Family Owned

When I was young I found my dads p*** collection. As much as I enjoyed looking at the naked women I enjoyed reading the stories that much more. there was one story that has stayed with me all these years that I still think about. It was about a few men who break out of jail and break into a house to... [more]

Friends Pool

Today I went to my friends house with my daughters and had a cook out. Our girls are the same age but as the day went on I noticed my friend checking out my oldest,12. I knew he had a lot to drink but it became a bit obvious, at least to me. I was getting annoyed and had to use the bathroom. I went inside and was looking out at the pool and... [more]

Wife's Confession

Years ago when my wife and I were dating she told me her uncle used to do stuff to her. She liked talking about it when we f***** and sometimes call me Uncle XXX> It was weird at first but I started to enjoy it after a while.
After we got married I started to share her with friends and other men... [more]

I want to disappear

I am a person who views my immediate reality as something I’ve created for myself. The people in it. The friends. The co-workers. My hobbies and habits. My own awkward self awareness. This feels hard to put out into the world because if I say it, Its essentially real. I cannot tell if I am becoming more of my higher self by accepting what is... [more]

I’m so disturbed

I fingered my distant cousin when I was 14- 17years old, anytime she’s asleep I just go to her bed and do the horrible act. I was so naive and foolish. So I eventually figured she knew about the act and she was even leading me on even when I don’t plan to do it even though in real life we act like it’s not happening. Now I’m 20 and I’m having... [more]

Sick of the news channels

I have totally had it with all of the news programming in this country. The shows are all filled with the same excrement, and they all try so very hard to tell us what to think, instead of just giving is the information and allowing us to think for ourselves. I'm tired of them and insulted by them. Enough!!!

I need to be honest with my history of suicidal thoughts

I need to be more honest with myself with my history of having thoughts of killing myself. From 7-11th grade I went to a piece of s*** therapist that mocked me and violated my right to confidentiality. I felt worthless and a small part of me didn't want to be alive anymore. In the 7th grade I went to... [more]


Okay so I was sitting In class with my boyfriend and we made a deal to say and do whatever we wanted with eachother and he kept choking me and he decided to try finger me in class
First is was over my g-string I was wearing then I got too horney so I asked to go to the bathroom and messaged him to just walk out of class and he fingered me in... [more]

What's new .

Anyone for a game of Knee kNeck kNigger ?

Tired of my narrow-minded family

I'm fed up with my family, virtually all of whom refuse to accept the legitimacy of any political, philosophical or theological point of view or opinion which is even in slight conflict with their own. They look down their noses at you, treat you like a leper and ask if you "really believe" THAT, whatever it may be. I never question, challenge... [more]

Daughter asked me the Secret to a Happy Marriage.

I (F47) have been happily married for 26 years. My 21 year old daughter asked me the secret to why her father and I are so happy. I told her the first thing she needed to do is find a man who would treat her with love and respect in all things. He should be her best friend, biggest fan and constant loving support of her goals and dreams. I told... [more]

Need help to be come the woman trapped in side my body

As long as I can remember I felt wrong in my self but at 4 years old my mum dressed me as a fairy for a fancy dress contest I feel so good then since then I dress in woman Clothes in secret now think it’s time find someone who is looking to help me be fully a woman
I will do anything for the person that will to make fully a woman what every it... [more]

Divorced the s***

Never marry a s***. My ex-wife was a s*** before we started dating. I knew this and thought it shouldn’t matter. We fell in love and got married eventually.
After being married for six years, I found out she had been [more]

Astral Thought Projection

I do this while m@sturbating, targeting girls I know and judging by the looks I get the day after, I'm convinced it is real, not all in my own mind. This is not simply thinking about someone and jerking off - the conditions must be right: no drugs or alcohol; no m@sturbation for at least three days prior; transcendal meditation in a darkened room... [more]

Well . . . . do we . . . ???

So, today is the Fourth of July. It's our Independence Day. While growing up, I always thought of this as America's day to express pride in our history and pride in our place in the world, and pride in what we stand for and have always stood for. However, all the recent events --- and our country's response and our population's reaction to them... [more]

Mom and daughter g******* p***

One night my wife and I were going through some p***. We came upon a mother and daughter g******* p***. he dads friends come over then he isn't home and they end up gangbanging mom and daughter. The... [more]

This site is s*****

This site is s***** because it never updates. The devs must be incompetent.

My dad spanks me

I am a 13-year-old girl and my dad spanks me very bottom and I like it I get in trouble on purpose so he can spank me it makes me h**** when my dad takes his hand hand spanks me Is that weird that I like that? Should I tell him?

Just want to live my life the way I envision

I just want to live a simple life. No need to worry about expenses, or appointments or much of anything. I'd take things at my own pace and have a lovely woman to be with. Kinda wish I had a BBW to come and take care of me, with quarantine and the state of the world at large things are really depressing right now.

Please someone give me advice

Is it bad that im cheating on my boyfriend who is the step father of my kids with the father of my sons?

Business Trip Gay Toy

When I go on business trips I post on Doublelist (used to use Craigslist) staying what hotel I’m at. Once somebody emails me we talk about protection and if they agree I tell them which rental car is mine and to get the key to my room from the windshield. I write the room number on it and leave it. Once back in my room I have now passed the point... [more]

I still feel depressed

I tried taking pills I tried hanging myself I got caught went to the hospital stay there for a week lied my way out you saw the title I’m still depressed I hate my life but part of me wants to stay because I don’t know if I have a meaning in life and I feel like I do I could change the world bad or good but part of me wants to take drugs and drink... [more]

Bye, Felicia!

Donald J. trump.............One-Term Wonder.

A philosophy to live by

I am a theistic Satanist. I pray to Satan and his demons. I am not a goth or some freak looking for attention.
I pray to Satan because:
1) I strongly believe their is something out there, a sentient universe, if you will. We are the accidental outcome of that, as is all other life. The universe plays, and things (spacetime, stars, planets... [more]

Why me? What did I do to deserve this?

I've never been married but I have lived with three women over that last five years. The problem is that each of them was a liar and a hot-ass cheater. Why does this keep happening to me? I'm 24 and I think I'm a good man but I don't know what I ever did to deserve being treated this way.

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