My stories 4

So now what, Hmm, How about my cousin urging me and her sister to be with older guys and the time my she snuck us into the bar that I eluded to earlier.
So I am at the farm and my cousin is supposed to be baby sitting us, She sneaks us into the bar and it was a total s*** show. My cousin and I were... [more]

Belly f****** Mom

Mom is 56 and I'm 40. We have been in an incestuous relationship since I was 13. Mom is 5 feet tall and 200 lbs has nice t*** and a large belly. We have done many sexual kinky thing together, from a***, swingers clubs, 3somes MFM and MFF. We [more]

My stories 3

Well, Onto the next thing, My male cousin, I love him to death but when he was younger he was such a perv, I don't I don't know when he started but I remember the first time I caught him and many times my cousins told me something about catching him but it was not uncommon to to catch him peeking or spying and whacking it right from a young... [more]

Her husband might have caught us.

I met a married couple on a Saturday at a company party. They are 15 years older than myself. Wife is cute and sexy and we were attracted to each other. I gave her my phone number. Her hubby is a nice fellow and has a higher-up position in another department.
I work nights. He of course works days, M-F.
I hoped I’d hear from her and she... [more]

Catching my Daddy

I was so shocked and upset. I just could not believe it. It all started last week, after I got home from school early and went straight up to my room where I got the shock of my life. I didnt expect anyone in, but there laying naked on my bed flat on his back was my own Dad totally naked wanking off his very hard and quite big [more]

My stories 2

As promised here is another one, So I thought I would lead off with the explanation to where I left off, From a young age I was...Sexual, I had interests before most of my friends and maybe it was from having an older cousin who was a literal nympho and we used to catch her all the time which lead to me being interested and starting maybe a bit... [more]

My stories 1

I had a situation arise which brought back a lot of memories and made me think about growing up in the early to mid 90's, I am going to post a bunch now that I am sitting here thinking about it and they will all be under "My stories".
I am now a 41 year old Mom, Wife etc. and recently had a situation with my oldest daughter, My husband and I were... [more]


This cousin in Wellford, SC uses people for money. This cousin refuses to work, preferring to live of others. This cousin abuses mother. This cousin has a history of bankruptcy. This cousin never paid for anything nor bills, always asking others for financial support. This cousin uses mother, aunts, & cousin(who is stupid enough to be used). ... [more]

I Hate My Family

My maternal family in Wellford, SC are ingrates who want others to support them financially. They have been supported for generations. First, they were supported by maternal great aunts & then by assorted relatives. My maternal family in Wellford, SC are dysfunctional parasites. This family should have been aborted from the git-go. This... [more]

Broke-up via Text

I broke up with my girlfriend of six months via text message today. Apparently, this is the worst way to break up with someone. In the first three or four months, she broke up with me this way twice, but we got back together and worked it out. As a divorced man, she always felt intimidated by my ex-spouse. In our relationship, she would say... [more]


I'm only 13 and my brother is 18,it started when i jumped on him and wouldn't get of and felt him getting hard,I just laughed as he got up and could see him turned on, next day i done the same but this time i had a skirt on showing my knickers to him,his hands on my thighs saying i looked nice, left it a few days and jumped on him when he came out... [more]

Dilemma of a married woman in an open relationship

I'm a married woman (late 30s), with 1 child, and have bf (late 20s) who is single. I live with my family and I meet my bf around 2 days a week who lives in a nearby city. We tried a discreet open relationship arrangement 5 yrs ago when I met bf at the time I went back to University for further schooling. My husband is ok about it and in fact... [more]

Caught nephew wanking

I'm 33 and i like to show my big t*** off in tight tops, I was at my sister's house when i came out of a room and could hear my 16 teen year old nephew moaning,went in to check that he wasn't hurt and seen him wanking on his bed, I apologized and went to leave he sort of begged me not to say... [more]

Helped nephew

My nephew is always sweet to me and never heard him say anything dirty,over the months he's been coming round more saying nice things to me,this time i seen him looking at my butt and asked what he was looking at,when he surprised me by saying your ass i would f*** it and put he's hand on my butt and... [more]

Sad all the time

I’m so lonely it actually hurts. I’m tired of crying all the time.

Why isn't diet pill addiction an eating disorder?

Oftentimes, people talk about eating disorders. Anorexia, Bulimia, ect. But why doesn't anyone consider diet pill addiction an eating disorder? It has all the same elements of other weight loss eating disorders (fear of gaining weight, possibly of ending up in the hospital, ect.) My friend suffered with diet pill addiction for years, and just this... [more]

Happy and Fulfilled

I am a woman who went through my life being what some call fat. My 38 years included the many diets and exercises, doctor's advice, rejections and insults you can imagine. I hated it when people would say, Oh, but you have such a pretty face (another way of saying you are fat). Sexual experiences included some guys who just wanted to score with a... [more]

When you quit looking.

I just read a confession from a hapless fellow that was inundated with married women that wanted his services, but alas, no single women were knocking on his door proposing marriage. He was afraid his biological clock was ticking down and he may never produce offspring of his own that he could raise.
This is my advice to him.
Resign... [more]

More of THE DAMN GIST Family

The Gist family of South Carolina are freeloaders who live off other people. The Gist family are Betty Ann Gist, Israel Gist, his daughter Samantha Gist, Javant Gist & his wife, Avant, Stanley Lee Gist, Thomas Gist, Frances Booker, Aleathea Booker, and Romeo Gist. These bums do not pay for their upkeep. They are parasites who depend upon others... [more]

My friends moms panties

When i was about 14 i would spend a lot of time at a friend from schools house. i couldnt stand him i just went to his house because his mom was so f****** sexy! and i wanted to be around her.
she was a attorney and she would always wear tight skirts, pantyhose and very high heels. she had a... [more]

Got her in the end

For months i was try to have my 14 teen year old sister,I would see her looking when i had shorts on, knew it was my chance when she had her bikini on and are parents was out,hours of messing around i made a joke about no point of having the bikini top on with that she took it off, found it hard to look away and then asked if she wanted to go... [more]

Woke up in my sister

My parents went on vacation for the week and left me and my little goth sister home . Last night she woke me up at 3 am . I was handcuffed to the bed . Later found out she found the handcuffeds in our parents room . She was wearing a black skirt and black eye liner and her black underwear was in my mouth. By the time I awoke my [more]

F*** n****** and b******

F*** n******,f*** stupid b****** ,f*** the d**** at... [more]

Extra Credit in School

Early 1969 I was a junior in high school. One Saturday afternoon I was going down the highway to another town in my ‘66 GTO’ when I drove up behind a friend’s mustang.
It was going slower than normal and the gal sitting in the middle of the seat with his arm around her didn’t look like his girlfriend from behind.
I started to pass and... [more]

That So Called Family

My maternal family are leeches. They use others to pay their way. They won't take responsibility for their actions. They used my mother but they never used me. I made them pay their way. This family is scum. Those f****** should be banished from the face of the earth. The sooner this... [more]

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