Chest sitting turn on

Love to spend all day or night with my face between a hot sexy looking girl and have her sitting on my chest squezzing my face between her soft sexy looking thighs would love to talk to any girl who loves to talk about sitting on guys or me

Getting dad get a promotion

Tim’s the regional manager and reason mom and dad divorced 10 years ago. I was 8 at the time and it was bad, Tim divorced and then transferred to Atlanta. It’s been me and dad since. Tim and mom didn’t last. She figured out he’s a cheating POS. I don’t get around mom much, only when I have to.
Dad was up for a promotion and Tim’s flying to town... [more]

I would love it if a meteor decimated the entire Trump family

Seriously, if they all died, I would be very happy. I wouldn't even bother with the fake sympathy s*** like, "Oh, man, that's so tragic. How horrible." I would be like, "Hooray!!!! All those m************ are DEAD! Hit by a [more]

I wonder if anyone has noticed

That sometimes I at work I will j******* into my coffee and drink it when I am in a meeting

Pandemic Stay-at-Home Orders

With the pandemic orders to stay-at-home…after showering this morning, I decided to stay naked all day long! Naughty Naughty! Don’t worry, the Girl Scouts no longer go door-to-door selling cookies. And I have a No Solicitation sign on my front door. Maybe I can scare off any Bible thumpers that come along?

Women; How many of your past partners have you fattened up?

How many of you have fattened up your previous husbands (or wives) and boyfriends? (or girlfriends)? How much weight did each of them gain while with you? Is your current partner fat?
What was the heaviest partner you've fed up, how much did they weigh? If given the chance, would you want to be with a person even bigger, or as big as the largest... [more]

My friend is being abused by her family......

I'll try to be as detailed as possible.
My friend is being mentally and physically abused by her family. She is 15 and her little sister is only 6, both of them are going through a lot of torture.
We became friends 3 years ago. She was always happy, social, and a really friendly person. I never got a tiny hint of what she was going through... [more]

Violent Thoughts

I had some sleeping problems for a few years that have been recently corrected. Every day after school I would come home and pass out in my bed and go into full rem sleep. Some of the dreams that I had felt like I was watching a tv show. A few times, right before I would start to wake up, I would have thoughts that were both violent and horrifying... [more]

Rant About Race-Relations

I’m a 22 year old black guy that goes to college in the south. I like it here, but one of the few things that I dislike about here are the white girls. I’ve hooked up with a couple and my friends like them too. But they see us as ‘mysterious’ and a ‘forbidden-fruit’ which is condescending. The way they look at me is annoying. I’m a ‘beautiful... [more]

Wife's sister

I think me and my wife's sister are being inappropriate. I'm 27, wife us 24, her sister is 20. Sometimes the sister stays with us when she's home from college. My wife usually works on Saturdays. The pass few Saturday mornings, the sister has come laid in the bed on my wife's side. We all play on our phones, chat a little, and wake up. My wife... [more]

I want to say goodbye to my family

I don’t see my parents and younger sister in a future where I’m happy. They’re just chronically miserable. They think that since they’re rich they can spend money to make a problem go away.
Spend money, buy things, take medication, hire people; It’s a surprisingly sad existence. I’m 19 and being forced to do a 5th year of high school because... [more]

Wifes panties

I love finding my wifes used panties in the laundry basket. First thing i do is have a good look to see if she left any c** stains in them and thrn i have a good sniff of them and finish off with a good w*** leaving my creamy load in them


That feeling when your sexy coworker wears tight yogapants, but her thongline is showing through the fabric.

My sister showed me what her and her boyfriend you'd to do

One day me and my sister was walking home from school . She told me she had to show me some . I followed her and she lead my behind a 7 11 store back behind the trash bins . There was a old desk setting back there that had been thrown out year's ago but never got in the trash . She removed her pants and underwear and sat down on the desk . She she... [more]

I think I hate my boyfriend's guts...

A relationship is suppose to be two ways and I was soooOooOooOoooOoooOo in love that I didn't even realize that I'm a F****** I N G slave to this man. I did not notice it until I started working on myself. I do everything for him. Literally. And he does nothing in return or to even help out now... [more]

Should of just ....

A few months back, I almost succeeded taking my own life. I was so close, but of course it just didn't happen. Obviously , since I am still here. I was in so much physical and mental pain, I wanted it all to go away. So I took some of my left over tramadols and bunch of ibuprofen ( a simple Google search would of told me, I wouldn't die at all... [more]

My girlfriend has a secret

We have all had fantasies that at some stage in our lives we could have never shared with anyone. A natural fear of judgment and hypothetical concerns of what others might think of us grips hold and forces us to shut our deep truths deep down in our minds...
until a quiet moment alone welcomes you once again and that taboo thought crosses your... [more]

I feel kind of bad but..

Sometimes i read my friend's bad (s*** but sometimes other things) fan fiction on wattpad. They're terrible at s***, it's hilarious and they're ok at regular writing. They think I only read the SFW stuff and I tell them it's great. I feel kinda bad for... [more]

The night the teen next door asked to spend the night

One night there was a nock at my door . I answer I to find the girl from across the street was starting there in a short skirt and a bra on holding her phone . She told me she had been out skinny dipping and she had locked her self out and ask if she could stay the night some one would be home in the morning to let her in . I told her she could... [more]

The night the teen next door asked to spend the night

One night there was a nock at my door . I answer I to find the girl from across the street was starting there in a short skirt and a bra on holding her phone . She told me she had been out skinny dipping and she had locked her self out and ask if she could stay the night some one would be home in the morning to let her in . I told her she could... [more]

I want help

Hey, i rlly give up. I have had the worst week. I can barely get out of bed, i have barely eaten, i'm getting the worst headaches, i've lost motivation for everything and i have an urge to cry even though i never cry. No one has really noticed, my parents work all the time and i don't want them to worry about me. I just hate it here n i wanna just... [more]

Stuffed Animal Related Fantasy

I fantasize about my crush and I cuddling together with our childhood stuffed animals easily 4 times more than us having s*x. I think it’s way more common than people would admit to cuddle with your childhood stuffed animal. Why would you? It’s not like there is anyone around to judge you.
I cuddle with a pillow and pretend it’s her. My bunny... [more]

An Odd Problem

I have a weird problem. I have Tourette syndrome, and a "complex tic" that I have is that I put my hand on my testicles and push it down a little, quite embarrassing. That combined with my eye tics, some people in public have thought that i"m a creep.
I also need to "adjust" myself a lot. I don't have anyone to talk about this with; It's hard... [more]

Jhene Aiko

She too fine Every man dreamgirl

Was never racist

I've never had a racist bone in my body but as I've gotten older and particularly since the BLM movement, I've found myself with racist thoughts. Black and Muslim people never stop moaning. They come to England for a better life but try to bring our country down to the level that the their country of origin. Why do that! They're trying to destroy... [more]

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