I Like To Wear Women's Clothes

I like to wear women's clothes with mens clothes. I guess they have a term for it now. Called " Gender Bending". I been doing this close to 40 years or more. I never had the need to be female or look female. I jeans, leggings, tops, skirts and whatever else. I do wear mens shoes all the time. Most times I wear a beard. I just like the look of... [more]

Scum sucking leach

I met my gf years back when her daughter was still in elementary school, little did I know this cute little girl would turn into a lazy manipulating, lying b****.
I have tried to be a role model over the years and help guide her but she is a strong willed birth that is going to lie, steal, cheat... [more]

Hot Tube Underwear

By any means my wife would make it to a magazine’s cover but for 51 anyone would want her after four drinks. The four of us took the afternoon off to watch a game at our neighbors. After it ended he invited us to his hot tube. We were all tipsy. My wife said she needed her swimming suit. His wife said she had to go number two. I went next door for... [more]

Someone slipped me something

My boyfriend and I were out last night and by the time we got home I had realized I was feeling...Let's say...Uber h****, Like way more than usual. I had to get some NOW so I drug him into the bedroom and ripped mine and his clothes off, we were going at it, I knew someone at the club had slipped me... [more]

A long time coming?

Over the years I've developed feelings for one of my very good friends girlfriends. Drunkenly she's come on to me and tried to initiate things also confessing feelings but I've shut it down. Recently she's directly told me and I've long suspected that their relationship is done but my buddy refuses to let go. I'm not the type of person to do... [more]

God’ idea of Himself

God is all knowing and perfect. God therefore has idea of himself. God’s idea of himself is exact and perfect. It is so exact and perfect that it includes everything what God is.
Therefore if God is self existing and eternal, the same with God’s idea of himself is self existing and eternal.
If God is almighty, the same with God’s idea of... [more]

Married C*********

I am married, but I love sucking c***. Especially if it is a big black one I'm sucking. Nothing better than being down on your knees with a big stiff one stretching your mouth and taking a big hot load. Hope my wife doesn't find out.

The wedding.

My sister asked me to bang her husband, Yup, That's right, Straight out asked me to have s** with her husband the night before their wedding, Ok, It was 20 years ago but still.
My sister and her husband had decided to have final flings before they were married, One last hurrah before tying the knot, She... [more]

I LOVE fat women, feedee, SSBBW, female gainers

I love FAT women and think they're beautiful!! I want to find a woman who desires to become a huge queen sized lady of leisure, eating whatever and whenever she wants, never uses the word "diet" and enjoys showing off her huge body. Do women like this exist out there??

I just backed into our maids car and it was 100% my fault

The lady was parked in my driveway well out of the way but for some idiotic reason I backed out and hit her doing damage to her vehicle and mine. The is the first accident I have had that was my fault. I'm 71 and I don't know how I could have been so damn careless.
My Insurance companies going to either get rid of me or raise my rates so... [more]

My mother

Olen 17.aastane poiss ja ema on 41.aastane.Elame emaga kahekesi väikeses korteris umbes 5.aastat juba peale isa lahkumist meie juurest.Seal korteris nägin juba väikesest east kuidas vahest isa ema pani,mis mind ka erutama pani.Kord oli ema sünnipäev ja tarvitati alkoholi ning oldi lõbusas tujus.Kui külalised olid ära läinud siis jäime emaga... [more]

Wife confesses while intoxicated

My wife when to Sue her best friends daughter hen party this weekend and they all went away Friday to Sunday eve, they all had a great time been cheeky an d naughty as they do Sues daughter Holly is only 25 and Sue and my wife are 42yrs young, she doesn’t go out much we stay in on weekend and have a bottle of wine to share.
But she got very... [more]


I have a soft stomach and want to get punched in it. Who is w me?!

S**** the Singapore government

Those commie pigs always find ways to rip us common folk of our damn money and rights, using some s***** methods as if we don't know,and create a police state at the same time. Fk yuo, hope there will be violent revolution that kills all of you and your sheeple supporters, . I shall laugh when that... [more]

Breast feeding

Just recently my wife has had are baby and I have to say she looks good already almost back to normal , Well she is still dressing hot with her short skirts and high heels on . Problem is she is breast feeding so she has tops that pull open and bras that do the same , I came home the other day and my wife was breast feeding in front of are next... [more]

Gut punch

I climax while getting punched in my stomach. I like when someone is behind me and I'm punched in my stomach and my ass rubs their crotch as I bend over. My a*** relaxes, my stomach implodes but it doesn't hurt. I always react to gut punches by bending over and holding my stomach. The only punches... [more]

This is my confession

I'm a 30 year old virgin 😲 that's right. Mostly due to religious upbringing. It's not like I've never thought about it, believe me I have but I want to be with someone I like, not some random guy I do that give a s*** about.
Apps haven't worked for me and I don't want a pen pal. I know it's a... [more]


Judging by reading the posts there are quite a few posts with the similar subject of husbands getting off on things there wife's get up too . Now me personally I love my wife and would not want anyone to lay a hand on her , But other guys looking at her trying to look down her top or up her skirt does not bother me . In fact I feel proud she's my... [more]

Ending a friendship

I had a friend in high school, we weren't besties or anything, but fairly close. After high school I moved away for college and he stayed in my hometown for college. Coming back home on break, I found I didn't really enjoy his company any more. We just didn't gel as much, we'd outgrown each other.
I'm finishing up College this year, and He... [more]

Not my shining moment

I am a 19 year old female who has some confusing thoughts going on in my head, I don't know if I am into girls or if it is just a stage or why I keep thinking about it but I think I may have ruined a friendship over it.
Last weekend my friend and I shared a bed just totally innocent after the bar she stayed at my place, She is 18 and lives with... [more]

My 8 year old experience with my best friends mom

This might be classified as strange but to me it was very exciting. About the time I was 8 years old I would go over to my friends house to play. Somehow, and I can’t remember how or why, I kissed his mom on the arm, maybe I was told to. Anyway I did this several times over the next few weeks. Then one day,she was standing at the kitchen sink and... [more]

I got caught again.

My brother in law caught me masturbating once a couple years ago and again last night, I was sleeping on the couch downstairs and we had watched a movie then they went to bed and all the kids were asleep so I was laying back, Legs spread with a hand towel under my butt watching p*** on my phone... [more]


I've just realized how messed up people are and the importance of keeping people at arm's length. I'm glad to keep "us" a secret because some people just can't handle others' happiness. Our committment is a dream come true. I've decided to reveal "us" only after being official. Right now, even mentioning being in a relationship is out of question... [more]

Co-worker hook-ups

Every time my assistant and I go for drinks after work we wind up making out

Red Dress

I've read many stories over the years about male bosses taking advantage of female employees . What I'm about to tell you happened a long time ago but it's true , My wife at the time was 23 our 2 children was in primary school . So my wife wanted a part time job which would fit in with the kids , She had gone to evening college and acquired the... [more]

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