Employees daughter

My employees 13 yo daughter told me yesterday she wanted to suck my d***

Shy Wife got back at me

My wife at the time was only 36 years old.
She is 5’4” Hispanic .Well not to make this story too long here we go.My wife found out I had cheated on her. During the summer I mention to her if she wanted a massage by a male.She didn’t think about it to much.She said yes and she was the one that confirmed with the gentleman.I was surprised she was... [more]


Centro Apartments managed by Avenue5 in Aurora, CO is horrible! Finally moved outta of that hellhole! The Manager Meagan didn’t even know how to do her job! From weed to parties; place looks like someone took a dump, probably like living in a ghetto! Don’t move there!

Buttcrack exposed

So I'm a 20 year old man who loves to show buttcrack. I tend to wear loose jeans with no underwear, and a small shirt or jacket. There have been times when I have bent over and my entire butt has been on show. When people stare at it, it turns me on so much. I just wish I had a friend who I could do this with x


When we were younger and our daughter was about 14 in high school I developed this urge to watch her with another man and she fought this for several months before she agreed to j******* our friend Danny.

I had talked to Dan about this before so when I asked him if he would do it he readily... [more]

Hopelessly in Love

I'm hopelessly in love with a guy I've never seen. He's a voice actor, so I've heard his voice countless times. We've been talking for days and the more we speak the more I fall for him. I feel absolutely ridiculous about it because I think the chances of anything happening are very low. I worry that he thinks I'm insane or too weird, maybe I've... [more]

My boyfriend

I met this guy online a few weeks ago and then we began dating. He gave me more attention and some things that my past relationships have not despite being so far. He calls me the cute names , but he also says some hurtful things then usually always says "Chill [my name] it was just a joke".
He says he has feelings for me, but barely gives any... [more]

What did Rae have to do to get all her money, kill her mom?

My best friend's wife was dissing my best friend, whose mom had passed away. Will call the wife Vee and best friend Rae. Rae inherited a great deal of money when her mom died, and is living off of that, and her boyfriend is living with her. Vee thinks Rae's boyfriend is an immature, useless adult. Vee's thoughts on Rae and her situation and not... [more]

I like getting blood drawn

Only in a medical setting, nothing unsafe but the only reason I donate blood is because I like it. Probably some form of sadism


I lost mobility today, I’ve let my love of food win. I’m here now, wondering what the world will think of me. My only hope of any legacy is to get bigger. So is my fate.

Panty lover

Love wearing my wifes panties .i have knee trembling c** shots wearing one pair and another pair to my mouth,it started a long time ago anyone out there .

Feeling abit of tension

S.O’s Aunt (aunt in law?) is always saying very flirtatious things to me. From texting to the tone of her voice , and even the way she gets invested in our conversations when we are in each other’s company only ... I think she could be giving hints. Anyone here have any experience with this, probably gonna go through with it with enough proof that... [more]

I feel sorry.....

So my neighbor lost his wife a few months ago, and I feel somsorry for him. Hes in his 40s I think. And one day I heard him crying from the hallway. So I decided to knock and see what was up. I came in and we chatted, even though I did most of 5he talking. He's had such a rough time, and all this happening during covid. I went home and grabbed... [more]

Wife sharing

I read many posts about wives being shared with my wife and we have looked into it out of curiosity at first before becoming active.

Wife sharing is very popular and growing more so every day but some people go about it in the wrong way making something dirty out of it the truth is wife sharing has saved many marriages .
Men are programed... [more]

Growing up in petticoats

After I was caught many times wearing my sisters petticoat and square dance skirt. I was dressed as a girl for a week as punishment. I let mom and sis know at the end of the week that I still wanted to dress as a girl. So for the summer I wore petticoats and dresses.
Many times my sister would bring girl friends home with her and I would be the... [more]

I prefer bimbos

In college I left my long term girlfriend who I was with for 3 years for a dumb blonde girl with a fat ass. I left her because I was more attracted to the blonde but over the course of dating her I realized I honestly prefer dating dumber women. She didn’t challenge me now where near as much and seemed to be more willing to make compromises. Also... [more]

I helped mom pick panties for son

I was at a local big box store in women's underwear department. I was picking up some panties for myself. I'm an adult male that wears panties. And this lady comes up to me and ask me if I could help her. She wanted to know if I could help her grandson pick out some underwear for him. He didn't like anything in the boys underwear section. He said... [more]

Repressed childhood memories go brrrr

My parents f***** up my childhood. They were alcoholics and they exposed me to things I shouldn’t have been exposed to at such a young age and certainly couldn’t process correctly at that age. I don’t like to think about it but I thought about a lot of things tonight and remembered a lot of memories... [more]

I don't trust anyone asking for donations.

After donating to that lady on TikTok who faked needing money after her "Abusive" bf destroyed her house. My fyp is filled with hundreds of people with so many issues begging for help and while I feel terrible for ignoring them I just don't trust that half of them are telling the truth.

Should I Leave Home Because of Abuse?

At this point, leaving home is completely justifiable because of abuse. It would be hard since I might have Covid (test coming back tomorrow) and am on a lot of medication which has agonizing withdraw.
I'm a 19 year old male. A hand full of times a year my father will put his crotch on my butt, and, or, put his hands on my hips and kiss me on... [more]

Navy Blue Leotards

As long as I can remember I have had a fetish for navy blue leotards (tights)! I began by stealing my mother's. Then I would see them hanging on neighbours clotheslines and would have to use all my might to resist stealing them. Finally, I gave in and stole a thick pair of navy blue leotards off a clothesline in broad day light and fled. I was... [more]

I cheated on my boyfriend this past Christmas with an older guy

I’m 21 and team leader at a 24hr truck stop and live with my bf in a small Pa town. Both our families live in SC. We moved here in June for his work. This is my first winter in Pa and I can already say ‘I HATE ice and snow!’
It was 9pm Christmas Eve and the ice storm was already bad. I went to start my car and the battery was dead. I called my... [more]

Close Friend Says He Will Not Speak to Me If I Vacation in FL

20, F, currently in PA. It is the 30th at the time of typing this. My sister and I leave on the 2ed. We have an entire house reserved from Jan 2 through March 2. My friend (and at one point, my boyfriend) of 5 years has told me he will never speak to me again if I go through with these plans. He is worried that I will get sick with Corona and... [more]

Humiliated for trespassing

I confess to being humiliated because I trespassed. I was nearly 17 years old when this happened. While walking home from a friend's house one Saturday mid afternoon, I decided to take a short cut through the grounds of a factory, to save a very long walk around the street block. I climbed the fence and had reached the end of the empty employees... [more]

Luvs panties

I cant help myself love smelling panties recently i managed to get pair of my friends teenage daughters panties she had only just taken them off still damp sticky they smelled sweetest ever tasted delishous i went back for more

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