I like to pee myself

I like to pee myself idk if that's normal but it's just feels really good and warm. Is this weird?

The black woman and the white white.

I think I trying to start a war here. But I don't care what you think. I'm a white woman with a lot of privilege. And proud to say it. I hate black women with a passion. I would like for slavery to come back. I need a black maid in my home. White women we need to come together and bring back slavery. We white women have power. I was in the store... [more]

Me and my brother

I don't know what come over me. I'm a 23 year old woman who never has a problem meeting men. S** was good with them, but something was missing.
But 8 weeks ago I went to my 18 year old brother's bedroom and seduced him. We in lockdown together and it been non stop [more]

How long does it take to get over a crush?

I have a bf but I have fallen for someone else and I don't know how to get rid of him from my from my mind. And I don't even know if he likes me back. I am so lovelorn, It's been two months and am still thinking about him.

I am confused about my gender

Hi, I am a soon to be 15 year old teenager.
Lately I have been really confused about my gender. I was assigned female at birth but I don't know how to feel about it.
Growing up I liked a lot of boyish stuff (I know that doesn't need to mean anything but hear me out). It took me a long time to accept the colour pink as a normal color. I had a... [more]

Mom Dad and me.

Let me start by saying I always felt something my parents and how they lived a life style under the radar. I'm a 18 year old woman. My parents had me young. Dad was 20 and Mom was just 14 when I was born and both said they have no family.
During the this lock down I was bored and was in the attic and found an old trunk buried behind boxes. I... [more]

Why are some guys obsessed with pantyhose?

I get an ‘allowance’ from a few SDs I met using an app. They’re mid 40s to mid 50s. It’s discrete, fun and easy. We plan a ‘date’ they pay for dinner, have s** afterward and I get an easy ‘allowance’. They buy me things like LBDs and cute shoes from Amazon. My bf has no clue and thinks I’m clubbing with... [more]

My wife and her bull bf f*** in front of me

My wife has 3 bull boyfreinds that love to slap me around and make me watch as the f*** my wife.

Best dating advice

Even though this is embarrassing for me, I want to share my experience in finally finding a woman who totally loves me.
I ended up splitting with my last girlfriend, who I was really in love with and may have married. It took me a while to get to the heart of the reason we split but I’m very happy now that I did.
Our relationship was awesome but... [more]


I always feel suffocated around my family,anytime im close to any of them I feel like killing them,i want to run away from home.im confused what should I do?

P*** actor boss

I’m jealous and suspicious of my wife’s new boss. She’s a secretary and I swear her boss looks exactly like that ugly p*** actor Steve Holmes.
Her boss is Hungarian and my wife constantly talks about how nice he is to her and how much she loves working for him.
She’s gone on business trips... [more]

Linda and her thong.

My colleague Linda is a milf with a nice, big ass. She has a collection of thongs, that her pants for some reason have difficult with containing. Everytime she bends over you get a full view of thong and ass. It really gets me going, when she is around.

My neighbour's schoolgirl niece

My neighbour's sister often visits the flat directly opposite and in clear view of my kitchen window .
I have one way security glass so I can stand there and observe unnoticed.
The sister often brings her 14 year old daughter with her, am English Indian.
The girl is so h**** .
Every time I see... [more]

Stomach sitting

I am small teen from india....I love when large man or woman sit on my belly and squash or crush it harder ......I love when someone rides on me... anyone interested to sit on my belly can drop their mail id...I will surely contact

My boyfriend gets turned on by just looking at other girls

I can’t tell if i’m being dramatic, but my boyfriend just told me just by looking at other girls he gets turned on. he’s says it’s because of the quarantine and when he goes out after being stuck at home it just happens. i don’t know how i should feel about this but now, i feel hurt.

My friend had a bet with me saying he could seduce my mom.

She didn't cross the lines but she did allow him to touch her butt and kiss her on cheeks multiple time.
Because of the lockdown we were so bored I called few of my friends and ask them if they would sneak out for a day so we can have some quality time.
They did manage to come and we were playing games and other silly talks.
So one of my... [more]

Creepy uncle

I have an uncle whos been pretty creepy to me since I grew up, I said something like “f*** me” out of frustration and he replied with something like “I have an active imagination” in a joking way, but still it was gross. Then at a party with my parents he came running up to me really fast with this... [more]

Bad uncle

I'm a 44yo guy who has been separated for around three years, I have come to really enjoy masturbating and I like to have a bit of amphetamines when doing it as it makes me extremely h****. I often use a site where I can j*** off with other guys on... [more]

Fantasize mother

I annuj from india and mu mom urmila. I always fantasize about her her thinking her nude. Watching her changing dress. While i was a child and my father was on job at night. She went to urine. Door was not locked and was visible. What to do

Fantasize mother

I annuj from india and mu mom urmila. I always fantasize about her her thinking her nude. Watching her changing dress. While i was a child and my father was on job at night. She went to urine. Door was not locked and was visible. What to do

I hate my stepdad

I hate this piece of s***. My mom and I lived in Slovakia peacefully we had no problems we didn´t fought (I´ve been around 10 years old). My mom an dad divorced as I´ve been 5 years old but they never yelled at each other. So as I´ve been 10 my mom met this men my they got married and my mom and I... [more]

My sister after going to college became a call girl

This is the last year stuff .. That time i was an droupour preparing for conpetition exams my sister was doing btech from one of the good nit . She was in 3rd semester . It was a semester break so she was at home . After a month it was time for her to go baJi ck to cllge . My parents decided that i will go to drop her . I was ohk . One of... [more]

Having a child

I am incredibly tired of people telling me to have a baby. A family friend gave birth half a year ago and since then I have been pressured to do the same.
Ignoring the fact that my boyfriend and I aren't even married yet and are not in a good enough situation to raise a child, I don't want one in the first place. I have stated this multiple... [more]

One hard thing.

One of the hard things about being a bi guy in a monogamous relationship is that my wife doesn't care about the sexy underwear I wear. I have no one to share them with and its hard not to want to show them off. I don't want to look elsewhere for attention because I am committed to our family. It's just hard to adjust to this new life. Even... [more]

I got licked in nuts by my sister. [Nothing sexual]

Due to lockdown stuff we have no other option but to just be with each other.
Yesterday she got p***** off because of all the pranks I played on her. I guess she had enough of it and jsut went for my nuts.
I'm still in pain and things have changed since yesterday. This morning she order mr to... [more]

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