I just want to be fat

Ive had this fetish for a good while now but recently decided I'd try out being a feedee rather than just an admirer and I put on 20 lbs no problem but now im stuck. I want a huge flabby gut. Im just am average weight now, tho a bit thicker in the stomach. I love thicker guys and wish I could be one of them.

I want to f*** my mother in law

I’m 29 she’s 51 I’ve been with her daughter for ten years due to marry very soon. Still got a good figure and bum. At first I would have never given her a second look. We usually take visits to see my partners parents and we are all a close family . It’s difficult because the brain can make you see things the way you want even though it’s not the... [more]

Spanked like a little girl

Is it weird that I like to be taken to the bedroom and have my ass blistered with a bath brush until I sob like a little girl?

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Young black guy

I admit I am slow on the uptake ?.
a black young guy said hello to me.
I know the block of flats.I do not know what flat he is in.
I older than him.
I never ever had s** with a black guy.I am the sub.
I am in my flat now.
I be waiting near those flats waiting for him.
I got written out my first... [more]


I want this black man to f*** me.
I have been without so long.
I think I go crazy.
I be older sub guy.
I am killing time to write this.
he did say hello to me once.
so now I am waiting to meet him.
I never been with a black guy.
I hope his c***... [more]

Panty wearing man

Before I even knew what s** was I liked the feel of soft panties , I would rub them just to feel the texture. I found a pair of yellow panties behind stage at a high school dance and could not resist sneaking them home. I couldn’t wait to be alone so I look at them close and feel the texture of the... [more]

Cousins exposure

Why it embarrasses me I'm not sure because its my cousin Steven who my friends always talk about. I'm a girl, 16 and Steven is 13 now but still not only exposes himself to me but most of the girls I know from the neighborhood and school. He lives right down the street from my house and girls are always telling me how the seen him naked and many of... [more]

OMG.... I found The Island of Truth

I met my stepson when he was 4 and he was a doll. He always wanted me to do things with him. He was funny, silly, adorable and I just adored him. I have tons of nieces and nephews that adore me and I’ve always been great with children. Well, then his mother enters scene who had her own boyfriend, her own life but because I was getting serious with... [more]

Not sure what to do with life anymore

I feel like the best parts of my life are over and that I have nothing to look forward to anymore. I'm in my 40s and I'm not suicidal and have no thoughts of harming myself in any way but I'm bored with life. I don't enjoy anything anymore and my old friends, who used to like to hang out with me, don't want to hang out anymore; honestly, I'm not... [more]


I am a knickers and tights thief and sometimes I steel any clothing belonging to women. I'm a 38 year old man and 100% straight but I have a really bad fetish and obsession with women wearing tights and tights and underwear that belong to Sexy girls and women. I have stolen so many from so many girls and women. I have stolen the most easily from... [more]

Me and Brother

For 25 years, since I was 12, I have been involved with my hot identical twin brothers who were 15 when we started.
We love each other and have 3 kids together ages 20 to 17. Since day one, we have never used protection and the kids call both of my brothers Dad.
I love having s** with them at the... [more]

I let the college football team play with my belly button

When I was in college, the football team used to play with my navel.
I was a college tutor and was helping one of the football players with his exams. One day I met him right after my dance rehearsal. I didn’t have time to go back to my dorm room to change my clothes. So I showed up to our tutoring session in my sweat pants and a crop top. I... [more]

Hidden desire

I am a heterosexual male that could not imagine having s** with another man. But as I get older ( 66 ) and no longer have a large and hard p**** I think about young man. Its tough thinking about being with another man. Thou. . . . I would like to feel my... [more]

I want my wife to have s** with other men

I have been having these thoughts for some while now, Lisa is my wife for the past 16years, s** is ok but recently one time she was dressed up really well going to church and we parked the car far from the church with a 5min walk, while we were walking to church i noticed that every male driver who was... [more]

MFC Cam Girls

I have been watching myfreecams.com and have a list of 10 girls that I like to follow. Alot of the models will "temporarily mute guests" which means the guests can't post a chat, but I have learned how to get around that. It doesn't mean that the model will chat back, but you are able to post what you want. The other people in the room can't read... [more]

ED the warehouse man

There once was a warehouse man named ED. Who use to eat anything he was feed. He sat on a shelf as he ate himself and his a** h*** went to his head !!!! Wasn't that GRAND!!

I am being blackmailed.

Call it blackmail or extortion or whatever you want but my brother and his friend are blackmailing me and my best friend, My brother is 13 months younger than me and Jeremy, His friend is a month or so older than him.
Three weeks ago my best friend Jen and I were at another friends place and had a few drinks, My parents were out of town so me and... [more]

I had a friend who was an older man

We used to go target shooting. He had an expensive Italian twelve gauge shotgun he had had for over seventy years. We were friends and he said he was going to will me the shotgun because his only child a woman hated guns.
He died all of a sudden. He had not been outside in a few days and was not answering the door. A neighbor peeked... [more]

Dose size matter?

I like to ask the ladies if the size matter?

Bubble butts

I love a woman with a nice butt. I have a fetish for bubble butts. I just want to know is there any woman at there with nice butts and like to tease men by wearing right jeans, leggings that you could see through or nice tight spandex pants? I like it when you're clothing ride up the crack of your butt. Love watching women walk with nice butts... [more]

Worship a nice butt

I would like a woman to tease me with her nice bubble butt. I would like her to bend over and slowly pull her panties down. I want to see her spread her cheeks. I want her to tell me to like her butt hole. I want her to run it all over my face. Any women out there would like to do this?

Mother Son

I don't consider what my son and I do to be incest. I'm a 45 year old widow and my son is 26.
We have been together for the last 10 years since his father died in a car accident.
I don't consider what we do to be incest, as we only perform oral s** on each other and I only allow him to [more]

Take control of me

I want a woman to take control of me in the bedroom. I want her to tell me want she wants me to do to her. I want to fulfill her fantasies. I want her to make me her b****. I'll even dress up in her panties and pantyhose and let me f*** my ass with a... [more]

Why did we hire this guy?

Okay, so our management hired this Dave guy a few months ago, and they gave him a title that didn't exist in the organization, and nobody explained to anybody else what his job was so nobody can really tell whether or not he's doing it. He's a real doink and he acts like he's running things or some part of them, and I'd really like to give him a... [more]

Obsessed with women's tights and knickers

I'm a 38 year old man, 100% straight and absolutely love women who wear tights. I have a really bad obsession with women's tights and knickers especially tights. The thing is it has got to the point where I can not stop stealing them from women or teenage girls at any given chance. I love wearing them whenever I can. I have stolen so many from... [more]

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