50 something married bi crossdresser

I have worn ladies undies since i was 11 and had my first c*** at 13 now I'm 50 something married to a great woman. The issue is I still want to dress which I do. I wear panties and stockings to work every day under my work clothes. I dress fully when she or I am out of town. I also dress fully... [more]

My stepdaughters/ ex-friends disrespect me

My friend Caroline and I were friends since high school, after graduated we both moved to LA for college and work. We were very good friends. Just after we graduated, Carol's father, Anthony had a stroke.
Carol's mom died many years ago and Anthony raised Carol and her sister since they were 9 and 8. Anthony became half paralysis and could not... [more]

I have an inferiority complex and it shows up in my nightmares

I have a short term memory problem and its harder for me to learn that it is with people who are not cursed with this. I have been fired five times for not learning the job fast enough.
Coincidentally most of the people involved with my terminations were women. I have a semi-recurring dream about one particular lady. She was head of HR at... [more]

Left groom at alter. Love my cousin

Today I left my fiancee at the alter.
I been in love with my 2nd cousin Robert since I was 9 years old and I went to live with his family after my parents died in a car crash.
Robert is 28 and I'm 26. We have always been so close. I'm not the sexiest or prettiest girl, but Robert always said I was.
He always took me as his date to his... [more]

Mother in-laws not have a bra on so I'm looking down her shirt

I'm sitting at my mother in-laws house sitting behind her as she is
reading a book and I can't help but notice that she wasn't wearing a bra and I can see right down her shirt so I'm admiring the view of her brest and I must say that they are beautiful and massive I want to suck her nipples wish she would come put those in my face dang I got... [more]



S** with my brother on my wedding night

First off I married a man who looks alot like my brother Tom who 30. I'm a 27 year old woman married for 3 months and now have a decision to make.
On the night of my destination wedding, after a wild reception, at small hotel in the Dominican Republic when we completely rented.
My new husband drank way to much and my brother and I spent to... [more]

Cute moment with my crush

When I was in 6th grade, I was in this advanced class with my crush, Tyler, and some other people. It was a class that will give you a higher chance of getting in a good college. But anyways, we were making a paper boat that was supposed to go fast on the water. So, then I got up to go get tape. When I tried cutting out the tape with a scissor, I... [more]

Baby from brother

I'm a 30 year old married woman. My husband looks similar to my younger brother who is 25. I think that's why I married my husband.
My husband care more about hanging with his buddies at the bar than me. And disappears for days at a time. And he has cheated on me a dozen times.
I want to have a child for so long, but my husband has a low... [more]

I was reading case histories about the KKK during the 20's

While they did indeed lynch a lot of blacks most of their victims were white, mostly alcoholics. The Klan remedy for alcoholism and wife beating was to tie the drunk to a tree and beat the ever living s*** out of him.

I read confessions on confessionpost.com

My plans fell through one morning so I stayed home and read confessions on this site. Smh. I feel so ashamed, I spent 20 minutes here.

Abuse (I didn't do the abusing)

My mother moved out of her home and I was helping clean it up after she left. Yesterday I was alone looking for keepsakes that she may have overlooked.
I found a blue binder and started thumbing through it. I started reading a letter to her father who died maybe 19 or 20 years ago. It started out innocently enough aside from describing the... [more]

Closet bi crossdresser

I am a 50 something married bi closet crossdresser. My wife of many years has no idea I am bi or I love dressing as a woman. I started dressing when I was 11 and had male on male s** when I was 13. I wear panties and stockings to work every day under my male clothes every day. I wish I could dress... [more]

I like woman s*** ..

Hi freind..
I am a straight man, but I like women s*** madly , I dont know what to do ، I thought a lot about entering the women's toilet in public places , But I have to wait a long time , The subject is very dangerous ، because I'm live in Arabic country ، I tried to forget it a lot, but it is... [more]

Going to jail and I didn't deserve it

I was standing outside a bar too drunk to drive waiting for a taxi to take me home. A police car drove up and some guys standing beside me scattered into a wooded area. They had been smoking dope. I had not been smoking dope and I didn't run because I thought I had done nothing wrong. I was intoxicated but with alcohol.
This cop who was... [more]

Story from Vietnam

I'm white and my closest companion during this war was a gigantic black Dude whose last name was Robin. This earned him the nickname "Wonder Boy".
We were on R&R when we came to a tent bar and whorehouse with a sign that said "No n****** allowed" It wasn't Americans who put the sign up it... [more]

Tiffany Moss has been sentenced to die

She starved her stepdaughter to death while properly feeding her other children. She also deprived the ten-year-old girl of water and she did so because she apparently enjoyed watching the child suffer. As the sentence was read her face never changed from boredom. No remorse, no fear just ho-hum boredom. Only a psychopath can do that.


I'm looking for work and am so tired of it at this point that I'm no longer writing unique cover letters. I'm terrified that I'll forget to change part of my copy and paste but also am pretty sure no one is actually reading them.

Why can’t you be him?

I love my husband very much, but any sexual thoughts I have are about my ex. My ex knows how I feel. If we get together at some point I’ll probably cheat on my husband. I think about it a lot. Even when making love to my husband.


For those who know me, you would understand the last few months of my life have been the hardest I have ever faced.
In October I lost my Aunty, returning to work my first day back I learnt of one of my fighters committing suicide, heartbreakingly I had tried to contact him earlier that day to check in given my absence in the gym. Breaking the... [more]

Bad life

Hello everyone Im here because i dont have anyone to share my feelings. I was best student in my school days.There i met a girl and went mad in love.She died in an accident.I lost myself after that.my studies went down and i lost my exams lost interest in studies. There is nothing going on in my mind like an ambition. I wanted to be a musician or... [more]

Grandfather and me

My confession is simple.
I'm a 32 year old woman and all 3 of my children are from the best and sexiest man I know.
My Grandfather.
He raised me when my parents died. By 15 years old I realized I was madly and hopelessly in love with him. He was only 56 at the time. But he was still in rocking shape and so handsome.
His body was and... [more]

Mom Son Love

I hate that my son and I can't show our love in public and have to hide it from the world.
He's 35 and I'm 59. I can't get pregnant anymore.
He's the best lover I ever had and treats me like gold. We never fight and I will do anything for him. [more]

NEVER Say This to a Guy

I'm 22 years old. Male. Bisexual. Here's what I have to say.
If you like a guy, and want to be in a relationship with a guy, here is some advise. NEVER say "Do you love me?"
As a guy, I can assure you that putting us on the spot like that almost never ends well. It will result in a "No," because we don't know what else to say. Or a "Yes,"... [more]


I am now 60 and have this fascination
With the c**** of shemales , T-GIRLS
And any d*** sissy boi sissy s*** I
Can see it makes my d*** so hard
I just... [more]

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