Lack of loyalty is why most relationships fail

My ex-wife declared her love for another man. I divorced her and the man married another woman. Karma.

My ex girlfriend broke up with me and then the other guy dumped h

She called me up and was crying on the phone saying how bad he had treated her and when I reminded her of how badly she had treated me she really got to bawling.
I told her to get another boyfriend and when she suggested I get with her I said sorry I have another girl. I then told her that what goes around comes around.
Then I asked her... [more]

Goodness, Get over it.

I am 35, live in the country and am a professional photographer, My husband is a farmer, an avid fisherman and hunter and I love him dearly but some days I just don't know. being we live in oil country it is quite common to see oilfield activity in our area. I had gotten the kids off to school, My husband went out to the field and I had a shower... [more]

So that's awkward.

My husband and I were hanging out by our firepit last night, My younger sister and her fiance said they were tired and going to bed, My husband decided to sneak behind a tree along the fence to pee and came back saying "Soooo...the window to the basement bedroom....Uh...the blinds are open", I said "What?, Whay are you looking?", He said "I... [more]


I am a married man and have a problem with bedwetting

I love suntan pantyhose

I wear women clothing and suntan pantyhose I love when the women pant rub against the suntan pantyhose

I think I love my best friend

I'm a 14 year old boy, I'm gay, and I'm pretty sure I'm in love with my best friend. I've known him for only 3 years but my heart races whenever he touches me and I can't help but smile when he talks. He's made joking comments about how he thinks I'm hot but he always says "no h***" or "dude"... [more]


How many of you like to still m********* in morning or night

I think I might have been mentally abused

I think I was mentallyabused/emotionallyabused when I was younger from my mom and my stepfather. When I was five my mother tried to suffocate me with a pillow. Then made me promise not to tell. I then became a surrogate mom to my younger sibling. Any time i would start to show any emotion I was told to control it. So when combined with the fact I... [more]

I lost my family and chose my wife

When I was 22 my mother's best friend, Susan divorced. My Mother and Susan had been friends for quite some years and I had known Susan and her husband since I was a child. I had always felt a deep attraction towards Susan and when she divorced I did feel happy that this had happened, even though I knew it was a sad thing. For the next 2 years I... [more]


I was a 14 year old white female.. !00 lbs,, heigth 5"-1... When I was in elementary school I was sent to the office for talking to much during class.. Our principal was a nice guy,, no problem there.. I was scared to death.. After so talk,, he paddled me good.. Well,, rather than filling the pain,, I felt wet.. When I left ,,,I went to the... [more]

What debate?

The Presidential debate in Cleveland last night was a sick joke. Both them guys are an embarrassment to the country and should be ashamed of themselves. Why can't we have a better selection of candidates? For shame!

New friends

I want a female friend/s that I can share my secert fetish to and they try it out for me. It's a crazy one but I would love to see it happen in person and not just on video. It would be even better if they enjoyed it as much as I do. The last friend i had didnt understand me and was judgmental, I want the opposite of that. An whatever weird... [more]

Hate that men have s** with women.

I'm a 24 year old bottom gay man. And I hate that straight men are wasting their precious c** in women. Women should be locked up and only used to breed more men. If I could have my way no c*** would ever enter a woman again. They would be impregnated with... [more]

Embarrassing thing I like

I feel embarrassed about loving this about my boyfriend.
My boyfriend as an above-average sized D and it’s absolutely incredible. I feel bad because most men don’t have that and other boys I’ve been with that are smaller try just as hard.
I also feel like a s*** for liking his big d. It seems... [more]


My bf is obsessed with other women it doesn't matter what they look like he will want their nudes . It's mad annoying. I'm a freak and down for alot of s*** but the problem is he wants to do everything secretly and behind my back why is that???? He can't accept that is lick [more]

My BBW s***

My wife is a sexy bbw with huge t***, she is as kinky as I am. I like to tie her up and blindfold her plus I have noise cancelling headphones. What she does not know is I have guys f*** her like her next door neighbor who watched her grow up. Her... [more]

I hate doctors and men and women

My wife belongs to me. No man or woman touch my wife ever.

In love with my daughter ❣️

I'm in love with my daughter I want a incest relationship with her we have engaged in sexual stuff but never penetration

I’m scared of black strangers now

Every time I see a black man I don’t know, I wonder if he wants to kill or hurt me just because I’m white now. I never thought of such things before, and now I can’t shake this disgusting fears.

Stop Having Babies You Selfish Idiots!

Why are people still willing to bring life into a world that is falling apart?
No you're child won't fix it. If you couldn't/didn't, what makes you think you can raise a child to do so?
No your offspring won't be the cure. No human in history has been the cure for the devestation caused by mankind. Most likely, your offspring may be the... [more]

Panty raid

A was constantly harassed and bullied by a group of girls from my classroom. Their favorite pass time was inventing knew ways to shame me and make me feel bad about myself. I was always scared they would beat me up if I reported them and knew the school staff would turn a blind eye and would treat it as normal teen behaviour. One day, at lunch... [more]

Do something about those maxi pads

That mess smells bad. Ladies stay home when that crap come on. I don't want to smell that at work. Men are not interested in women with periods.


I hate you. I wish you are not on this earth. You are not special.

Panties to work

Today I decided to wear panties to work (M) it was so exciting and it felt so exhilarating throughout knowing I was wearing panties

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