Love and misunderstanding

I (woman) have been writing on two of the social networking sites. A man was very impressed with my writings however, he assumed the messages were from his current gf. He began to respond me even though I never responded him back since I know it wasn't for him. He made up his mind into proposing her for marriage but later found out from one of my... [more]

Mom caught me using her s** toys

My mom has a vibrator and a couple of d***** that I found one day and have been using so one day she walks in on me while I’m about to c** while using the vibrator and the big one inside me and she says omg . We haven’t talked about it since and it’s... [more]


I am a 14 Year old girl and i have seen ghosts and shadow people with my best friend.I am an Empath to so is my best friend we have amazing powers.We cam to an conclusion that we're bonded each person who gets a power the other one does to we can basically read ours and other peoples mind we can manipulate people to.Both your families are... [more]


I encourage my son to crossdress

I want her so badly

So I have went through my mils laundry and found her used panties but. Its not enough for me I sniffed them and basically ate the crotch out of them. I want to f*** my mother in law so badly its always ony mind and my wife gives m e nothing g

Wife’s boyfriend before me

I love knowing my now wife was sneaking out to f*** her ex boyfriend.When I finally caught on to it she had no excuse and fessed up. We had been spending Friday and Sat together but as soon as she left back for her place she would secretly meet with him for [more]

Came out

So my wife and I were watching some after hours skinimax type stuff. She ups and asks me, "Would you ever have s** with another man?" I said, "Nope. That would be cheating." She said, "What if we had never met?" I said, "Then that depends." She said, "On what?" I said, "Circumstance." She said, "Have you... [more]

Am i ok

So I have been having dreams and they are worrying me. I think I some how switched dimensions like I can see and pick wich one I want to actually be a part of and I can see dimensions extended from that one like this morning I woke up and I had one question who is Hitler. Before this morning I didn't know who he was i saw posters and memes of... [more]

I love my p****

It is moist and squishy and feels like warm mayo

I f***** super mario

Ya he was a plumber with a 6inch thick small c*** it was so small and his name was Mario he even had the hat with the m on it as a joke

Park bench

Me and my wife had been married for 25 yrs kids had grown up and moved on my wife was still looking good . We would go out together but sometimes I would go out with my mates and she would go out with hers not usually on the same nights . My wife always looked really nice always made a big effort , her skirts was short but not slutty and she... [more]

My history teacher

I have had a massive crush on my history teacher since last year, he's mean but old, everytime he insults me I get so turned on, there's rumours that he's dating a girl who came to my school, which made me think that if I graduate, it won't be illegal for us to be together. There's just something so attractive about him, he's old but he's got a... [more]

Saved 2

I secretly save many lives but to be frankly speaking, I don't think I could've ever achieved it careerwise. Legally speaking, law contains restrictions, which doesn't fit my free spirited personality. I'm hoping to persue an another masters degree or phd when I'm sure of myself in the next few years. Hopefully I'll come across an opportunity that... [more]

i don't get it

I'm going to be a grade12 starting in the fall and i'm just starting to date this girl who is going to be a grade10. my 3 best guy friends all say shes too young for me and i should not do that. but shes hot as fresh s*** and beautiful and i dont want anybody else to get her at all. dont know what up... [more]

Talking to an ex Jehovah Witness is like talking to a refugee

I keep harping about the so-called Witnesses because they have a church within walking distance of my house. I interact with them quite often. Despite my dislike of this religion and believe me, I do intensely hate this could I have a friend who was in this offbeat group from birth until he decided to quit.
His deconversion happened after he... [more]


I wear panties 24/7 but I also like to wear bikini bottoms to swim and sunbath in. Men’s swimwear are too long in the legs and are binding. Wife is ok with it too. I have more string bikini bottoms than she has panties.


I believe my wife his cheating on me , I have no real proof but the way she acts and the things she does and says I know something his going on . Would anybody tell me the signs to look for , The things she would say and do how she would behave I need help to find these signs . Please Thank you

Spanked by my mom for hitchhiking when I was 19 years old!

My mom had always had a rule for all of her children that forbid us to hitchhike. She said if we did, no matter what age we might be, if she found out we hitchhiked the offender would, without question, go over her knee and get a good spanking! When I was in college I decided to hitch a ride when I needed. One of my brothers knew I had hitched... [more]


I've been in a relationship for 8 yrs now she has 3 kids and 1 of the daughters I'm very much attracted to and have been for some time now and she is about to turn 18 and I've been wanting to talk to her about how I feel about her but am not sure how to go about this. I know I shouldn't but I need to get this off my chest. Help

Nothing seems to be on track

I have grown 30 and I still don't have career , I have lost my parents and I am the only one who is surviving...I don't have friends or social life...I keep switching my jobs from profile to profile...all I wanted is love and a little respect..and stability in career to survive...but nothing is going right health deteriorates.....I keep... [more]

My weird fetish

Hey I’m a teen girl who is gay and I have a confession, I am very turned on by farts and burps and even stomach growls. I have kept in inside for a long time because honestly I’m not proud of it. I get turned on when it’s females, if anyone relates to me in anyway shape or form that would be great. I feel so alone and weird because I’m a gay... [more]

Scared of children

I'm a 49 year old woman and feel extremely nervous around young children, especially toddlers, and have spent my life avoiding them. I feel very guilty, ashamed and sad, and a freak of nature. I missed my neices and nephews growing up, and now I am a great aunt the whole cycle is repeating itself. I can't talk to anyone about it. I don't know... [more]

Can you love someone you dont know?

So I am a fifteen year old boy and I think I'm I love with this girl page. So I have always thought she was pretty but me and her never really communicated. Mostly because I am way to scared to actually use words around her. Now she's been there since the beginning like she was the only one to ask how I broke my jaw. Well today there was a... [more]

Maybe he's not guilty

There is a rape case that is getting a fair bit of media coverage in Australia. A girl named Saxon accused a young man Luke Lazarus of rape. First court case and he's found guilty. I think then 2 or 3 more appeals and cases and as I understand it in each of those he was found not guilty to some degree.
Everyone's up in arms.
But maybe... [more]

I truly HATE my step daughter

My dh and I have been together for 9 yrs, married for 6 yrs. He has 2 kids, a son and a daughter from a previous marriage in which these kids BM died. She is now 21 and he is 19. They were 5 and 7 when she died. They are both disrespectful and just do what they want to do. My dh has over compensated for her death since it happened. They will not... [more]

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