Picked up a cab driver

I would have chosen "s**" as the category if it had happened, but it didn't. My husband moved out a month or so ago and though he loves me and I love him and he's working toward coming back after spending time alone to work through his mid-life crisis, I am not having [more]


I'm so sick of living... I get mad at my family for a reason I don't understand, I've even had suicidal thoughts a few times... a couple of days ago, I thought about OD'ing on my mediaction,(I'm not depressed or at least I think not. nobody knows but me....) I also planned on sharpening a wooding candy stick and stabbing myself until I bled out... [more]

Love hurts

There's this girl I know and when I say this I'm 100% serious she is amazing I mean just pure amazing she kind to every one sweet and unlike most people actually care about me and is always there. Thats why I love her but the thing is she doesn't like me back at all we're really good friends but she has no romantic interest in me she know how I... [more]

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I loved you. I loved you so much. I can't explain why, or how I fell in love so fast, but I did. I'm pretty sure you loved me too. But then you and my friend started talking. You told her things that really shouldn't have come out of a taken man's mouth. It hurt so bad. I felt every piece of my heart falling. Every bone in my body felt like it... [more]

Ugly H***

I have had to go though my entire life being treated badly because I am ugly. When I was in elementary school, i would hang out with my so called friends at school but never invited me to come over to their houses and when I would invite them over to my house they always said they were busy. In middle school, I was bullied and called bad names and... [more]


I really love you Richie, u don't have to be afraid. I'll be waiting...

I love you

I love you. i cant help it. i love you so much. you are the most beautiful person i have ever met. your laugh is amazing. your smile, makes me smile. your personality is wonderful...your perfect. but i will never be able to tell you. you are a girl. i am a girl. you have a boyfriend who you love.its so [more]


Im often suicidal and thinking suicidal thoughts, Ive tried to kill myself more the 5 times, and still wonder the reason why im alive... I get bullied for being quiet and anti-social from people from work, ive been told to go kill myself, and even though i make it look like it doesn't affect me it does. They smack me round a bit but although my... [more]

I'm a Lesbian I love my best friend

Im gay and I have a crush on my bestfriend, She doesn't know it, she barely knows im gay, but i have a massive crush on her i just want to spend the rest of my life with her... problem is... shes straight.. I haven't come out to anyone but my closest friend because I get bullied enough, so i guess the thought of people knowing scares me...

Dear Baby

I still think of you, you are like a phantom inside of me. I kept thinking that maybe, just maybe that if the situation had been different then, you'd be in my arms instead of being broken in pieces. Please Baby forgive me, to concieve you was a blessing that i didn't deserve. I think about holding your little hand and touch your beautiful face... [more]

Screwed myself

The girl I have been in love with doesn't wanna see me anymore because she found out her sister has a crush on me. So, I asked the sister out for two reasons: 1) The idea of not having anymore contact with the girl of my dreams scared me. 2) I wanna break the sister's heart the same way mine was broken.


I have been in a relationship with a guy since last 3 yrs..it was in class 10 when he proposed me ..n yeah i liked him in class 7 n 8,..but then i thought it was just infactuation n then i had no such feelings in std 9..bt wen i came to know that he was interested in me in class 10..i said a yes...after that v came closer n i actually fall for... [more]

I feel bad

I let this guy friend of mine who had a crush on me for years finally kiss me once at a party.I put my doubts aside and decided to give him a chance. He said I was a good kisser and seemed to be really happy I was with him. Problem is, he was the worst kisser ever. Didn't do a thing for me, and afterward, I just kind of, ignored him knowing that i... [more]

Fat or curvy?

I've always been a lot... bigger than most of my friends. I hate looking in the mirror everyday and seeing that this person is me. I hate wearing shorts and swim suits. My friends say that i'm overreacting, but they've never had this problem. Guys only look at me because my b**** are about twice the... [more]

Confessions in a psychologists office

How have you been?
I've been good.
How was your trip?
It came and went.
But was it good?
Yes, good.
We haven't met in a while.
Yeah. I know.
I don't know, 
Life has been busy.
The last time we met do you remember what we talked about?
When do you graduate?
Of may?
In may.
Did... [more]

Gag me hard

My confession is that i very much enjoy performing deep throat b******* on other guys.

Im a 16 year old pedo on the internet

I fall in love with every girl i talk to on the internet i'm in love with 2 right now one's 12 one's 13 what do i do i want to motorboat them

Slacking off at work

Today, I took my water bottle and phone, went into the conference room and closed the door so it looks as if I just got on a conference call. Then, I sat down and watched futurama on my iPhone for an hour.

If this doesn't work out, i might kill myself

Everything i worked for might be taken away from me in the next 2 weeks. my entire life has been devoted to school. i'm in a phd program now, and my parents, my friends, and the rest of my family expect me to graduate and do amazing things with my life. but my 2nd year paper didn't turn out so well, and now i have to convince the faculty to let... [more]

Recuring Bulimic

I just can not stand myself. I have a great family, husband and kids who all love me. We are poor as can be due to a lay off. Yet I can not seem to stop binging and purging. Day after day I find an excuse. I don't work due to anxiety and depression. Yet I will have to this summer if he can't find work in his field. It will be hard. If I just can... [more]

And I still think of you

That I think of you today as much as any other. Today is your birthday, and I wish I could talk to you and tell you "happy birthday, baby". You will always be in my heart, even though you played with my emotions. I gave myself to you and you pushed me aside to be with her instead. You led me on for what seemed like half a lifetime, planning out... [more]

Need some advice

I need some feedback..i recently left my fiance who i have a beautiful child with. There are many reasons i left, some are that i was just plain miserable. I didnt feel like i could talk to him im not attracted to him. When we would go out together i was always talking about something i shouldnt be or i was to loud or i wasnt funny. The furthest... [more]


That I had s** with one of my co workers and now I can't stand to be around her. I believe she is a big liar, she claims I'm thee only one she is having s** with but if that the case why do I go weeks without hearing from her but when we work together it's I... [more]

My parents are sending me to the hospital if..

My parents are sending me to the hospital if I go below 110 pounds. I'm 5'6" and 110 pounds right now, I don't think it's fair if they send me to a hospital if I lose a few more pounds. I'm not sick so I don't see the harm of what I'm doing! Do you think this is fair? I'm 16 btw and my doctor already suggested I go to the hospital. Ugh. THATS NOT... [more]

S**** this

This isnt very funny or interesting but here it is i guess:
f*** this. im slowly starting to hate everyone again. im trying everything i can to feel better but its just not working for me anymore. it used to be so easy for me to sty happy and now its like it doesnt even matter; im slipping. its so... [more]

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