Alpha male

I’m an extreme alpha male, in very sense; position, status, conditioning, etc. The strange thing is that in relationships I’m drawn to women who are dominant in the bedroom. The more dominant they are, the better I like it. I’m not one for labels but this seems counterintuitive to the alpha male definition and I’m confused by it frankly.

My daughter still wears diapers

My 13 years old daughter still wears diapers. Yes you read that right. She's barely a teen and still wears diapers. Let's say her name is Coco (not her real name).
It started when she was 7 and her baby brother was born, let's call him Hazel (not his real name). My Coco was jealous that Hazel was getting more attention than she was. She acted... [more]

Getting the belt

I’m 19 and still living at home with my mom and stepdad who believe in corporal punishment for any age child still living at home. I’m currently not able to afford my own place although I’m trying to. My mom tells my step dad something every couple weeks which he deems direct disobedience which is cause for him to take me downstairs to a spare... [more]

My 8th grade bus driver made going to school wood in my pants

It was the first day of school 8th grade. I got on the bus and sat in the back with my friends. My bus stop was the 2nd to last so the bus was packed. My friends and I always sat in the back of the bus because that is where the cool people sat. I never ever sat up in the front of the bus. We thought it was cool to see in the back over the rear... [more]

My daughter acts like a Toddler

Yes... The title is right. My daughter still acts like a toddler, let's call her Tilly. It started when her little brother was born and she was 7, let's call him Scooter. (That's not their real names). She was just jealous of her little brother, and that we spent more time with him.
Tilly threw tantrums whenever me and her dad would ask to do... [more]

30 years in the making

30 years ago last weekend my husband and I met in a bit of an unconventional way, My cousin who is 3 months older than I called me up and we went out walking around town, It was a small community and here wasn't much to do, We were walking down a street when a mini van pulled up, Two guys started chatting us up and said they were from a near by... [more]

I love worshipping my boss's booty

My boss is married but we instantly had a connection. She has a big fat booty. She would always catch me staring at it. One day she asked if I liked her ass. I told her I loved it. And that I'd love to bury my face in it. Then she pulled her pants down and told me to have at it. It was all sweaty and funky but I loved the way it smelled and... [more]

My wife spanked me

Ive posted here before about how my wife spanks me for my behavior or attitude if it upsets her. It is a part of our wife led domestic discipline relationship. It works well for us in resolving problems and communication.
I have been good for many many months but the other day I misbehaved. We were out with some friends and I said some things... [more]

Good old days...

Remember when girls and boys were GIRLS and BOYS! I am a 55 year old guy and spent my teen years in the 80's. Lived in a rural area. We all met on party nights by the river, bon fire, listening to Kiss, the Crue, and even Bon Jovi when he was good.
There was no "me too" movement back then. When girls partied as hard as the boys things happened... [more]

Unexpected find

I found a d**** in my teenage daughters nightstand yesterday. I brought some of her winter clothing out of the attic and was doing some swapping with summer clothes when I found it. This wouldn't be such a big deal, she is 16 and I am aware she has had s**... [more]

I love crossdressing

I've been crossdressing ever sense I was a boy. Call me Strider (that's not my real name). As a kid I received hand-me-downs from my older sister, call her Gazelle (not her real name). We were a poor family to say the least. I got all of her shorts, most of her skirts and some of shirts from her. Both parents didn't mind this at all.
I didn't... [more]

Angry at god

I am very angry with the man, female or however you would define god of the universe. He stepped out on us all leaving us to basically figure it out for ourselves and we have completely missed the mark.
It took us way too long to get where we are now and we ain't out of the "woods yet". I would say we were up [more]

Closeted Bi Married Crossdresser

First my wife has no clue I am BI or crossdress. I have dressed since I was 11 staring with my mom's panty girdles, bras and corsets. Had my first gay o***** when I was 13 with a boy down the street. My wife is away and I have been dressing every day and night. Today at work I am wearing panties... [more]

Incredible peeing fetish

I'm just a 30 years old girl who is addicted to peeing in my pants. I've always peed where I shouldn't. I purposely peed in bed all thru childhood, and still do to this day. During the day I drink a lot of water or soda and hold me pee until I simply have to give up and just let it flow. It usually happens usually in the early afternoon. I will... [more]

High maintenance

My wife of five years cheated on me with several guys and then divorced me. Now for some reason I find myself attracted to attractive, high maintenance, materialistic women who I Know are dating me only for my money. Why am I setting myself up for more heartache and possible cheating?

I Like Pretending to Be a Dog

I like to pretend I'm a dog on the regular in my free time. I used to do that as a kid. I have autism. My mom told me I couldn't have one. I did the next best thing, I pretended to be one. I reasoned weirdly enough, I had to prove I understood dogs enough to own one. That's what I remember thinking.
I considered myself a Beagle after some reading... [more]

I Like Pretending to Be a Dog

I like to pretend I'm a dog on the regular in my free time. I used to do that as a kid. I have autism. My mom told me I couldn't have one. I did the next best thing, I pretended to be one. I reasoned weirdly enough, I had to prove I understood dogs enough to own one. That's what I remember thinking.
I considered myself a Beagle after some reading... [more]

She would stare and let me be me

My mother in law was always fun, tell me about her “crazy” days and listen to my cry’s. She would tell me how she would be high as a kite back in the 70’s abs 80’s and allow me to j*** off in front of her when she was floating on Ambien ( a sleeping pill ).
She was reserved while sober but... [more]

I love dressing up slutty and picking men up

I love getting dressed up knowing guys are looking at me.sometimes i would wear mini skirts with a blouse or my short dresses with my cleavage showing and making sure they can see im wearing stockings and suspenders,it doesn't matter where i go i always end up f****** someone,most recently i was... [more]

Old guys are pervs...

I came out as openly gay to everyone last summer. I am only 16. My dad wasn't thrilled about it but he has accepted it. When word got out that I was gay I started noticing that SO MANY of the older guys around me were treating me different. Neighbors, dads friends, my friends dads and even a teacher all seem sexually interested in me. They have... [more]

Closeted BI married crossdresser Loves c*** should I Tell Wife

I am a mid 50s married BI crossdresser. I started dressing with my moms panties and girdles when I was 11 and had my first gay meeting with an other 13 year old boy. He loved me dress and I was the bottom. I found out I liked c*** but I also at that point liked girls too. Fast forward to getting... [more]

Cuckold relationship gone bad

I am a cuckold male. I entered this relationship two years ago willingly and with my eyes open as to what my role would be. The problem is that things have changed and I am regretting my decision. I feel like a fool.
In my first few months my girlfriend trained me to be obedient, accept being humiliated and degraded, perform clean up on her used... [more]


I do not believe that all humans are inherently equal. I believe that there are four classes of men and women, and that each man should stick to his class. I believe also that women are the property of her father, and a wedding is a rite of transferring proprietorship from the father to the husband. The stupid can work with their hands, and the... [more]

She lied, but I still love her

So me and this girl dated for a little while but we both had a lot going on in life and I was too mentally drained for a relationship and she said she felt the same so we planned to stay as just friends for now and get back together in like a month or so. a month later she ignores me in school and already has a new partner and I'm really happy... [more]

Best friend EVER!

I am cheating on my husband. I have been having an affair on the side for the past year. As for my home situation I am a mother of two and work part time. I am 39 years old, work part time, and pretty hot if I may say so. I love my husband but the physical part of our relationship stopped several years ago. I can count on my fingers the number of... [more]

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