I will be a senior in high school this year and I have a dilemma that I'm not sure how to handle. I can't ask my friends nor family, and I can't ask on social media. So I'm on here looking for answers.
I have a girlfriend whom I have been seeing for a couple months now. We have yet to have s** because... [more]

Licked out a prostitute

Thing is I love giving oral s** to women. It's what I enjoy most. Got a bit drunk a few years back and found a nearby w****. A daytime meet at her house. She must have been early 30's with a plump, saggy body, like my wife but 10yrs younger! But so enjoyed... [more]

Licked out a prostitute

Thing is I love giving oral s** to women. It's what I enjoy most. Got a bit drunk a few years back and found a nearby w****. A daytime meet at her house. She must have been early 30's with a plump, saggy body, like my wife but 10yrs younger! But so enjoyed... [more]

I had lipstick on my teeth

I thought I was looking pretty today but I had lipstick on my teeth now I want to end it all

Haven't had s** in 4 years.

Everyone that i know thinks im some player that can get girls whenever and has girls calling all the time which is because i have to admit, i am attractive to some degree. Not to say im a model but i do get a 'glance' by women frequently but in reality its quite the oppisite. I'm not really good at making moves on girls, i see them into me but... [more]

Panty sniffing

I discovered my obsession with sniffing dirty panties when I was a young teen. Being the youngest of five I was always the last one to shower or use the bathroom. My brothers and sisters laundry was always on the floor when I entered the room. I remember seeing sisters dirty creamy panties atop her clothes. I nervously inspected, tasted and... [more]

I wish I was a literal monster

I wish I was a werewolf or a vampire or women s*** like that, maybe have goat horns or pointed teeth and be carnivorous. I want to be different in some outlandish way that people freak out a bit when they see me coming down the street. I want people to see me as inhuman, that way I could justifiably... [more]

Question for Jehovah Witnesses

After you predicted the end of the world in 1975 what were you thinking in 1976? Why did the Watchtower make such a stupid prediction in the first place? I mean I know you people are dumb but that was a banner year for Jehovah Witness stupidity.

What next

Recently I was listening to my wife talking to her work colleague on the phone who happens to be a guy , Now she had it on speaker phone so I could here both sides of the conversation . She was not aware I was home , Some of the things they was saying to each other was very flirty and suggestive . When she finally finished the conversation she... [more]

Jehovah Witnesses quit using chat rooms in part because of me

I'd go to Jehovahs Witness chat and argue with them about blood transfusion and other nonsense beliefs of theirs. I'd go into JW youth chat and tell them to leave that piece of s*** religion before they got too brainwashed. I'd get cussed out and threatened but I was persistent. Finally, after... [more]

I don’t like my second child

I recently became The father to my second baby which to start with I was overjoyed about it was lovely to start with and I cried when he was born. He is now one and I find myself resenting him purely Because he requires more attention than my first born ever did. He constantly cries and whinges and quite frankly it’s driving me [more]


Before I got into management with the company where I work, I was in sales for over 20 years. So I spent my life in airports and airplanes, flying all over. During my travels I played around a lot. Like, a WHOLE lot. I had women -- all ages, all races, all sizes, all marital statuses, all degrees of filthiness -- waiting for me all over the... [more]

The "Golden Rule" doesn't apply

The golden rule simply doesn't apply to male/female relations. Take "cat calls" for example. Women hate that s*** yet men would love it if women would cat call them. If anyone ever doubts that there is a fundamental difference between men and women (not just "social constructs") all they have to... [more]

I regret everything

I hooked up with this girl on my most recent mission trip we were both of age (17+) and since then we've kept talking and calling each other daily but she lives in Ohio and I live in Missouri it's been there months but I'm going to college and I'm starting to wish we never met because I know it'll never work and I don't want me to be a limitation... [more]

I suck peepee

Blody sunday is soper erect pls join www.traitorgamingservers.co.uk quick it god thank u god bles

How to make sure she gets nothing

My wife has left me and we are getting a divorce.
She wants everything. The house and my business. Neither are worth all that much.
I have hit on an idea. My idea is to molest this really cute young female staff member and then she will sue me and win and the judge will award her a huge payout and that will make the company totally... [more]

Married woman with boyfriend is seeing me

OK so shes married but is free to date. Ive been with her before. She is now dating someone, and still married. She is always coming to see me at work and posting pics of us on her social media. Last night we made out in my car at work. I really dont want to have to see her boyfriend face to face ever again now. Its already hard enough when... [more]

Feel better

Firstly, obviously, because I am here I am a bit weird. I do a fair bit of self examination. I am a procrastinator. I also tend to get mildly depressed.
I'm also a bit kinky sexually. I'm a switch. I enjoy inflicting pain (s*****) and I find receiving pain ([more]

Wife takes bigger c***

My wife and I was at a bar met a couple and had a threesome the guy was over 9” long and allot thicker. His wife was so f****** lols felt like I f***** a warm bucket of water. My wife was moaning and scream the entire time how huge his [more]

Taxi driver

Just recently I've had thoughts of my wife with someone else and it turns me on , I am a jealous guy so I don't know if I could handle it in reality . But I can't stop thinking of different scenarios which this could happen . My wife on the other hand shows no interest in anybody else , I asked her a little while back if she ever had any regrets... [more]

I need more than one category for this confession.

I need more than one category for this confession. It's embarrassing, it's LGBT, it's love, it's relationship, it's family, and it's definitely s**. I just hope it's not health, too.
I'm a 41yo married man, married to a beautiful 27yo woman, and we have two small children. We loaded up and went down... [more]


I no longer have any expectations for anything in life. I finally feel liberated, because of this :)


During s** my wife and i often talk about who else would she like to f***, one night she told me she would like to f*** my younger brother who was 20 at the time,
So we arranged to go out with my bro and... [more]

Debating, Panty

I’m debating on moving out of state and becoming a dean of some sort at dorming school. So I can have access to unlimited dirty sweaty underage girls pantys.

Wowie kinky stuff

I am a 16 year old girl. I've always wanted a cute japanese boy or girl to date (I am not Japanese myself, im black. I guess I'm just really attracted to Japanese people cause their culture is interesting and I kinda fell in love lol) I want someone who has many kinks, and is very dominant and open to other kinks. I have a serious fart and scat... [more]

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