My Best Friend

I'm not entirely sure what this feeling is, but I've decided to just label it as something of a platonic love for now. It's been a couple months since I met this girl, and every single day since then I've had this feeling for her. I had just gotten out of a rather toxic friendship with this guy, and I'd also just started a friendship with her. I... [more]

Ticklingnaked kids

I love tickling girls and boys between the ages of 6-10 .i have tickled quite of few of them naked i pay people to let me tickle them naked there is no s** involved but i do tickle them on their genitles.seeing that i dont want s** most parents agree and some... [more]

How did we get here.

I posted here before about how my husband and I had both lost our jobs due to covid and moved in with my mom, She lost her job a few months later and we resorted to me doing something I would have never even considered normally and posing nude for money which then led to me doing a "Scene" for money with my mom sitting in the same room staring at... [more]

Husband mad cos I owed myself on car journey

I was travelling with my husband and 2 children (DD6 and DS8). My husband is loving and kind, but he does have a really volatile temper, and can explode at the tiniest thing. He also makes a lot of jokes at my expense, and if I get upset then he says I have a “stick up my a***” and need to learn to... [more]

Nice little protein shake

I love my husband I really do. But I have to admit that I cheat sometimes. I had never been with a black man before I married my husband, and the curiosity finally got the better of me so I tried a few out out and discovered that the s**** of black men tastes way lots better than the [more]

Thoughts on taking over the Milkyway (II)

Part 1:
Part 2:
I have thought deeply about my ambitions. I have came to the conclusion that I should make a 15 years plan. I am going to use computers to take over the world. Good thing about computers is that people don't think long-term about computers. Imagine, if I... [more]

I hope that Trump dies (not joking) let's all pray for it

Pleaze gawd

I love suntan pantyhose

I'm wearing women clothing and suntan pantyhose and I'm in my bathroom

Was it real or play?

Over a year ago my husband had one of his friends break in and "Rape" me after I told him my fantasy was to be raped, I am pretty sure I know who it was and I am all good with it but...I spent a weekend at the lake by myself last weekend and...I went out to the garage to take out the garbage and was confronted. I was told to go back in the house... [more]

Your fault

My husband and I got trashed in the garage with his cousin one night and my husband was drunk and telling his cousin how great I am in bed and that I can deepthroat. His cousin laughed and said "Yeah right, You must have a small d*** then" and my husband being slobbery drunk told me to show him.
Ok... [more]

Life altering.

My Gf and I are both Blonde, Female, Early 20's and attractive, We have been together for just about 2 years and live together. One evening after a marathon session on the living room floor in front of the fireplace she said to me "What got into you?", I laughed and said "Why", I had used the strap on and she said I was way rougher than normal, I... [more]

I ripped up cards from my partners ex.

My partner and I have just moved in together and I found birthday/anniversary cards/ personal notes from his ex that he had kept and bought to our house. After finding them I just lost it and ripped them up and threw them away. I’m so ashamed and embarrassed and I feel so guilty, I don’t know what to do. Do I tell him what I’ve done and beg him to... [more]

I really, and i mean really, want to kill my step-dad

My step-dad, Lets call him Johnathon (that's not his name btw) likes to tell me off when i haven't done s***. I've already been through enough and I'm only 12. My dad was abusive, controlling and was a drug addict, and I'm starting to think the same about Johnathon. He broke my Xbox when I didn't... [more]


This is truth teller, that idiot trump got the Covid-19 and his s**** of a wife ! 😁 now maybe the rest of the bigots will get it to! I hope mitch mconnell will get it to maybe it will take all these people out! 💩

Old boss

I have a crush on my former boss and it's driving me insane.
Listen, I know alot of people go through these things and it's the world's oldest fantasy but I'm so embarrassed. All I do is think about him. It started about a week or two ago, out of the blue. I think about his smile, his voice and what he's doing at the current moment. I've found... [more]

Naked in front of mother in law

My wife and I went camping with my mother in law to Myrtle Beach Ocean Lakes. I went In to shower and when I came out my mother in law was just standing there while I was naked. She then told my wife that she saw me nude I was so embarrassed for my wife to know her mother had seen me. It seemed to turn my wife on . She had me stand up and the... [more]

Crossdressing for Halloween

I want to dress up in a pretty dress, high-cut-lace-trimmed panties, pantyhose (or tights?), bra, falsies, high heels, long, curly wig, and go somewhere on Halloween. I strive to look as 'passable' as possible, and hope real women
treat me well, and accepted, for loving their soft & pretty clothes. If any guys try hitting on me, will say: "I'm... [more]

Daughters panties

Yesterday I wore a pair of my daughters thong panties to work. I did this because we were instructed to do so by a man I met online. The panties were to small for me and we very tight, but it was exciting to do.

Wanna know whats awkward

I went home with my gynecologist, We met at a wedding, Sat and talked and he is a good looking guy but I never thought about him like that until that night and the conversation just led from one thing to another to me on my back and him inspecting my v***** with some different tools.
Sadly even... [more]

Daughters panties

Yesterday I wore a pair of my daughters thong panties to work. I did this because we were instructed to do so by a man I met online. The panties were to small for me and we very tight, but it was exciting to do.

Big mistake

My neighbors daughter called the house this morning knowing I was home and said the water heater was making a strange noise, I knew her parents were away because we are close and they had asked me to keep an eye on the place for parties etc. She asked if I could come have a look and I said I would, She answered the door in a towel and said she was... [more]

Maybe a little across the line.

So maybe I watch too much p*** hub or maybe he is just the one but my step brother has me under a spell. I am so hot for him I can't stop thinking about him and have tried everything short of straight up jumping him to get him to nail me but he won't, I have literally let him see me full nude... [more]

Who does that.

My BFF straight up asked me if she can have my husbands babies, I was like "Excuse me?", I know her and her husband had been having trouble concieving and my husband and I have been...On the outs lately but what a thing to contemplate, We had a little drunken discussion about this and she told me it is her husbands soldiers who are lazy and my... [more]

In love with the wrong person.

I am in love with the wrong person, I am madly and hopelessly in love with my brothers wife. In all honesty it is their fault and they should have known this would happen.
My older brother works overseas and is away 30 days and home for 30, After they were married he started this gig and it was only supposed to be a 1 year contract but now he has... [more]

WTF moment

Sooo...Went to the bar last night and came home, Frickin woke up in bed with my husband and my best friend. Damnit, Apparently being silly and flirty and teasing my husband went too far. yes of course I remember it but it seemed like a much better idea at 2:00 am than it does at 10:00 am.

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