I'm not coping

I've reached rock bottom in my life and I don't want to be here anymore. No one loves me or cares about me. I'm tired of trying and hoping that it gets better. I wish someone actually cared.

Hate this b******

I hate my boyfriends b****** son. I wish he was never born && every time i see him I just want to throw him against the wall or something. I truly wish he were dead.

What is gravity

Let me start by saying this is not a confession. I was watching a documentary about what gravity is . Nobody really has a grasp on what it is except that gravity is created by mass . The more mass you have the more gravity you have . I believe this is the case but only part of what makes gravity. I have a theory based on the fact that everything... [more]

My cousin

I wanted to make a confession about my now 5 year long history with my cousin Lizzy. My uncle's family came to my home country 5 years ago and at the time I was almost 16 and Lizzy was a few months short of 15, it was around August and our first meeting went pretty great I recognize she was really beautiful what really struck me was how much I... [more]

Tormented by daughter's friend

I confess to being out of control. My 14 yo daughter's friend swims in our pool with a very showing bikini that arouses. She is built, cute, and innocent. I am not so sure about innocent because she has given me a cute grin when I was obviously and uncontrollably erect at times. A couple of times she even pushed against me as to say hey I know... [more]

Third wheel

I just found out the the girl i liked since last year is going out with my close friend and I now feel like the third wheel but I can't say anything or the'll think i'm jealous of there love but i'm happy for them. life is tough man

A real confession

It's difficult for me to make people understand why I am the way I am. I don't like having friends because most of them have tried to destroy me in various ways (emotionally and psychologically). Few years ago, I was an extremely naïve happy girl who wanted to be there for everyone and cared for anyone. My heart broke when all I got in return was... [more]


I have been an chikdmolested victim by crips gang in Canada as well I got trafficked and been an infant murder victim in both countries by my assaulters that are gang I was revived in a car by my nurse aunt from newyork as well my ma in an d&e in my grams house died like four times i’m An MTF victim that never had a break all my life been trying... [more]

"Who is Your Daddy" Problem

My daughter just had her second child, a healthy baby boy. I'm really happy for her and her husband. Here's the thing: even from the moment she gave birth, and I was there, I had secret doubts whether the child was her husband's. My daughter and her husband are very fair-skinned Caucasian, the types that will burn if they are in the sun for more... [more]


It does take so little to BE KIND...
I know it's a cliche...and it's been said so many times...we are ALL fighting our own battles...so, c'mon, get out of your way and:
SMILE broadly and honestly
LISTEN attentively
REACH OUT and touch someone's shoulder
BE HONEST - don't backstab (for crying outloud!)
THINK before you speak...(or as the... [more]

Catfishing but fell in love

A guy approached me online almost a year ago now, I never thought after ONE conversation in an app game that we would ever talk again, so I pretended to be someone else..... we kept talking night after night and now its been almost 12 months and during that 12 months we have shared some very intimate conversations, he has really opened up to me... [more]


I've always believed in living a happy single life. Then suddenly, somehow, others' paths emerged with mine and I began to receive redundant attention. First I liked it then it was becoming a habbit. I was struggling with my life without someone's attention. Then I told myself to stop. Just stop and take ten steps behind. I started the same... [more]


I'm a female college student and I've been seeing a guy, not dating as such, just getting together for s**. He enjoys r****** me, and I enjoy it too, and I noticed that he'll even do it when I've been to the toilet that day. So I asked him if, even... [more]

Im a young m and i want to Crossdress in my moms clothes

I am home alone and ive allways wanted to use my moms clothes but i never know what to do and im scared to do it, ive allways wanted someone to tell me what to wear but i am also scared to do that. What should i do?

I hate my life

I'm 20 now and I've been dealing with s*** all of my life
I've been bullied until I graduated from school, I've been emotionally and physically abused by my parents until I was 18 and left to go to school, And now I'm back in my parents house because there are no jobs available in my field now I'm... [more]

Men of the cloth

I have to say I love sharing wifes nude pics with men of the cloth! If you are lonely and h****, c** see my wife! I have shared with pastors, priests, bishops, and many more. All faiths welcum!
At least check ... [more]

I hate my step daughters

I love my wife deeply she is my everything. She has two kids from a previous relationship their father is no where in the picture. (Bum ass worthless b****) Me and my wife have a son together. I love my son hate the two step daughters. One is 11 and is a lying, disrespectful, manipulating POS. The... [more]

Why did I freak out

I was in bed with my boyfriend and i got on top of him he was rubbing my ass and touching me everywhere we start talking off our clothes and he starts touching me again I really wanted to have s** with him but I didn’t now what to do so I tossed him off he went to go get me I freaked out and grabbed my... [more]

Embarrassing moment

I wAs at school when my friends told me to strip naked i didn't want to do it but they took away my clothes only remaining my bra and pants.they groped me then that's when they made me fully naked they showed me to the rest of the class and people touched my puss y and t** s i was forced to spend the... [more]

My day naked

I was out on the beach 🌴 and my friend came and convinced me to be naked she picked my t*** and touched my p**** and I was forced into going around town naked i was so embarrassed. Men touched me and took pics they put it on Facebook then we went to a concert with me still naked all eyes were on me it was the embarrassing moment of my entire... [more]

I'm a straight male who has gay fantasties

I am a conservative, shy and straight male...or at least I thought I was. I have never in my life shown any interest in men nor do I want to have flat out s** with a male, I am always more attracted to females and always was. It is just in recent history that I accidentally clicked on a gay [more]

In love with someone I never met

I am a married 40 year old man, but lately I've been noticing all the attractive women in the world and would like to have s** with all of them. I have been looking at Facebook at the profiles of women and found one that I can't stop looking at. She is so beautiful and I want her so bad even though we... [more]


The truth is I feel pain and suffering every day and I always think maybe it will change even though I have been doing this a long time but I realized it won't change. The truth is I want to kill my stepdad but I know that if I do it I will become something just like him. What hurts the most is how manipulative he is playing with emotions... [more]

Life fix itself

I want to poison my step dad make him leave get him out of my life want my family back to normal and i wish all the stuff in my life will stop all the negativity please someone talk to me

Lost hope

I confess yes my life isnt perfect i had twenty boyfriends and im now fifteen have a great boyfriend but what i cant handle is that guys think im easy meat to get to and i hate how my step dad wont leave my family alone i always take the heat i take all the bs because im shielding my family i cant take the pressure ill explain more if people can... [more]

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