, and she just gives me a bad feeling all over.
The big problem? She’s 7. She’s just 7 years old. She has been caught in lies that a grown adult shouldn’t even be lying about. She was almost... [more]

Worst friend ever (2)

She poured a coffee and sat across from me then looked at me and said "I hate you", Instantly i thought it was because of the s** but then she said "Why would you make me do shots", She continued on about how she didn't even remember going to bed, She was asking about stuff that happened and he just sat... [more]

Worst friend ever (1)

My best friend moved away 13 years ago and although it was only 3 hours away but it seems like its half way across the world every time we try to get together but we somehow make it work 5-6 times a year and it is always a total run away when we do, We may be in our 40's but we still try to party like we are in our 20's. We have been friends since... [more]

Sucking a Catholic priest

I am a middle aged male crossdresser, and have been bi for most of my life. As long as I can remember I have had this erotic fantasy of a Catholic priest dominating me and making me suck his c*** for as long as he wants me to, whenever and where ever he tells me to. By the way, I am not a Catholic... [more]

The Joker

I have no idea how long its been since I've spoken to him. All we did was chat but he was a good friend. There was something special about him. He seemed to get me. I can't talk to him any more. My boyfriend got too jealous but I often think of him. I wonder if he still thinks of me

Regretful to have regret

I occasionally kiss and playfully flirt with my friend. There's just something so dirty and God awfully lip licking about this. It's just so hot, he knows how to turn me on and makes me feel so sexually desirable. But I have a boyfriend who I've been dating for 11 months. He's amazing and beautiful, he's friends with my other friend but has no... [more]

A cute girl half my age said hi :)

Ive known her a couple years, her family frequents the place I work. Shes just finished homeschool, lives on a horse-farm with her really cool hippie parents, shes shy but always smiling, you know the innocent type who have probably never even kissed a guy or said a bad word. Ive always noticed her personality and how real she seems in... [more]

All my life

They've been watching me all my life. They take things I say, steal them and make them into movies or stories or music. My life is out there for everyone to see.
The worst part of this, the very worst part is no one would ever believe me. It's true. I'm not crazy. They have unlimited money and they are the sick ones.
Please God, take me away... [more]

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