Well let ne start by saying that I let my used panties laying around where my stepson can get them he take them and sniff them and jacks off in them I saw him do it he went into bathroom for 5 mins when came out he went into my room and put them in the dirty hamper I didn't let him see me I went in and got them out of the hamper and their was a... [more]

Im catfishing

I play this game called Imvu. Im a 12 year old girl. I met these people in a chat room that I can call my best friends. But the problem is. i'm catfishing them playing the persona of a 19 year old girl named Addison. I downloaded tinder and found some girl online found her instagram and used her pictures ( I used tinder so they couldn't reserve... [more]


I stole 700 dollars from my mom it was in a big envelope i figured she wouldn’t know it was gone. i have been doing this for a while.. i see my mom give my dad the envelope and it was for a car he sold he’s very particular i know he will count it and notice 700 is missing. i don’t know what to do i think he hid the envelope i cant find it. i have... [more]

Brother is an A hole

My brother spied on me and my best friend and used his phone to video tape me and her hooking up and showed it to everyone and now everyone is calling us l****'s. I hate him for what he has done.

Texas flip and move

I don't get Taxes flip and move. They spend not a lot of money on property, then spend a s*** load on moving the house, then they strip it down where they are left with stud walls. In some cases they spend $30k or $40k for probably $1k maybe $2k in stud walls. What the [more]


I love to sniff panties and then get caught and made to wear andy

I don't believe in love at first sight...…..

……..but I do believe in s** on the first date.

Showing my p**** to over men

I love to go to Walmart with no bra on and no panties and flash over guys my bald p****

Where are the moderators on this site?

Whoever runs this do you sleep at night knowing people come here and confess the most disgusting acts and crime, why do you allow it? those rules you have at the top here why don't you enforce them?

I love Stomach Growls

Ever since I was little I loved stomach growls, on TV, online, even when someone at school stomach would act up. I get so turned on from it and I don't know why I will literally sit on watch videos and just listen to them. But if I'm with someone and it happens I literally cannot deal with it I get so embarrassed even if its not my own and try to... [more]

My Crush

I'm a girl by the way. I have crush on this boy... Tyler. He's two months younger then me. Is that weird? Please comment!

My Feelings

I feel so sad. So lonely... like I let everyone in my life down. My parents... Friends. I'm shy, which makes my parents angry. I just want to tell them that I'm sorry I'm not the perfect girl you always wanted. I need some advice. I'm too young to feel this way. I love you whoever you are for reading this. Thanks.

Accept Being Single and Alone?

I was with my ex for 10 years. I’m in my late 30’s. We didn’t make it to marriage. There were problems on both end. Not entirely his fault, not entirely mine. We stayed together out of convenience, and neither wanted to start over after being comfortable with each other and our home. I’m not one to give up easily, and don’t like seeing disposable... [more]

Small P**** Complex

I have regular size p**** but I always feel like I am small. 5.5"

NZ Shooting

I'm a normal guy who is maybe a little racist when it comes to Muslims , I'm fed up of them coming to our countries and trying to enforce their laws and s*** on us. And I'm fed up of the government bending over backwards to appease these c****.
But... [more]

Confused by step daughter

I have a 10 year old step daughter (P) and she is super cute. I have a great relationship with my wife and we are extremely sexually active. P is in love with me as much if not more than my wife is. She tells me all the time how much she loves me and is always on me or up against me, piggy back rides, sitting on my lap or tightly against me on the... [more]

Used panties

I confess to wearing panties

B****** to son

I am 32 year old lady Who live with my 7 year old son and my 34 year old husband. We live in 2bhk flat . When i was 24 i got merried i was happy because my husband used to do s** with me all the time but after the birth of my son my husband barely do s** with... [more]


My fantasy is to sprrad my genes across the universe. :) I want to make all people pregnant with my child.


I am asian male 26. I wish my c*** was bigger. Wtf god. Why u make it so average. 5.5"? Come on man.. You run out of clay or some s***?


I want to be a submissive so bad I’ve spoken to my husband multiple times he always seems like he’s into it and tries a little but he’s not quite there how do I make him dominate me, spank me, tie me up and take me, pull my hair and just have his way with me. I’m willing to try everything. I want to. But can’t get him to follow thru?!!! Frustrated... [more]

Sins of the Jehovah Witnesses

My friend has a young daughter who was home alone for a short time after school. The child was watching TV and the door bell rang and two women carrying bibles were at the door. The girl opened the door and when they found out she was home alone they gave her a tract and left.
Apparently the tract was about the (in their mind) the ending of... [more]


Ok so I think I deserve punishment for everything I do and have done. I got iss for skipping and my parents don’t know. I curse people out all the time in class too. I’m abt to be failing all my classes. Apparently I argue all the mf time with my parents and idk a lot of other s***. I should probs be... [more]

My Mother Busted Me Part 2

Well if you read the first part of this story line you know that I was busted by my mother. Well this is where it picks up. My mother laid down the rules. First I wasn't allowed to smell Her panties any longer. Second her d**** was off limits, this was very private to her. I could wear her clothes... [more]

Panty sniffing

Hi i stay with a black lady as a tenant. Last day she gave one of the room for rent to a old lady. She would be 60.. but she is super cute. She is short. Last day i went to her room when one was in the house and checked her dirty hamper. I found her panties. It was really dirty but i couldnt hold myself and started sniffing it. Omg it was... [more]

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