Boxing, and sweat

I one time, went to see a friend who is a girl, to go work out. I knew she was a little s***, but she was very pretty. I told her about being stressed because of work school. The I told her about my panty fetish, she laughed the open her truck of her car and showed me her gym bag, I was hard as... [more]

I want women to stop wearing clothes

I would take off every woman's clothes if I could. They should just be naked.

So different now

When I was growing up I was proud of the U.S. and proud to be from here. Now? No way. America is a joke and being called an American in an insult.

I wish the confessions came up sooner

I am addicted to this web site but I hate how new confessions take forever to show up

Cage Training

I'm not in a relationship at the moment. A couple of my past relationships have been Master/Slave dynamics. I am finding that I'd like to cage train a young girl (18-25) . Have you ever considered being cage trained?

Something so pure

Among all this s***, I'm sorry that I've left your tribute here. I know at the end, this is was a world you wanted to escape. I know you saw the worthlessness of it.
The world may never know your greatness but I do. You were a man greater than all that walk the earth, that I am sure of. That I... [more]

I am antisocial

I feel jealous when someone is raped. I get annoyed when I hear a abuse victim complaining. I feel sorry for old men who get accused by victims from long ago.

I had s** with my best friend and I can not forgive myself

Last night I stayed with one of my childhood friends. A friend, with whom I have some history. We both shared one of the darkest secrets of our lives. Since, sixth grade we used to fool around with each other. Yes, he started it and even though at first I was a little shocked I started to like it. We continued that since 9th grade.
3 years ago... [more]

Please God help

I love my wife more than anything in the world. She's my best friend and my whole world, but, her kids...
Her older son has aspurgers, he's generally a good kid. He's 15 and for the most part keeps to himself. He has a really high iq and is smarter than most kids in his class and for the most part him get along great. (Except for his eating... [more]

It's obvious to all three of us that...…..

....…..your wife cannot compete with me. Not in any way. Not one. So why don't you just leave? Do it today. Come to me today. Stay with me tonight. Make it permanent. NOW! Dump that b****. If you don't end it...….I will. Is that what you want? Wouldn't you rather do it kindly rather than... [more]

We are much closer now


Stomach growling fetish

Open Sex Marriages

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